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When Lucifer returns to the Earth in the year 2020, he finds it impossible to trust his demons to help take down Heaven. So he sets off with the four Horsemen of Apocalypse to recruit the fallen angels who just want him back in his cage.

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In the year 2020, the four horsemen of the apocalypse tried to resurrect Lucifer. They succeeded due to the noble nature of Angels. In turn, many angels fell.
Now, Lucifer walks the Earth – free from Hell and it’s bounds – with his horsemen; Death, War, Famine and Conquest. Even though Demons walk the Earth with them, Lucifer can’t really bring himself to rely on the deceptive creatures in order to defeat Heaven; after all, they were created to be liars.
Due to this dilemma, he’s over joyed to hear just how many angels fell because of his arrival. So, he sets off after them. After all, he can’t expect the angels to be on his side- so why not bring in the fallen ones who are just like him?
Meanwhile, the fallen angels seek many things of their own- to return to heaven, to get revenge, to help as many as they can. But, they seem to understand the one primary mission; put Luci back into his cage.


1. No copyrighting characters from books, movies, games, etc. that is already published (bible does not count)
2. Limited character roles include; -
Lucifer [1 Person]
Four Horsemen; War, Death, Famine, Conquest [4 People]
Arch Angels; Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Saragael, Raguel, Remiel [7 People]

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Character Portrait: Hailey
Hailey played by GoldeN2202
the Fallen Angel of Eden's Gate
Character Portrait: Remi
Remi played by Aikoii
demon/human/has small pointy horns/blue eyes/wears black clothes
Character Portrait: Spyrth
Spyrth played by AphoticDreams
A fallen angel, to young to know much.
Character Portrait: Sarah Close A fallen angel, crazy, will hurt anyone.
Character Portrait: Diana
Diana played by 277ncis5la
Character Portrait: Katelyn
Katelyn played by 277ncis5la
girl-kind-cute-brave-likes to help others-likes to go outside-funny
Character Portrait: Kate
Kate played by 277ncis5la
girl-kind-cute-brave-likes to help others-likes to go outside-funny

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New York

New York by GoldeN2202

Western New York.


Earth by GoldeN2202

The Human Realm

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The carriage stopped. Serae got out. "We're here." He states, letting Spyrth come out. They weren't exactly there, about a hundred metres away. However, they had arrived at a vast camp of demons. Spyrth's breath hitched. "How many?" He whispered, clutching his bow. "Around 144,000... Ironic, isn't it?" Serae chuckled, looking around.

"Everyone! Prepare ye travel as we set off in half an hour!" He called, attracting the attention of all the demons. The strange thing was, they listened. Oh how they listened. Every demon there, save the six lords, began to prepare. This caused Spyrth to squeak and his wings to shiver. "We'll take the carriage... I hope you're fine with a bit of war."


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"Let go!" she screamed again, her eyes burning a deep red that seemed to burn her eyes. Even with her eyes screwed shut, they burned through the skin and glowed vibrantly. "You are Hailey Morningstar," Lucifer said over and over. She ignored it, unable to get over the pain in her head. Lucifer, not having done this before, realised after a while. Her eyes, it seemed, were causing her so much pain she couldn't ignore it, and it took her focus away. Her darker powers, gifted by her own father no doubt, were making sure she didn't give in. "This is Lucifer, your dad," he tried to sound desperate. The screaming lowered slightly, and her hands flew out to touch him. Now they were getting somewhere.

Hailey pulled back sharply, her head burning suddenly with a familiar sting. 'What the hell was that?!' She blinked, shook her head, and continued forward. She cut down a demon, however, and her vision turned a dark red, causing her to stumble and fall. The demons didn't attack her, they actually stopped their attack to make sure she was okay- which was weird. The pain in her head extended to her eyes harshly and far too quickly, sending her into a scream.

She put her head in her hands, unaware of the power bursting out of her and obliterating all the demons nearby. She did know, however, that no one was around when she passed out.


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Only a few of the demons were touched, the attackers Serae had sent ahead died. "We must ride!" Serae called out, the plan began fifteen minutes earlier. Some where on demonic horses, others walking. He sent the rest of the army to their impending death. "Let's go, Spyr, we must get her as quickly as possible, if she is still herself." Spyrth nodded at this, going into the carriage they have arrived in.

The war has truly begun.


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"Tristan?" "Hello." "You look..." "Different?" "Older. Familiar." "Oh." "What are you doing here?" "You left." "Left? Left where? Earth?" "No, not Earth. Our universe." "Can't be helped. Can't remember the spell." "It's fine, I know the spell." "Is that why you're here?" "I'm here to give it to you, yes." "I'm all ears, big bro."

Hailey woke up, Miniel standing over her. "Are you okay, sister?" she asked.

"Stop calling me that," she muttered, and Miniel's eyes widened. "'S creepy." and she pulled herself up. Miniel seemed to relax slightly. "What happened?" "No idea just found you in these piles of ash." "Odd. I don't remember anything."

"What do you remember?" Miniel asked, pulling her up, and she collected her sword. "Well, I was fighting, then I got a headache, then I woke up and you were there," she responded. Miniel nodded, observing her briefly. "Well, father has figured out the attackers, thus explaining your sudden pain." "Oh?" "The one who attacked you on Earth all those years ago, and his brother. They come, with an army, claiming that the war is beginning." "War? Are you kidding me?" "No, I fear not sister." "Shit." "Precisely."

"Sister!" she stumbled, and Miniel caught her arm, looking at her. "It's nothing," she said, oddly keeping the voice in her head a secret. "Okay.." "Sister, it's in your eyes! Find Spyrth! Find him, and your eyes will show you good health. Please sister, seak him out!" Hailey ignored it, fixing her sword in her grip and going outside with her twin.


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She coughed, something in her throat burning the base of her tongue. In her last desperate moments, she rolled onto her back, scrambling for something on the small brown table beside it. "Beep. Beep. Beep." Her fingers cradled the white bottle when it fell into her fingers, and the door opened. "Ah, Hailey," Jason said, wandering in and taking the bottle from her hands. "What are you doing with this? It's not time for your dose yet." She gurgled, her eyes turning glassy. "Hailey?" he asked, frowning and leaning over her. He straightened quickly, turning around. "Guys! We got a code-"

The burn of her throat vanished suddenly, and her eyes squeezed shut. When she opened them again, she noticed she wasn't in a comfortable bed. She sat up, suddenly sparkling with hidden energy. She shouldn't have opened her eyes, because when she did, she screamed.


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