That Shiny Thing!

That Shiny Thing!


An unlikely group of teens stumble upon a meteor that gives them powers.

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The one thing on every East High student's mind. No one knew who was throwing it, or where it was going to be or when. They only knew why it was happening. A party was thrown every year for returning East High School students. Everyone would go, and everyone would have the best time of their lives. Music, booze, drugs, dancing, gambling; there was something for everyone. Every year it would only get better.

On September 2nd, at exactly 3pm a mass message was sent to all East High students. The time and location were finally revealed to the many of teens. The party was scheduled to happen the same day as the text was sent out, and it was happening at some barn, a good 30 miles away from the city, which didn't surprise the students at all. It always happened hours after the text and at some far away place. Last year it was at an old abandoned factory.

During the party, several teens decide to leave for a various of reasons. Because none of them had a car to drive them back in, they checked out the surrounding area. They had found a field with a giant tunnel right smack in the middle of it. Like all curious teens they went to investigate. One by one they all went into the hole, and after a couple minutes of walking, found a big glowing rock. When one of them touches it a big explosion happens, and the teens all black out. They all wake up the next day, presumed it was a dream, and acted like nothing happened. Though they cannot forget it so easily when they find they now have powers. The group of teens then become extremely close as they try and figure out what's going on with them. Will they use the powers for good? Or for evil?

So basically there's going to be a small group of kids, 4 to be exact but I will be willing to bump it up to six if more people want to join. The kids are complete opposites, for example, one might be a bubbly cheerleader, another might be a grumpy geek, and so on. We'll have them start when they're at the party right before they decide to leave. If even more people want to join then, yay, we can spice it up even more. They can play someone who witnessed one of the teens messing around with their powers and so now they wish to harness the power for themselves.

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