Super Smash Brothers Ultimatum!

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Characters from all kinds of videogames have been summoned to do battle once more in "The Void." Who will be the victor?

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Sam Fisher hid in a shadow, as his goggles green glow vision pointed out a man in the tree. Sam Fisher looked around, as he slowly moved, and rolled to behind the tree, he had his Mark23 nearby. He noticed 2 beutiful young ladies nearby, he wasnt quite sure what they were doing. His Blackhawk helicopter flew him in, as he roped down in the middle of the woods. He was here hunting down Snake, but he was to investigate the area. His hands gripped the rope as he landed. He had his usual black suit on, and he quickly looked for the shadows to hide in. He had a Mk23 in his hands, as he looked around. His green goggles noticed the heat off someone in a tree, as well as 3 women. He sat there and waited, wondering why he was landed here. After a second or too he realized his employers sent him on a death mission to get him killed.