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Characters from all kinds of videogames have been summoned to do battle once more in "The Void." Who will be the victor?

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The Ranger roamed the strange lands. He glanced here and there, not noticing anything in particular. It was a very weird forest area, full of glaring yellow eyes of seemingly harmless creatures. He sighed.
Nothing like home. At least there, there were people to kill, he thought. He stood in an open area. He wasn't familiar with the surroundings, but it seemed like he'd been here before. I've been going in circles! he thought, smacking himself on the forehead.
He looked and saw a bike against a tree. He was puzzled, raising an eyebrow in befuddlement. People? Here?He shook his head and was about to carry on.
"Psyyyy", he heard to his left. He wasn't sure what kind of creature made that noise, but he wasn't going to find out whether or not it was hostile or friendly unarmed. He drew his guns and stealthily stepped toward the noise. As far as he could tell through the trees, he was coming upon a lake. The area was covered with rocks and boulders and grass. The Ranger looked around.
He saw it. "Psyyyy". There was a small yellow creature roaming the area. A duck? The Ranger thought.
He checked again. He saw, to his astonishment, two women lounging about beside a boulder. He wasn't sure whether they were friendly, but he stepped out anyway.
He stepped on a twi and it made a loud crack. He stopped, looked down, then looked ahead.
"Uhm......hi", he said tentatively.