Dark FantasyRae (Raena)

A human warrior with many secrets

a character in “Tears of the Fiend”, as played by syrafay

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At first glance, it would be difficult to discern Rae's exact age or level of strength, but any outside eye would definitely name her what she isn't: a male. After years of training in self-defense, Rae's dainty frame has been fortified by sinewy, supple muscles that, though subtle, are obvious to any experienced person looking. Her clothes are generally rough and threadbare covered with light leather armor, and it's obvious they've seen the ware and tear of the travels of a person surviving on the bare minimum. However, everything, down to her every day footwear, is kept as spotlessly clean as possible. Even her hair, straight and black as a raven's feathers, is kept in a semblance of order at all times, though it's choppy nature, as a result of always being cut by a slightly dull blade, and her tendency to keep it thrown back with a length of cloth do much to hide her natural tidy tendencies.

Despite the obvious masculine appearance, Rae's clothes and male behavioral patterns can't hide the beauty Rae inherited from her mother. She is obviously delicately boned, and the rough nature of her livelihood did not stop even her skin from retaining a natural feminine softness. If one looked closely enough, they'd notice that her burgundy colored eyes, often filled with suspicion and hostility, are framed by long dark lashes, and her lips are too full to be male. When this beauty became apparent, her clothes became looser and chest bindings tighter as she tried even harder to hide the evidence of her sex. Rae even fell into a tendency to avoid cleaning her face, contrary to her neat appearance, so her attractive features wouldn't be readily noticed by strangers. Even with all of these precautions, it isn't uncommon for Rae to get frequent comments over her strange beauty for a male.


Any not acquainted with Rae would believe her to be a cold, emotionless traveler with nothing to offer others than her inherent ability at combat. In company, Rae remains as silent as possible, but when she does get around to speaking, those around her are surprised by the husky timbre of her voice, and it often quells any remaining doubts as to if she is truly a male. In addition, Rae schools her features into a near-constant state of placid emotionless, though those who get to know her well, which are few and far between, become accustomed to recognizing the smallest signs cuing her deep thoughts and feelings. For example, when amused, the corner or Rae's mouth will turn upward slightly, not even enough to be considered a smile, and her burgundy eyes will sparkle, but only enough to be compared to the glint of a dull coin. Even people with a sharp eye are hard-pressed to catch these subtle nuances of her personality and understanding of them can really only be gained by close acquaintance and long study.

Rae is the listener, the shadow at the edge of a crowd that nobody ever remembers being present. She is not only silent in speech but also in movement and can catch the words and whispers of those who believe themselves to be alone and out of earshot. Because she makes an effort to keep her appearance common, even an inn-keeper possessing a coin from her for a night's stay will forget she even existed with a few day's time. Rae is satisfied with living her life in nondescript darkness, but she cannot help herself from acting as the bringer of justice, silently pulling the strings from the sidelines. The most surprising of all is deep down, beneath her gruff and manly exterior, Rae tightly suppresses a yearning to be truly female, but she would never succumb to it or allow it to influence her actions.


As a warrior, Rae naturally possesses a small array of weaponry, but none of it is really worthy of being noted save for her broadsword. She keeps it secure in a nondescript sheath, but when it is unsheathed, any fighter with even the most minute amount of experience would recognize it as a blade of high worth and quality. A fortune teller clothed in suspicious robes had handed Rae the weapon at the beginning of her travels, proclaiming its magical qualities and undefeated title, but would receive no payment in return, claiming the broadsword was a gift for someone who would affect the stars in due time. Rae had taken it, only to examine the intricate ivy pattern beginning at the handle and spiraling its way up the length of the blade, but when she turned to return it, certain she wasn't worthy of such a gift, the fortune teller had already disappeared into the shadows, leaving only the whispered echo of the blade's name, Sirth. Sirth has not parted from Rae since that day.

The second item of worth belonging to Rae is an amulet inherited from her deceased mother. It is crafted with onyx and ruby's, swirling and sparkling in a way that could not be considered masculine or feminine. It, according to her mother, was the best work of a deceased mage, an old, long dead friend of her mother's and would protect its wearer when the wearer could not protect themselves. Since Rae had yet to reach that day, she has never discovered if it was true, but she doesn't believe it herself, wearing it on a long chain and hidden beneath her clothes in honor of her mother's memory alone, the memory of her before she lost hold of her happiness. If sold, it could earn Rae a large fortune, but she would never, even in the most dire circumstance, bring herself to sell it.


Rae's mother, Aldina, was a rumored legendary beauty, even for a human, living an easy life of the high class. In the prime of her youth, early in the times of war and strife, a selfish and mad man, his whereabouts and origins still unknown to Rae herself, somehow came to the conclusion that Aldina belonged to him in body and soul. Aldina, of course, refused his advance and went on with her life, not giving the strong-natured man another thought. In due time, she met a mage, the maker of the amulet, and fell in love with him. The man, who had been watching Aldina all along and imagining himself in a life alongside her, had come to honestly believe Aldina loved him in return and went to her, begging her to forsake this man she only played with, claiming he knew her love for him was true. When she denied him once again, he fell into a mad rage and raped her brutally. He disappeared after that, never seen again by Aldina, but she later found that in the same night, he had also murdered her lover. Aldina was so swamped with mourning and grief that she did not even realize her pregnancy until she was halfway through. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter and named her Raena, and for a moment, she considered herself happy.

But the seeds of hysteria from her tragedy continued to fester and grow, never truly healed, until it developed into single-minded paranoia. Every time Aldina saw her beautiful daughter, who, fortunately, was Aldina's mirror image, not possessing a single trait of the man to fathered her, she only saw what could happen to her. To put it specifically, Aldina grew mad with the fear that the man would return and, when he realized Aldina would not be enough to satisfy him, broken as she was, he would turn to Raena, the bonds of incest and sin unimportant to one so insane with self-centered lust. Desperate to protect her child, Aldina changed Raena's name to Rae and began raising her as a male. She forced Rae to perform screaming exercises every day to keep her voice low and husky and put Rae through gruesome strength training until Rae was old enough, or appeared old enough, to enter the army and undergo weapons training. Once Rae had been admitted to the army, Aldina then threw herself into a lake, purposefully drowning herself to escape the torments of her ghosts and memories.

Rae, having long ago become a sullen child, accepted the news of her mother's death without emotion, deadened with grief. This lack of reaction established Rae early in her career as almost inhuman with the absence of emotion. Rae, having witnessed firsthand how being a woman could destroy a person, threw herself into training and building up her masculine behaviors and personality. Once she had mastered everything the army had to teach, Rae abandoned it and took to traveling, never staying in one place long enough to take root or establish relationships. In due time, she settled in Keldon Tor, uninvolved with the politics of the world and taking on only just enough odd jobs to keep herself afloat.

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