Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

The old Titans have graduated. Nightwing and Cyborg have left the tower to a new generation of Titans, a gift for the new defenders of Jump City. However, when evil rears its ugly head, how will the new Titans respond? [PRIVATE RP. INVITE ONLY.]

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The old Titans have disbanded. Don't get your panties in a bunch, no one died or was lost, they've just moved on. Robin, or Nightwing as he's called now, has graduated into Young Justice with hopes of becoming a member of the Justice League. Cyborg left to team up with Bumblebee to shut down the Hive for good. Beast boy has teamed up with Mento, his old leader, and now directly opposes the Brotherhood of Evil with his old team, The Doom Patrol. Starfire has returned to Tamaran. Her family needs her help rebuilding the Tamaranean Empire after its war with the Gordanians. Finally, Raven has left for Azaroth. After the destruction of Trigon, she seeks only enlightenment and control over her vast powers. The original five Titans are still very good friends. They still meet up every so often to visit and exchange stories, but their missions are their own. During one such meeting, the ex-Titans decided that now was the time to select new heroes to take up their old mantle at Titan's tower.


You are a young hero. You are pretty well known in your area for being a hero who protects the meek and vulnerable. One day, while pursuing your daily activities you come home to find a small package on your front step. Inside is a sealed envelope underneath the classic Titan's communicator. Inside the envelope is a note which reads:


"Hello young hero. My name is Nightwing. The old Titans, in their desire to see their beloved Jump City protected and kept safe, have decided to pass the torch to a new generation of heroes. I, Nightwing, have taken up the task of searching for new heroes. Heroes whose hearts burn for justice. Heroes who are strong and brave. I've searched the whole world over to find five like-minded individuals to whom I can entrust our old position. You have been selected, young hero. Take this communicator and meet up at Titans Tower tomorrow at 10:00 am. This is a great honor hero. Do not disappoint."

Character Sheet:

Below is a character sheet I would like you to use while constructing your character. You may embellish, but please answer the bare minimum of what I have provided. Thanks to Laxnchill20 for the skelly.


Age: (If you are a Titan, you must be younger than 16, or at least no older)





Appearance: (I don't care if you include a picture, but please write out your basic appearance.)

Abilities: (I am limiting you to exactly 3 powers. This number may vary based on your idea for your character base power scheme. Please confer with me if you have ANY doubts or deviations.)

Skills: (Simple things, acrobatics, martial arts. Things that are not super powered, but are still useful.)

Weaknesses: (Can be simple, like cannot handle extreme cold. Your character will not be immune to everything, they have to have some weaknesses.)


Likes: (At least 3)

Dislikes: (Same as Likes.)



Extras: (Stuff not necessarily needed for us to understand your character, but extra fluffy stuff is appreciated. It rounds out their personality and appearance and makes them more real.)

Toggle Rules

1. NO GODMODING. There is no reason to take unnecessary control over another's character. If you wish to collaborate, do so via PM and get the other player's consent.

2. No Mary Sue's or Gary Lou's. If I suspect there is one amongst us, I WILL BANISH YOU!

3. No Canon characters. We will be interacting with some in our adventures, but I would prefer entirely original characters.

4. No one-liner's please. We're all better than that. I would prefer at least 200+ word posts. I realize the importance of shorter posts, but you can move stuff along while still being descriptive.

5. I will be implementing a post limit for the first few days. You will only be allowed to post 2-4 times per day based on interaction between characters and how quickly we're moving along. I just don't want anyone being left behind.

6. While romance is encouraged, please keep it PG. No sex, after all, you're only 16 at the oldest.

7. You are allowed to swear, just keep it to a minimum. Some is fine, you are not allowed to replace every other word with a cuss.

8. Common sense please. We're all experienced RP'ers if you have a problem with anyone doing anything take it up with me. I will be more than willing to mediate disputes and keep the peace however I shouldn't need to.

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Monica stood silently as the new members introduced themselves, on the inside she was a little excited to meet someone knew, but as no one likes her she wasn't exactly hopeful that they'd like her. She stuck around while everyone finished eating waffles and did the dishes, she wanted nothing more than to go upstairs and read the letter on her desk, but she decided to stay. After everything was cleaned it was time for the training course. Kelsier, the Nightwing appointed leader of the group went first. He used his powers to coat his body in rock and then used his weapons and a set of hooks to work through the obstacles and dummies, it was impressive and he seemed to enjoy himself. When he finished he asked the group who wanted to go next, Monica wasn't planning on running the course, but everyone was so impressed with how quickly Kelsier made it through Monica thought she might be able to impress them as well, despite how destructive her powers were, she was also quite quick and nimble. "I'll go." She stated flatly and walked to the beginning of the course. She nodded to Kelsier who activated the course.

