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Tales From the West

L&R Railroad

a part of Tales From the West, by The Cherry Cow.

Lawrence and Redford Railroad.

The Cherry Cow holds sovereignty over L&R Railroad, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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L&R Railroad is a part of San Miguel.

There are no Places in L&R Railroad.

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Large, all-purpose train that holds up to seven cars. Can carry passengers, coal, gold, anything. Travels for, Morthern Mexico to upstate Texas, and passes directly through San Miguel.


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A loud whistle blew, and the traveler looked and saw the massive locomotive coming from the distance. When the train slowed to a stop, many people flocked to get on and off the engine. One of the people to come out was the conductor, a stout man ringing a bell.
“Everybody on, next stop’s Rose Creek!” He shouted, waving the bell around. He came up to the traveler.
“You sir, you have a ticket” He asked. “Come to take a ride on the best railroad north of the border? South of the border, if that’s where were going sometimes!”
The traveler was amused by the man’s enthusiasm. “No, sorry sir. Just showed up here, actually. Pretty nice train isn’t it?”
He said. The man smiled.
“Why yes! They’ve been working on this train for years, yes they have! College graduates, too! You’ll never find a better, faster, stupider train!” The traveler could tell the conductor wouldn’t be stopping any time soon, and slowly slipped away as the man was caught up with himself. He needed to look around the town some more. He knew. He’d go to the big building marked GUNS.