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New Hero of the Mushroom World, claims to be the son of Mario Mario and Queen Peach.

a character in “Super Mario World”, as played by Drake Nightwing

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Average size, approximately 5'7''. Dirty blond hair kept underneath a sunny orange cap worn backwards on his head. Also wears a sleeveless orange shirt along with blue denim jeans and brown thick leather shoes. Skin appearance is pale, and he appears to be quite thin and gangling, with his clothes practically hanging off of him. His eyes are a sapphire blue, although they appear somewhat dull.


Much like his purported father, Lucio is a very quiet and soft-spoken person. Though kind, he is actually very shy and dislikes being around strangers or others he is familiar with. He tends to be cautious to the point of near cowardice, but this mainly results in a severe lack of confidence in his own abilites as he balks in the expectation to live up to--if not surpass--his father's legendary status. However, he is quite easily provoked and when push comes to shove Lucio performs exceptionally well.

He tends to be non-confrontational though, and will always try to seek out a nonviolent resolution and avoid a fight if at all possible. If forced to fight, Lucio is unlike his cousin Marino, Lucio is quite a honorable fighter and will shy away from using dirty tricks or lethal force unless truly necessary. He tends to succumb to pressure easily, though, and tends to be rather indescisive about most opinions. He also tends to be rather airy and lofty in general mannerisms.

Due to the fact his personality is so diametrically opposite to Mario's, people tend to have a very hard time believing his claims as being his son.


Aside from the cap and shirt, Lucio only has a Hammer in his possession he claims to have inherited from his father. He also tends to keep a spare Feather on hand at all times for any given situation.

Lucio's favorite items are the Feather, Propeller Cap, and the Tanooki Suits as he absolutely loves to fly. He doesn't particularly care for the P-Balloon, however, mainly as this leaves him more at the mercy of the winds. His inner ability brought out by the Power Flower is to freely manipulate air and to generate high power hurricane-force winds.


At 20, Lucio is Marino's younger cousin and claims to be the son of Mario Mario and Queen Peach Toadstool...therefore making him Prince to the Mushroom Kingdom and brother to Princess Pomegranate. Lucio never held any sort of interest in learning proper royal etiquette or running a country and often spent his time as a youth playing with his cousin in Sarasaland or spending it on Yoshi's Island with the happy-go-lucky critters. Always looking up to his father, Lucio has decided to leave the affairs of the kingdom to his sister and to follow in his father's footsteps and live up to his legacy as the newest hero to the Mushroom Kingdom.

So begins...

Lucio Mario's Story