Goomba GrottoMarino Mario

New Hero of the Mushroom World, claims to be the Son of Luigi Mario and Queen Daisy.

a character in “Super Mario World”, as played by Drake Nightwing

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Tall, approximately 5'11'', with a light golden tan. Wears a cerulean ocean blue sleeveless shirt, with matching plumber's cap worn backwards on his head covering his auburn reddish brown hair. Also wears denim blue jeans with thick brown leather shoes. His eyes are a cold, sapphire blue. Overall body appearance is quite toned and notably muscular, though not overly so.


Marino is a generally friendly and rather altruistic individual. Much like his uncle Mario, he will selflessly jump to the rescue of anybody that needs assistance, and does not hold grudges against anyone. He loves his family and friends and would do anything for them. Despite this, his is definitely outspoken and his comments tend to be rather cynically sardonic, especially when it comes to dealing with his cousin Lucio. He is, however, completely merciless when it comes to his enemies and is actually a rather pragmatic fighter and will not hesitate to resort to underhanded tactics if it would give him an advantage.

Much like his father, Marino is rather fearful of ghosts and the supernatural, and tends to be quite unnerved by them.

Often mistaken for being Mario's son, instead of Luigi's.


Aside from the standard boots and hat, Marino's current equipment is limited to the Hammer he had inhereited from his father. He also owns a miniaturized Poltergust called the "GustBuster" that's just as powerful as the original Poltergust 3000 but does not have nearly as much capacity for space.

Has an affinity for Water and Ice based magic, his favorite Power Ups being the Ice Flower and the Frog Suit (although his despises its ridiculous appearance). His secret ability brought out by the Power Flower is the ability to freely manipulate water in all its base forms (solid, liquid, and gas) wherever it may lie.


At 21 years old, Marino Mario is the eldest son of the younger Mario well as claiming to be the son of Queen Daisy of Sarasaland, making him the older brother of Princess Ivy. Born in Chai, he fondly remembers spending much of his youth growing up in Muda, between swimming, surfing, and sailing. Much like his cousin Lucio, Marino has decided to follow his younger cousin in taking up the mantle of the Super Mario and maintain their heroic legacy, leaving Sarasaland and his position, and the duties and responsibilities thereof, as Prince behind.

So begins...

Marino Mario's Story