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Characters from all kinds of videogames have been summoned to do battle once more in "The Void." Who will be the victor?

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Misty, the leader of the Cerulean Gym, suddenly appeared in a forest clearing on her bike with Togepi in the basket. A forest. At least, that's what it seemed to be. There was a certain strangeness to the forest. Maybe it was just her. She looked around, one hand over her brow trying to get a good look through the bright sun above. " Huh.. how strange. Where am I? " She patted her blue sidepack on her waist, containing her three pokemon: Psyduck, Starmie and Gyrados. She unmounted the bike, and kicked it's heel putting it against a tree. Togepi followed Misty on foot, waddling slowly. She had to make sure she wasn't walking too fast so the little pokemon wouldn't trip. (( Just an FYI, Togepi doesn't serve any purpose in battle. It's just there for looks, and to keep Misty company. )) She could of sworn she heard noises.. animals? Pokemon? .. People? She wasn't quite sure. She was a bit scared, and she had good reason to be. What's not scary about randomly popping up in a quiet but unnerving forest with no sense about how she got there?

She walked a few yards before stopping against a tree while Togepi waddled around her in circles. " Hm. .. I swear, this area isn't familiar at all to me! " She scratched at her short red hair, sniffling. She shrugged, and just in case threw one of her pokeballs at the ground. " Go Psyduck! " She commanded, and the pokeball let out a stream of light, as the yellow duck pokemon waddled out, it's hands on it's head. " Psy Psy! Psssssyduck. " It waddled around for a few moments, letting out several noises all which sounded like "Psy". Misty walked forward a bit, getting a small glimpse of a lake far ahead.