Tyrone Smone

"AH HELL NAW!?! Zombies is real, mane fuck that shit."

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a character in “Surviving the Dead”, as played by Chulance


Name: Tyrone Smone
Age: 21
Five Words to Sum Up Your Character: Ignorant-Pessimistic-Bold-Caring-Impulsive

Description: Tyrone is a tall individual having a towering height of 6'1. He has a low cut grade of light black hair, and is always keeping it neat. He's always trying to wear designer clothing, and cares about his image. He was raised in the ghetto, coming from a poor family, but has developed an interest in movies, and hopes to make the greatest movie ever. His dream is to get money in order to help people living in the Projects. He was raised in a caring family, and was raised in New York. He's a profession womanizer, and women are always on his mind, along with money. He's your typical hoodlum, except he has a desire to better his position with a real occupation instead of relying on drugs and such.

Personality: Tyrone was raised in a poor, but loving family, who were strong believers in Christianity. He has a religious background, and was often involved in church activities growing up. He cares deeply about his family, and will do anything to help them, and does not take kindly towards insults directed toward them. He's mastered the art of "Womanizing" and often gets girls, but he prefers serious relationships over one night stands. He chooses his friends wisely, and usually treats his family like his brothers, and sisters. He tries to encourage others, he often does things without thinking, which can lead to dire consequences. He's stubborn, hating when people are against his ideas, and plans.

Noteable Skill: Tyrone was raised in the hood, so he's developed skills he needed to survive. One being he is an amazing cook, and is capable of whipping up delicious "Soul Food" dishes including Fried Chicken, Collard Greens, and Macaroni and Cheese. He's been getting in fights since kindergarten, and often lifts weights, so he's a capable fighter as well. Often one to get involved with gang related activities he's very knowledgeable when it comes to guns, his favorite being his AK-47 he got from the Blackmarket on his eighteenth birthday.

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