She ran forward a set of rocks came swinging towards her, at the last second she leapt forward. Her hands made contact with the top of one of the rocks and she pushed off performing a back handspring landing on her feet on the other side of the rocks. After making it past the rocks the course did something new, "Guess it changes, each time" She thought as the ground in front of her parted. An hole the size of a swimming pool opened up, it was at least 25 feet deep. In the base water could be seen. It had large poles placed through out the pit, Monica assumed she was to jump from pole to pole, but she knew that time was of the essence so she stopped in front of the pit and focused a slight sparking could be seen around her back where two small holed formed in her shirt and bat like wings grew and flapped once. Monica smiled, despite all of the problems in her life she has always loved flying. She jumped into the air and flapped her wings flying quickly over the pit. She landed on the other side, now it was time for the combat. The dummies appeared and some darts went flying towards her, she created a shield of Hell-Fire that burned the darts as soon as they hit it. She then opened her mouth and screamed at the dummies funneling her rage at her parents and life into her scream. The result was a large stream of black Hell-Fire emitting from her mouth and incinerating the dummies, there was nothing left not even ash. Monica ended her scream and took a deep breath. After relaxing she flew over to the others. "That was fun." she said surprised that she actually enjoyed herself, she was always afraid of her powers, but now she finally saw just how useful they could be.

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Re: Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

that was literally what was going to happen next (and everyone knew that) but it didnt' happen....

Re: Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

I think the problem was you didn't have any Villain-Hero interaction right off the bat. You guys needed a direct plot line to give everybody a set goal, and see how the characters would utilize each other in a team setting to achieve said goal.

Re: Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

I'm pretty sure we died. We only tried approximately 479884948 times to keep it going. The world just doesn't want us to do it

Re: Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

So Is anyone going to post or is this just dead?

Re: Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

I tried to make some excitement by acting semi out of character. But can't post again cause I was last

Re: Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

Busy, probably. I know I sorta am. Also, waiting for more people to post since I decided not to partake in the training course thingy. Would be weird to go all: Yeah, I'm gonna run now- Actually, that wouldn't be weird. Still, no posting from me until I feel safe to post... something.

*Goes back to furrowing his brow over PHP stuff*

Re: Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

So did this die or are peoples just busy? Cuz it's been like forever

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I'm gonna post Kelsier's run-through of the training course tomorrow so you guys know.

Re: Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

Me: *is totally still here* Excitment! New people! Ill post for Shizuka in a momento.

Re: Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

That's ok, Page will bake cake all the time. He's good at it. Although @Senor Pants, yes Page's guitar has the powers, but he's the only one with the right type of energy to power it. If you tried to put Ki into it, it'd be like trying to feed Alternating Current Electricity to a washing machine when it's used to Direct Current. It just wouldn't work. Because Page's Souldrive is the only thing capable of fueling it, the powers are "his" to an extent, but his guitar creates the abilities via playing it. It's a sonic thing. Not trying to be all, "RAGGLE FRAGGLE! YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG!" and stuff, but I did feel the need to actually explain how it works. Just for future reference.

Re: Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

I liked it, my only complaint is that I ALREADY GAVE YOU CAKE IN ANOTHER RP!!!! HOW MUCH CAKE DO YOU NEED!!! (also in this one my character's not the most giving type....)

Re: Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

And so... Insanity has entered the game. Also, cakes. It's always cake! xD

Yeah, post's up -- Wasn't too sure how to go about it, but I think I managed nicely. NO COMPLAINING! I worked very, very hard to be as random as possible. :P

Ahem... Anyway, yeah, posts and stuff.

Re: Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

Meh! I'll try!

Also, Shisio, I'm currently waiting for Violet to say yay or neigh about me posting the Titans returning to the tower in the other RP, so I think that'll be the beginning of the second episode or something. I'm unsure. Also, starting post! Just noticed Byte posted. XD

Re: Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

yeah, sorry about that, trying to move on and introduce you guys isn't the easiest/best choice but we should be able to make it work.

Re: Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

*Totally not procrastinating and stuff*

Writing a post now, should be good-ish. Like, stuff happens and.. stuff.

I went the route Shishio just suggested. Maybe it's just me, but I, like, managed pretty good for an introduction. Even if stuff was a bit moved forward for us. x)

Re: Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

Umm... well, you could write about being brought in, presenting your communicator at the door before being let it, and meeting all the other titans. Further, you could eat waffles.


Re: Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

I wanted to write an introductory post...

But I think someone else did for me. :/

Lax, you were good. But I mean after your post came another and... I didn't even get to write Ken entering or anything, and I'm unsure what to post now.

Re: Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City

Hey all, so I did my best to write a post to jump-start this thing. I know I might've taken some liberties but I did my best to keep everyone in character and I'll edit anything you don't like.

Famished and Byte it should be ready for both of you to post and introduction at your will. I really hope this thing get's going again it's gonna be awesome.

Re: Teen Titans: Protectors of Jump City


I do see what you did there.

Because Shen's Op and....yeah.....