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A play-by-post epic set in the kingdom of Pandora. Politics and promises take place of the sword and shield. Create your character and make history. Posts are written in 3rd person, long narrative, like a novel.

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Setting: Pandora2011-11-28 03:38:17, as written by Oran Tarlin
Hayden Winzer

As the morning picked up the wine stall was becoming a popular attraction. Hayden had insistantly asked Lurick for one or two men to stand outside with spears looking serious to ward off casual diners who figured a scrap of bread and cheese with wine was a nice free lunch. Thankfully there were men of taste who arrived and, often knowing first hand the quality of Boran wines, stopped to see the wares.

Hayden, golden eyed and bright was holding out a wooden board to which a list of items and names were categorized. The men, uncertain thawed and melted at Hayden's insistence and ended up signing the sheet before sliding small bags of silver and gold to be weighed on the scale Hayden kept prepared. A particularly distinguished man approached but Hayden saw Lurick approach him, apparently from nowhere.

Lurick called Hayden a nevetes, but Lurick was the one who always seemed to appear instantaneously and without warning.

Lurick Marlin

He had been watching the stall from his position in the second story window when he realized that Hayden might need some help. Annoying as the pretty boy was he sold marvelously, and might need help. He descended the stairs and pulled on a charming, albeit garish, crimson vest. He was supposed to look nice as a representative of House Dunn, but with the House's color, rust, being so unflattering, they had settled for a uniform even uglier. Either way, it looked fine beneath a plain cloak and felt appropriate for a seller of wines.

Stepping out of the warehouse silently he saw Hayden getting yet another pair of nobles interested in the "new direction" Bora was taking. Lurick knew little about the process, and loathed that bright-skinned Hayden knew more about it than he did. It was, however, putting money in the coffers, more than mere wine would suggest.

Lurick approached a gentleman of middle age who seemed interested in the products he provided, and out broke the Boran hospitality which swept away any grimness Lurick would have liked to muse on.

"Good morning sir, is there a wine you're interested in or are you here to taste? If you'd like to sample what we have here I can get you a glass or you can come inside where we have numerous cheeses for you. There is a spicy, fragrant red wine I feel you must have to try, come in and I'll give you a glass or two of it. There is a cheese that has cried out for that very wines smooth finish since the day it was made. Cried out I say like a child for its mother."

Despite the warmth of his voice, Lurick's hands gestured only softly to the inside of the warehouse, where candles burned to brighten the place up and countless wine bottles stood witness to a tray overburdened with cheese, preaching that greatest of wine-sellers traditions "sell on cheese"