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Ten years after his master's death a martial artist searches for new students so that he may pass his fighting style on to the next generation.

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Ten years ago the man known as Master Yang, founder of the Ginryu Martial Arts School, was cut down in a back alley while his students participated in an underground martial arts tournaments in the Hong Kong underground. His students were fighting for the honor of their master and his school against three rival schools, and while they won the tournament, they lost their master, and soon after their school. Ginryu was situated on an unmarked island, and with Master Yang gone, it was taken with force by the rival school of Kintora.

Now one of Master Yang's students, a man by the name of Romeo Margrave, is starting his own school to pass on both the physical and spiritual arts taught to him. Before his death Master Yang taught Romeo the secrets of combining one's spiritual and physical energy, creating an entirely new fighting style. Over the last decade Romeo has practiced, and mastered his own version of this art. Now he is looking for students, however, because he has come out of hiding to do so, he is being hunted.

Long Fang, owner of the Kintora Fighting Academy, the rival and murderer of Master Yang, is trying to capture Romeo so that he can force the man to divulge the secrets of this new fighting technique. To do so he is sending out his best fighters in an attempt to bring him, and any of his students, back to his secret island school, the former home of Ginryu.

Okay, so this is basically a combination of 2 ideas I had. It's part Street Fighter and part of an old roleplay of mine that died a while back. Anyone who was a part of that old rp will automatically be accepted if you choose to join. Basically my character Romeo, will be traveling around, looking for students to teach his fighting style to, while trying not to get captured and to not let any potential students get captured either.

80% of this will be a basic, normal martial arts roleplay. Weapons can be used, but should your character become a student of Romeo they'll have to give up using their weapons while learning his style, though they can still use them otherwise. There will be moves like the hadoken, not sure if I spelled that right, and any fighter in this rp can eventually gain such a technique.

If you're interested, please feel free to fill out the following character sheet. If you want to ask anything then do so either in the OOC or in a PM to me.

Fighting Style: (if your character knows a fighting style already then list it here)
Appearance: (pics are fine but please add a small written description as well)
Personality: (optional, can let this be shown in the rp)
Equipment: (as I said this is mostly a weaponless martial arts rp, but weapons and anything else your character carries should be listed here)
History: (basic character background, tell why they got into the martial arts or why they fight, etc.)
Other: (anything else you'd like to add goes here)

Basic rules
If you're going to leave the rp, let us know
If you won't be able to post for a little while, let us know
I expect anyone who joins to be able to write a decent paragraph every post
Please post often
Try to let everyone post before you post again, unless it's special circumstances, like a fight or a 1v1 conversation

Other than that, have fun with it. I want this rp to be taken seriously by all those who join, but it doesn't have to be about a bunch of coldhearted bastards who do nothing but fight to be the best.


The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Character Portrait: Romeo Margrave Wandering fighter
Character Portrait: Yorimura Takeshi I want to learn all that I can.

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OOC Notes

Setting: Europe2011-07-22 12:39:07, as written by Arekkusu
Alex stared at ZhaoZhao with a small hint of annoyance on his face. Does he really have to go all out like that? "You know, saving your energy for a more important fight is always a good idea. You might want to learn how to hold back.." He yawned a little and nudged the unconsious man that layed at his feet. What to do with him. He wasn't sure if the man had an ace up his sleeve, but Alex wouldn't let him out of his sight. In fact, he planned on staying right next to his captive until told otherwise.

(Sorry for a short post. Blame my writer's block T_T)

Students of the Silver Dragon: Out Of Character (OOC)

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Re: [OOC] Silver Dragon Techniques

Akuhasho (Satanic Blast Punch)-

A weak self-taught technique that is growing into a formidable move. ZhaoZhao Throws one punch, then, like a nail going through a wall, there are invisible explosions, much like when the nail is hammered in, focusing on one specific spot.

Re: [OOC] Students of the Silver Dragon

Just so everyone knows, you can control the fighters, other than Leon. They're just basic NPCs, but they'll be tough. Remember, they all have armor and a weapon, but they aren't masters. I think I said there were 4, maybe 5, I don't recall.

Also, the students who have already been training with Romeo for a bit, they can use very basic ki techniques for the Ginryu Style. I'm encouraging everyone to eventually make up their own unique technique.

[OOC] Silver Dragon Techniques

This is just going to consist of a list of the various techniques we make up during the course of the roleplay. I'll be editing this first post to list the techniques Romeo teaches the others and uses himself. Whenever your character learns a technique, or if you want to discuss a potential technique, but something about it here.

Merciful Point-
This technique requires the user to remain calm, and focus on the opponent. Holding their hands together, with only the index and middle finger of one hand extended, the user focuses their ki, or spiritual energy, on these two fingers, and at the perfect moment, they jab their fingers into the chest of the enemy. This is a highly lethal technique which can kill and animal without causing it any pain or leaving a mark behind. However, it is forbidden for use against humans.

Red Aura Stance-
This is a technique that, so far, has been unique to only Romeo. When he becomes angry the ki within his body flows rapidly through his system, lending him a minor boost in speed and strength. As a side affect, a red aura of heat surrounds his body during the time he uses said technique. It is not strong enough to burn anything, but it can be felt when someone gets close enough. This was developed after Master Yang told his five best pupils what element their ki represented, with his own being fire.

Re: [OOC] Students of the Silver Dragon

I know in my intro post I left some of you out of the current group, and I'm sorry about that. If I saw that your character had outright met Romeo already I mentioned them, otherwise I didn't. Sorry bout that. Anyway, you can either go ahead and say that you are with the group, or you can join up with us in the next few posts, I'll leave that up to you.

Soon I'll have a couple of assassins attack Romeo and the students, get the plot moving a bit.

Re: [OOC] Students of the Silver Dragon

Yeah, that's fine.

Okay, everyone who's submitted a character thus far has been accepted. I'm about to eat lunch, then after that I'll get my first post up and we can get started. Once my post is up feel free to post whenever you get the time.

Re: [OOC] Students of the Silver Dragon

Hey would it be cool if my character was already one of Romeo's students. Like he has been training with Romeo for a year or so?

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