EarthKatie Rose

"How the hell am I alive?"

a character in “Taken for Granted”, as played by Maci-Care

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Katie Rose

Well in Timeless, she was called many, like treacherous bitch, back stabber, but a true nickname? No.

“Just call me Katie, that’s all”


“Time tells a different age.”


“Look at my chest. Ok now tell me, do I look like a male?”


“I like guys and girls, but I don’t date girls.”

Love Interest:
Yes, and heres a hint, its a guy."

“Love? Yeah, but I doubt they feel the same back...”

Electricity and shape shifting. Shape-shifting being her original, but electricity was given by Statix but he is still more powerful then her at it.

“An electric shape-shifter, what can ya can.”

Well the only update Katie got, wasn’t really an update, but like an add-on. Because she had a broken spine, the doctors and scientists replaced some of her real spine with electric and metal components, making her electrical power slightly stronger, but this also kind of makes electricity come at her, like for example, if a wire from the ceiling snapped and started making sparks come out, it would go towards Katie.

“I feel, different…”

Katie has changed a little bit since Timeless, not leaving, just during all of it. She used to be nice girl, a little attitude here and there, respectful and responsible, basically everyone loved her, besides people that didn’t like her. But since certain events in Timeless, she isn’t that Katie anymore. Now she has more attitude, stuck up a lot more of the time, and very rude, or in better words, more of a bitch. Though she is rude, she can be nice in certain events, and sometimes even happy. And also saying that, she isn’t seen with a smile that much anymore, unless she gets really happy.

“You got something to say?”

Katie mainly wears jeans and along with a white button up undershirt with any long sleeve shirt, to give her more of a young adult look, and not much of a teen look.

“It’s what I wear, you got a problem?”

Physical Scars:
Well, scar on her back from Statix blowing her across an alley way, and more than a few cuts on her hand from when it blew it, yes, it blew up, but she still has it.

“Scars just make you stronger.”

Mental Scars:
PTSD: Katie doesn’t have full PTSD, just flashbacks of stuff that she doesn’t want to remember, people dying, her almost dying, friends in pain, that sort of stuff.

Insomnia: Katie has a weird type of insomnia, but still the type that makes it difficult to sleep, or in her case, not sleep at all. Katie found out that to sleep, she will have to read a book, not a full book, just a chapter or too to finally go to sleep. But if Katie doesn’t have a book, she will eventually pass out, she doesn’t like taking pills.

“Ehh, not as bad as the others, but no one got out of Timeless unscarred mentally.”

Unique Fear:
Well, it’s sort of weird because it is her power, technically. She is afraid of electricity, mainly because it almost caused her to die. She will use her it as her power, but not often.

“Well I fear electricity. Hey don’t judge, you would fear it if it was slightly the cause of you almost dying!”

Katie sees the world as a place worse then Timeless, always noisy, annoying people everywhere, crazy drivers, all that stuff. The world sees Katie was a normal girl, till they see her use her power then they see her as a freak and try to kill her, besides that, nothing much.

"Fuck this world, only good thing about it is doctors..."

(How they feel about the others)

Rei: “Rei, I shot him once, and tried to kill him twice. I really need to finish the job..."

Cyrus: “Cyrus, he's still a psycho, but mostly known as Rei’s boyfriend. Overall, he's ok.”

Nikolas: “Nik is literally like my brother, we’ve been through a lot, including trying to kill each other a couple times. But we are on the same page, the only person I somewhat trust.”

Caine: “Statix? Well I actually use to like him, even began to summit feelings a little, but that was all before he sent a shockwave at me and almost killing me, if I see him ever again, I’ll repay the favor.

Katie was born to regular parents, nothing different than two people falling in love and marrying and having a child. Her dad was a great business man, and actually owned more than a few of the places at the mall. Her mother was a typical stay at home mom that cooked, clean, and took care of Katie. As a child, Katie was treated well with many luxuries, but always being thankful, kind and respectful. As a teenager, before the incident of Timeless, she still had the same personality, but got everything and anything she wanted, her family kept getting richer and richer.
Now friends, Katie had a lot of, don’t know of her personality, or of her money, be she had a lot. Katie bonded well with everyone, infants to elders, she bonded well. But since Timeless, all has changed…

“My history? I just look forward to the future, and living.”

Theme Song:

"I'm Awesome"

Well Katie has been in a coma even before getting out of Timeless thanks to a certain original.
Katie still feels like she has unfinished business about the Timeless gangs, she wants to finish the job, but most importantly just Rei and Statix

So begins...

Katie Rose's Story