Rose TownKaylin Koopa

A Koopalings, possessing equal parts beauty, brains, and brawn, tirelessly working to antagonize the heros in whatever fashion she can.

a character in “Super Mario World”, as played by Drake Nightwing

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Kaylin Koopa is a behemoth of a woman, at approximately seven feet four inches. Despite being a Koopa--and one of the Koopalings at that--Kaylin has a very distinctively feminine figure with noticeably wide curves near her hips and bosom, and a rather prominent bust. Aside from her spiked shell, which is naturally hot pink in appearance, Kaylin wears a low cut V-neck black shirt emblazoned with a skull and crossbones, and jeans that hug her form quite well. Her top is cut a little high, and her jeans just above her waist, showing off her midriff. She also wears thick manacles on her wrists, with her claws painted red. She wears no makeup save for a little bit of purple eyeshadow to go with her long, dark violet hair, and a small dabble of ruby red lipstick. Topping off her vaguely humanoid build is her rounded yet powerful upper body, complete with a rather toned and noticeably muscled appearance--her stomach is flat and sculpted, but not rippling with a six pack. Her upper arms, however, are rather are her thighs. Despite this, she is still quite visibly attractive (at least, she seems to think so).

Her scale coloration is predominantly yellow, but her head is of a natural emerald green...further resembling that of her grandfather.


Kaylin is a quite intelligent, and somewhat conniving Koopaling. She understands the goal of her older brother, Bowser the Third, but doesn't particularly care about his goals of conquest and domination. Truthfully, she's only in it for the fun of fighting...much like her brother Chunks, she enjoys a good brawl every now and again (often using him as a wrestling partner or sparring partner) but her main enjoyment is matching wits and strategies and coming up with plans. She also enjoys reading and playing games, both sports and those designed to make one think.

For all her intelligence, though, she has no interest in making a bid for the throne herself...and is perfectly content to support her brother from the sides. Otherwise, she generally looks out for herself (though she will come to the aid of her family whenever she's needed as she does value them rather highly, simply due to the basic fact they're family), and generally does whatever she can to do things her own way when left to her own devices.

Despite her being an enemy to the heroes--the Mario Cousins in particular--she surprisingly has no qualm with them whatsoever, and is actually quite affable and friendly to those around her, preferring to consider their battles as more of an amusing game than any serious life-of-death battle between the forces of good and evil. She actually cares for her underlings and subordinates, and can be also be a rather effective leader if need be. Although, even though she is considerably warm compared to the other Koopalings, Kaylin is always working on something--whether it be her next plan, her brothers goals, or any project she deems worthy of her time and attention--and will not tolerate laziness...whipping anyone on her staff who thinks otherwise into shape, quite literally.


Other than her clothing and shell, Kaylin only carries two things: her wand, which use barely if ever uses, and a thorny whip which she has on her person at nearly all times.

She tends to use the whip quite often in battle, whenever she is offended at anyone (regardless of who they are), or simply as a casual "Hello."

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Kaylin Koopa's Story