Super Smash Brothers Ultimatum!The Ranger

Revolver-weilding killing machine.

a character in “Super Smash Brothers Ultimatum!”, as played by Steel Kobra

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Name: The Ranger
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Videogame: Dungeon Fighter Online
Purpose Of Fighting: To vanquish evil
Quote: "Time to die!"
Weapon Of Choice: Dual revolvers
Powers and Abilities: Windmill, Western Fire, Air Raid, Punisher, Wild Shot
Appearance: Image
Personality: Ruthless and cold. He's intelligent in combat, keeping his cool and a very controlled trigger finger. He's quiet, and it goes against his nature to become close to someone. He shows no mercy and isn't afraid to fill someone full of lead.
Bio: The Ranger is a nameless vigilante in the Lawless District of Empyrean. Feared by outlaws and bystanders alike, The Ranger is not a man to underestimate: his quick with and even quicker gun hand are his best qualities. Many have said that he's Chaos incarnate. Revered as Empyrean's only authority, The Ranger doesn't take a keen eye to crime, and uses his guns to dismantle it. He grew up the Lawless District, and wanted to grow up and make Empyrean a better place. Now that he has grown into the killing machine he is today, he realizes Empyrean can't be fixed, but he can take out a lot of bad guys before his time.
History: The Ranger was chasing a criminal through the streets of the Lawless District; his usual day-to-day routine. He lost sight of his target after a while, but he knew the guy was around. He was attacked, but not taken by surprise. He quickly turned and put a hole in the guy's head. He watched as the bandit dropped dead. But, something weird happened: a hole opened up, dragging the dead bandit and The Ranger into it. The Ranger lost conciousness. When he woke up, he was in a place he didn't recognize. It was dark and mysterious. The Ranger could only describe it as a Void.

So begins...

The Ranger's Story