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Characters from all kinds of videogames have been summoned to do battle once more in "The Void." Who will be the victor?

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The Hyrulean Princess awoke abruptly, sitting against a large boulder, facing a sparkling lake that stretched across the flat, rocky land. Zelda picked herself off the ground and grimaced at her tense muscles. She must've been here for quite a while now. Surveying the area for any signs of life, she noticed the land resembled Hyrule.. just.. more abandoned. How had she gotten there? A frown burdened her delicate features as she strained in attempt to remember how she had gotten into this tranquil land. The last thing she remembered was sitting beside her father in the Hyrule Castle, surrounded by her loyal subjects and and dozens of glittering fairies.

Realization hit her like a heavy rock, and she groaned loudly, in a very unladylike manner. This had happened to her twice before.. quite as unexpected as this. She wandered around the area, for she knew there were others who had been subjected to the same, spontaneous fate as she. Zelda fumed at the summoners who had called her once again to this foreign land.. where she must battle others to gain victory and return to her home. It wasn't the unnecessary fighting she minded.. the elven princess got plenty of action back at home. It was how every time, nobody ever gave her some hint... or sign.. as to when she was going to be in combat again. Zelda grew nervous at what could possibly be happening in Hyrule.. how everybody would react to find their princess missing. They'd probably figure Ganondorf kidnapped her again and wage another war..