Sam Whitworth

"I don't believe in lost causes."

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a character in “Superhero Rejects”, as played by Chompers



”I don’t believe in lost causes.”



Sam can communicate with animals, big and small. It is not a power that requires much training and effort. It can get annoying and tiresome, to have to stop and listen to every ant and fly’s opinion on your outfit. But Sam couldn’t imagine his life without his powers, even if it wasn't deemed powerful enough or useful enough to become a superhero. But now Sam gets to help look after all the animals he comes into contact with.

Then animals speak, he doesn’t hear their barks, squeaks, and whines as words. But rather, that he can intuit the meaning behind the sounds they make. And these animals can understand him and all the people around him.



┍━━━━━━ LIKES ━━━━━━┑
Sam likes animals of all kinds, big and small. He loves the outdoors, and you’ll always find this gentle giant at home in nature. He loves plants, trees and flowers. Sam loves home cooked meals, popcorn, and freshly squeezed juice, as well as time spent with close friends, perhaps watching an animated movie.

┍━━━━━ DISLIKES ━━━━━┑
Sam hates all forms of animal cruelty. And rainy days keep him locked up inside. For all his good qualities, Sam is not a fan of cleaning, planning or organising. He also hates large crowds, fights, and any kind of chaos. Sam also hates mean people, and any challenges.

┍━━━━━ HOBBIES ━━━━━┑
Sam spends most his time tending to his fleet of pets, and animal friends. Feeding them and hearing them out whenever they’ve got issues. He also tends to the veggie garden his in currently growing on the fire escape.



Sam is a quiet sort of guy. He’s not chatty, and would never be confused for someone bubbly and chipper. He shies away from all large crowds, and hates all kinds of loud, chaotic ruckus. He likes things to be calm and peaceful. He’s never the type to go looking for confrontation, and would rather avoids fights. Sam’s a pacifist at heart, and can't stand violence. It's why he failed out of being a hero.

However, just because Sam is quiet, it doesn’t mean he’s bad with people. In fact he’s incredibly sensitive and a natural empath. He's quiet, caring nature, allow him to pick up on people’s emotions and frustrations better than most, which better enables him to avoid conflict and soothe over tensions. Because of this Sam rarely, ruffles feathers, and is easily able to avoid making anyone mad at him. This makes Sam a natural peacemaker, if ever he could get over his fear of confrontation.

Sam is a complete sweetheart, in that he lives to nurture and care for all living things. He always has a whole horde of animals that he is nurturing back to health in his room, despite Ray’s complaints. And he generally has one such animal on him at all times. He tends to show his compassionate and caring side with other people, in small, thoughtful ways.

Sam has a bit of problem in that his caring side often over invests in lost causes. He just can’t help himself, when he sees a person, or animal, in pain, he gets involved, and he gets attached. This only leads to him hurting himself, due to his natural empath qualities. But Sam just can’t leave a sad person alone, or walk away from them. Even if it kills him, Sam wants to save everyone.

He also has a deep respect for nature. Sam doesn’t care, whether big or small, he has a respect for everything mother nature gives life too. He’s a vegan and despises all animal cruelty. When in nature, and around his beloved animals, Sam comes out of his shell, and truly becomes confident and outgoing.


Sam was born on the coast, pretty far from any kind of city life. His parents were New York escapees looking for a slower life, built in nature. So, they were more of the hippy type. Home schooling their seven kids, building their own house and cooking dinners with the food they were able to grow themselves. Sam was number 3 in the line-up of kids, and was the only one to inherit his mother’s ability to talk to animals. So, like his mother before him, he was sent off to the Academy at age of thirteen.
He never really fit in at the academy and eventually was dropped from the Superhero Program when he was nineteen, deemed far too much of a pacifist to ever really make it.
He’s been at The Barnyard now for 9 years. One of the longer residents, despite Roy’s whining about how many animals he brings in, and about his veggie garden covering the fire escape. Same works at the CafΓ© during the day, earning enough to get by for the moment.

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