Jane Levy

Jane is an opportunist, survivor, and a former drug runner who knows the city like the back of her hand

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a character in “Survive The New World”, originally authored by Hazel2468, as played by RolePlayGateway


Jane Levy is a 21 year old high school drop-out. She is average height for an American woman, being about five feet and four inches tall. She has shoulder length black hair that is always slightly curly and usually resists all urges to be tamed. Her skin is exceptionally pale, perhaps a byproduct of her brief period of drug use. Her eyes are bright blue, and have been called icy and distant.

Jane is a rather distant person. She doesn't like to closely associate herself with other people. Before the outbreak, she had few friends, and always prefers to spend her free time alone. She is sarcastic and often cold, finding it easier to act rude than to admit how she really feels about any given situation. The few who she is willing to form an acquaintance with, however, see a totally different side of her. She is loyal and funny, and always willing to help her friends when the need arises. Her biggest challenge is learning how to come out of her shell and trust others.

Jane dropped out of high school her Junior Year in order to run with her boyfriend's gang. Her mother had also been deeply involved with the many gangs that came through their neighborhood, and Jane's father had been one of the many drug dealers she came into contact with. She had always encouraged Jane to finish high school, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Jane left home when she was seventeen, just a few months before the outbreak began. Almost right away, she began her career as a drug runner, like her mother had been, trafficking drugs to different dealers throughout the city. When the dead began walking, she and her boyfriend Jacob left the gang and set out on their own. They managed to stay together for almost two years, but eventually Jacob left, leaving Jane alone to fend for herself.

Jane has managed to survive on her own for the past three years. What she lacks in knowledge of firearms she makes up for by being quick on her feet. She prefers to use melee weapons, and relies on her speed and agility to get her out of most situations. She has made it by keeping to the many buildings and fire escapes that still linger in the ruined cities. Jane knows her way around the back alleys and rooftops of the city like no one else, and can disappear in an instant is she wishes to. She is a valuable resource, as she knows the ways of the streets and knows how to drive a bargain. While she was alone, she would often trade with other bands of humans that she found, but rejected all offers to team up. However, she has recently been hearing rumors of a Colony of survivors somewhere, and is determined to reach it. She knows that she cannot make it all that way by herself, and is now considering joining up with other humans; at least, until it benefits her to leave.

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