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"Devil" Jesse Banse

Well hell, let's have some fun!

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a character in “Tales From the West”, as played by The Sickness


Name: Jesse Banse

Nickname/Nicknames: "Devil" "Diablo"

Theme Song: House of Wolves, My Chemical Romance

Height: 5' 10"

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Build: Medium

A man in a long brown coat, paces like a caged lion as he eyes you suspiciously from under his brown cowboy hat. Finally he looks to the ceiling, his gaze slowly drifting back down as his right hand drops from his mouth and to his side he notes your presence and begins to speak.
"So you want to know who I am huh? Well readin' that shit won't get you any smarter when it comes to me. You see? I'm more of an experience rather than a meeting kind of person. Then again, most folks who have met me, end up parted from their money. So.... a second appearance generally isn't in the cards. I can't figure on too many who would want to lose their money twice anyway. Now before you get twitchy, think about one thing, I'll get shot at by you, shoot back at you, and all through it, I'll be laughing myself silly. Now so far no one has put a bullet in my head, doesn't mean it can't be done. It does mean there's a lot of unlucky folks out there who tried. " As his speech shortens, he gives a wink and a devilish smile before he continues

"History? Hell! Who cares about that? Fine! I rode with confederate guerillas in Mister Lincoln's war. Killed more Yankees than smallpox too. Maybe you've heard of the battle I was at? 'Blood Ridge'? A lot of fine boys lost their lives that day on both sides. Those who didn't, lost enough friends, they sure probably wish they had. See, Blood Ridge, along with my short stint raidin' south of the border got me my nickname. I'm sort of strayin' from my original point though. Let me collect my head again. Right... anywho, I served out my time in the military and was hunted by a group of blue bellies. For those of y'all lackin' in understandin' that's what we call union soldiers. Damn it! Distracted again! I come back home to Georgia after the war, only to discover farmin' ain't near as much fun as the sound of fresh gunfire whizzin' by your head. So, been robbin' banks, trains, stage coaches, pick something with tons of cash, I've probably robbed it once or twice at the very least. " He then sighs in an exhausted manner, as he pauses again, watching you with both eyes, a twinkle forming in his left eye as the right side of his mouth curls into a smile.

"You're sure lookin' at me hard. You lookin' to date me or see what I'm packin'? Since you stuck around this long I'll talk about it a bit. I've got two long barrel smith and wesson pistols down on either side of my hips. Up by my chest, two Colt 1851 revolvers. Why so many guns? Hell son, if I'm gonna die it won't be from lack of shootin' back. I've also got a small knife I keep strapped to my ankle. Anything else you want to know? "

So begins...

"Devil" Jesse Banse's Story