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Characters from all kinds of videogames have been summoned to do battle once more in "The Void." Who will be the victor?

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(( OOC Post. ))

Name: Misty
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Videogame: Pokemon series.
Purpose of fighting: Misty is tired of being alone in her gym, and feels she is not putting her strengths to the test. Hearing of the Super Smash universe, she joins it with high hopes.
Quote: "Heh, my Water Pokemon will beat you down!"
Weapon(s) of choice: Misty uses three water pokemon. (She functions like the Pokemon Trainer in brawl.) She has Psyduck who's able to use confusion, (stuns for a few seconds and cause minimum damage) water gun and splash. (Jumps). Starmie: Swift, Water Jet and Psychic. (the move) Gyrados: Rage, Hydro Pump, and Waterfall.
Powers and abilities: See above.
Appearance: See profile.
Personality: See profile.
Bio: See profile.
History: Misty received word that Super Smasher's were having trouble. She joins the cause to help out, and because she feels she needs to get back on the battling scene.