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Colton Pearce

I guess now I have to claim that idgit Jesse!

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a character in “Tales From the West”, as played by The Sickness


Name: Colton Bret Pearce

Preferred Name: Colt

Theme Song: Come On! - Cycle of Pain

Height: 6' 0"

Hair: Dark brown with grey streaks

Eyes: Blue

Build: Medium


Mister Pearce, preferring to be referred to as "Colt" is a quiet genius. With his cousin he is quite jovial with the pair often trading jibes at each other. In crowds of people Cole hides his intelligence behind ignorant speech because in his words "Let folks believe what they wanna. I don't have to suffer fools and idgits that way.".
On his own though, Colt is more contemplative, more serious. He's an accomplished piano player, loves poetry (yes you read that right), enjoys poker, though seldom if ever does he win, reading, and finally billiards, which he is a shark at. Finally, farming (gee who'd have thought it?) rounds out his hobbies.

Shotgun, slung across his back
Winchester rifle, left with his horse
A crudely made wooden box which holds hand rolled cigars.
A pistol holstered butt first by his left hip


Colt from birth was groomed to be a genius. His parents often drilling into him the importance of reading and books. His mother, a music lover, further instilled in him a gift for piano playing. In school Colt often found himself bored as he devoured any books handed to him and often knew the subject about which his teacher spoke. Sometimes, better than the teacher. His teenage years saw Colt frequenting and becoming addicted to billiards. It also served as a nice hustle to make some quick cash for the young man. Colt passed on the Civil War until General Sherman's march to the sea, which saw the deaths of two of his friends. Afterwards Colt exacted his bloody revenge on anything in a blue uniform by joining the regiment previously joined by his cousin. Upon his return from the war, his family's home was taken by Union soldiers wishing to treat southerners as a defeated nation, their crops were burned, and his family was forced to move. Soon after the banks came in, bought up the house and the land, causing Colt to take up arms with his cousin along with robbery.

So begins...

Colton Pearce's Story