Augustus Taylor

"As of right now, my thoughts are my only friends. The weird ones, anyway..."

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Image - My journal, entry 1 -
ImageHey... So, I figured if I was going to be spending my life in a world full of death, human-eating-human action and an indescribable amount of insanity, I figured I should keep a record of my daily activities. You never know; the world could return to normal and I could make a book out of this. If this just so happens to be a book, the irony is practically killing me right now.

Right, so the basics; my name is Augustus Taylor, but most people just call me Gus or Gussy. I honestly couldn't give a damn. Whatever suits you best, man... whatever. I'm nineteen but, according to my family and friends, I have the brain mentality of a 14-year-old boy. Psh... What do they know? Most people don't even stick around long enough to understand me which would be fine if I was a dick, but I'm not. I'm a nice guy, honestly, it's just people can't seem to get passed my dark and somewhat twisted appearance.

Well, before the whole 'apocalypse' thing came about, I wasn't really part of a large social group. I had one friend and he was pretty much the only one that actually bothered with me... I guess you could say that he sees something in me that is invisible to the rest of the world. Obviously the only thing 'people' see in me now is a good meal, but I'm going back before this undead mess of a 'world'. I was what you might call one of the 'weird' kids, who always came off really pessimistic whilst inside my head, unicorns were pole dancing with llamas and everyone wore bra hats, 'cause why not?

The night of the shift was particularly shitty for me. It was a normal night in, texting my friend whilst playing COD, 'cause I sweat on Xbox, and I went downstairs to get a drink at one point. No sooner than I walked into the kitchen, I caught sight of this fucking chick in the middle of the room, kinda leaning to one side. There was like this huge puddle of blood around her feet. I looked at her for a second, then she just kinda like flipped out, started screaming and ran at me. Fucking bitch ruined my good book shelf, I swear.

So, it's been like forever since that night. Three years, I think... It's kinda hard to keep track when there's no electricity to tell me what fucking date it actually is. Three years is my guess, anyway. I'm still on my own. It's been years and I haven't seen anyone that wasn't a ravenous monster. It's almost depressing really, but oh well. I always complained that I didn't have enough time alone with my thoughts. That isn't so much of a problem anymore...

I heard about this thing called a Colony, or whatever. 'Supposed to like full of humans like me, but I highly doubt it, though I'm hoping that if I find it, I'll find him there. When you're stuck alone in a place like this, you'd kill to see a familiar face. He's the only person that I want to see again. Screw my family and whoever had the nerve to bully me and then call me their friend.

Screw them all...

So begins...

Augustus Taylor's Story

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