Over the river and through the woodsLorraine Gideon

a character in “Stumbling on Love”, as played by Lavender

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When I was born, I had no choice to be named:Lorraine Deanna Gideon

On my last birth-day cake, there were: Eighteen candles

What the heck are you?: Human


I have a passion for: Dance, specifically ballet. She also has a wonderful singing voice that she doesn't ever show off, and used to write songs with accompanying piano.

Ray, as she's normally called, is your typical introvert. She's not the most outgoing of the group, but she's fun to hang out with and loves to smile and laugh. She is normally fairly quiet but not painfully so, and she tends to daydream and get lost in her own thoughts if she's not engaging in something at least somewhat interesting. She loses herself in her music and dance and it's quite obvious, because all of her self-doubts leave when she is doing one of those things. Underneath her seemingly soft and harmless exterior, though, there is a girl with a strong will and opinions that are truly not able to be swayed; she simply needs to break out of her shell of shyness and show that passion to the world.

So begins...

Lorraine Gideon's Story