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Over the next few years. Thses missions will be the most important missions of your young lives.

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Welcome to Task Force 111
This is Task Force 111. We are a new task force specialized in oversea dilemmas. Wether they are at home on American Soil or overseas they take care of. This squad has some of the best soldiers that the American army could find. This is a 8 person military squad under Cpt. John Sandler under General Stanley Shepperd.     

First Mission:
Further Mission Intel
This will be a lengthy battle. It may takes days or a couple of weeks to fully clear the Mountain villages occupied by the Taliban and gain possession of the weapons. You will carry all food, and water with you that you will need but you may be forced to initiate your survival skills learned in training if you run out. There are numerous villages that you will have to clear and take no prisoners, if it moves, kill it. Air Support is only available at certain times throughout the mission. Use wisely. Operate at night and lay low during the day. The team will be supplied with Night Vision scope which will be invaluable, although flares from guns may handicap their use. Use it to your advantage, the enemy does not have them.

Throughout these multiple operations you must follow these rules or risk corrupting the missions

- Be Realistic: If you get shot in the stomach you won't be able to get up and run around again. Your team mates will watch your back  
- Swearing is allowed. War is not an opportunity to show of your vocabulary skills.
- Post Regularly
- Be detailed
- No sloppy work will be expected, your not in the elite forces for nothing
- Your character will not be a gary stu.
Please have diverse characters, they're working as a team, but how many people at where you work do you like? Some may not like each other and argue a lot. Different personalities please!

For all you fanatics out there on the army, apologies if I have got any of the information wrong, I did a lot of research but some of it I am not able to find out so if there is anything wrong, deal with it :)

Will you make it through? will you die? Willy you survive? But most off all - will they accomplish the mission? (Note if you choose to kill off your character you are required to place a 'Killed in Action' In your characters Status and you are more than welcome to make another character to continue with :) 

Character Sheet:

Full name:
Code Name:
Nickname (If any):
Favorite Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:
Years Served in total:

Plus please try to keep pictures you give your character non-anime

Thats all! Sorry about so much to read, if you want me to reserve a character just ask :)

Thanks and have fun!


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