Mitsuomi Takayanagi

The Head of the Enforcement Group, or the Executive Council

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a character in “Tenjou Tenge: Domination”, as played by True Grave


Mitsuomi is a tall, very muscular man with short White hair and long bangs. He has a scar on his chest and back, but usually wears very tight fitting clothes covering them. The scars were caused by Shin Natsume when Mitsuomi rushed in to stop him from his rampage. He is the older brother of Masataka Takayanagi.

He is a highly skilled and dedicated martial artist. He uses his position and power to suppress other power users in the school. He is feared and viewed as a tyrant by some as a result. He will do whatever is necessary to that end, he frequently fights and kills bulls in his training (possibly a reference to Kyokushin founder Mas Oyama) so his technique will not weaken when the time comes to kill. He also annihilates any group that threatens his control or the order of the school and frequently using dirty tactics to do so. This may be cause by his motive to prevent warriors who do no have powers from fearing the warriors who do. He also seems to still be in love with Maya Natsume, despite their current disagreements.

Mitsuomi can only fight for three minutes due to a condition with his heart (explained later), yet very few can actually last for three minutes against him. In the beginning of the manga, we are led to believe that Mitsuomi is the strongest fighter, after Shin's fall at his hands but is later revealed that Bunshichi Tawara is the strongest fighter. Mitsuomi, for whatever reason, has a strong distaste for Souichiro Nagi. Though it could be because Mitsuomi fears that Souichiro will become another Shin Natsume, driven insane by his Demon Exorcist powers as Shin was by his Dragon Eyes; however, he is known to hate most Red Feathers.

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