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Characters from all kinds of videogames have been summoned to do battle once more in "The Void." Who will be the victor?

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Misty finally reached Psyduck, who apparantely got lost. Unbeknownst to Misty, it had witnessed atleast two other people.

" Psyduck! Where have you been? " Misty noticed something odd about the duck pokemon. " What's wrong? " She looked around, hearing voices. She looked up, over and found nobody. She heard a man and a female, speak. At least that's what it seemed to be. She felt uneasy, picked up the Psyduck, and inched backwards against some bushes. Togepi had been called safely into her other pokeball. (( Non-combat )) She found herself looking at a heavily-weaponed man, and some sort of thief-assassin type character. " Huh? "