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A play-by-post epic set in the kingdom of Pandora. Politics and promises take place of the sword and shield. Create your character and make history. Posts are written in 3rd person, long narrative, like a novel.

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Something was wrong.

Ashton got to Rafiki’s Place a few hours after noon. When she arrived, there was no sign of Rafiki. Normally she closes from about sunrise to noon or one o’clock and then opens up again until sunrise the next day. It approached nighttime and she still hasn’t shown up. Ashton had tried to go talk to Cade, he was normally up in his room, to see if he knew anything but he seemed to be gone as well. Only having worked there for a few months, Ashton didn’t have a key and was beside herself with grief. Not too many customers tend to show up before dinner time but there was a few that did. Ashton, not knowing what to do otherwise, turned them away. As night went on nor Rafiki, or Cade, never showed up. Ashton left at midnight so she could return to watching her youngest brother.



Ashton woke up early due to Sebastian crying his head off. She hopped out of bed and set to work with Sebastian. As she coaxed her youngest brother back to sleep she reflected on what had happened the previous day. Rafiki being gone wasn’t too difficult to rationalize, she was the owner after all she could close whenever she felt the inclination. Cade was a different story. So far as Ashton could tell, Cade never left the tavern. He was always very polite to Ashton, even though a bit gruff in nature, and very stern with disorderly customers. His job was to literally throw out the aggressive customers and be imposing to the more sensible ones. He always kept more to himself though. He didn’t talk too much and stayed out of the way until he was needed. It was very strange for him to not be found in his room.

Her mother returned back to the house a little after noon taking over Sebastian so Ashton could go to work. She wasn’t quite sure what to expect when she arrived at Rafiki’s Place. Cade was in the back loading up a new shipment of wine barrels and Rafiki was behind the bar serving customers like normal.

For a second Ashton stood in the doorway wondering if yesterday was just a dream. Everything was going on as normal and nothing seemed out of place.