Prince of Albakove and brother to Isabella

a character in “Taking her hand”, as played by Elrith Eldwind

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Character Role: Prince

Willing to *cough* 'take it to pm': Cross that bridge when we come to it

Full Name: Gabriel (Gabe to his sister)

Manditory Picture:

Race: Vampire

Aliases/Nicknames: The White Prince, Albakove's Salvation, Gabe (his sister mainly, others use it to aggravate him)
Those who are his enemies and those who know of his battles know him simply as Albakove's White Death or The Bloodied

Preferred name: Gabriel

Age: 78 years old and looking not a day over 22

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight though he has been known to be flirtation with everyone. Then again he is a Vampire...

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 185

Build: Slender

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown with silver streaks here and there

Tattos or Scars: None that most of you will see ;P

Personality: Protective, Hard to place
Hobbies: Blacksmithing, Sword Play, Card Tricks (without his ring), and Chess

Serious Flaws/Addictions/Disorders: He is protective to a fault and has a tendency to overreact. Has a very strong Thirst. Fighting

Relationship History: He's the Prince, there is a list of women (And one strange drunken Oops guessed wrong moment that thankfully didn't go very far) that can claim to have been with him. Ironic that he is so experienced when he and his Father have both constantly monitored his sisters love life to keep it subdued.

Family: Isabella, the King and Queen, and Selina

Ideal Partner (Name their traits): Strong willed but caring, has to be on Isabella's good side.

Other Remarks: He denied the throne to Isabella as he is not confident that he could be a just and fair ruler nor that he could resist war, fighting being something that he has a slight addiction to.


He is a complex man and those who know him still haven't fully got him pegged.
Translation: I have no real clue so just learn in game XD!


Special Abilities/Skills:
1. Enhanced Speed, Strength, Sight, Hearing, and Smell
2. “Entrancing Eyes” (An ability used by male Vampires to paralyze their prey by trapping the prey’s gaze on their own and slightly hypnotizing them from a split second. Don’t look him in the Eye.)
3. Gods’ Stone Ring: an enchanted item that gives the wearer the ability to manipulate matter through thought. Used as a supplement to his melee combat be producing bolts of energy and minor illusions. Though the true power of the ring remains untapped.

4. Albakoves Salvation: a longsword that was made to be used in tandem with his ring to channel the energy bolts into the blade and thus the target.


A Prince who fought in wars and lead armies, he found he lusted for battle and the thrill of combat. This made him believe he was unfit to rule and so he gave the throne to his sister, now he returns to find her seeking to marry and he is... uh... less then pleased with the suitors...

The Gods' Stone is a strange jewel that was found by Gabrael years ago. The ring istelf and the stone are said to be creations of the gods meant to grant him the power to battle for their entertainment, but the truth is far from the rumors and a secret only known to him. His family is mostly aware of the ring, but he kept it away from his Sister's eyes as he didn't want her to see what he was. Often thinking the ring is a sign of his battle hungry self he almost never wears itat the Palace, though the current suitor situation may have him wearing it constantly.

So begins...

Gabriel's Story