The 2nd Z-Academy

The 2nd Z-Academy

Thing's didn't work out so well in the school....and zombies have revealed themselves as mortal enemies for all humans! Join the school, meet friends, and fight your way to survive!

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The world's very first school/academy created during the 4 year zombie apocalypse! Hidden away from the zombies, this school is very safe and secure facility.

This roleplay has started! Any new students will be recognized as either transfer students from the 1st facility (reserved by the old members), or freshman.


Training, lessons and practice against zombies will be given to those invited and joining (you rpers). All students will be expected to be able to slay zombies after 4 years of training. Detail and reality is expected in posts, so please do not make the impossible, possible. We will expect you guys to add drama into our world! This roleplay uses many highschool and zombie survival aspects, which will make it fun! It also has somewhat of a military aspect, so please don't be too stressed about gaining ranks.

Each students will have: A rank given based on position, a weapon of their desire (must be realistic, no scythe or whatever bs and will be approved). There will also be clubs and ranks given to students instead of grades. Age does not matter in the case of ranks! Promotions may happen! You never know when!
Please read the rules before roleplaying! And please respect the GMs
(The GM will be conducting all the events and will also be giving rights).

Trainee - Slayer Uniform: ... le02_2.jpg (Copied from Persona 3)
Frontier - General Uniform: ... tume-2.jpg (Copied from 07 Ghost)
Marshal/Headmaster Uniform: ... yanami.jpg (Copied from 07 Ghost)


DORMITARY (Separate building across the school building. 3 in total, see OOC)



Recruit (>)
Trainee (>>)
Private (>>>) - Prepared to slay the undead as a back-up

Slayer (/>) - Prepared to slay the undead along with the main force
Frontier (//>) - Slays the undead as one of the front forces
General (///>) - Commands a force and will lead some operations
Marshal (<>) - Leads the companies and most important operations

Special Classes:
ZBlader (<=>) - Uses a special, mastered class and fights along with the front forces
ZGunner (< /) - Uses a special and skilled method of using a gun
ZScout (><><) - Scouts the area in front and before the forces defend or attack. A very dangerous class, yet for the most skilled.

Please post your rank on your character profile and update it when you get promoted!

Skill Chart:
Pretty Strong
Quite Skilled
Very Skilled
Extremely Skilled

Student Positions will have a choice for a rank between ZBlader and ZGunner, unless you are a Frontier which also gives you the choice of ZScout.

To be roleplaying any of these characters, you must be active and very descriptive! GMs must be very active, as I may not have time to complete things.

GMs(The 3 Headmasters):
Fiacre Douleur (Zinai) - Extremely Skilled, Marshal (Leader of the Research and Planning Division), ZGunner
Katrina Milan (TheRose202) - Extremely Skilled, Marshal (Leader of the Attack Force), ZBlader - Main DM
Isaac Schofield (xXcandlejackXx) - Extremely Skilled, Marshal (Supervisor and TOP-SECRET Scout), ZScout

NPC - Zombie Slaying teacher (Blade) Very Skilled - Rank: General (Sub-Leader of the Attack Force), ZBlader
NPC - Zombie Slaying teacher (Gun) Extremely Skilled - Rank: General (Leader of the Defensive Brigade), ZGunner
NPC - Intelligence (against zombies) teacher Very Skilled - Rank: Frontier (Sub-Leader #1 of the Research and Planning Division), ZScout
NPC - Strategy teacher Extremely Skilled - Rank: General (Leader-before-marshal of the Research and Planning Division), ZScout
NPC - Survival Skills teacher Quite Skilled - Rank: Frontier (Sub-Leader #2 of the Research and Planning Division)

Prince Matthew Sebastion (ICryForAFamily) - The president of the student council. Takes orders and follows under the wing of the headmaster. Very Skilled - Rank: Frontier
Kallin Harper (Lucky) - The vice-president of the student council. Respects the president, and agrees along in many ways. Quite Skilled - Rank: Frontier
Kuranai Shikato (ChaoticInsanity) - A student with many abilities still unknown. Loves to slay zombies and thinks of it as a skill. Quite Skilled - Rank: Slayer
(OPEN) - (OPTIONAL STUDENT) Quite Skilled - Rank: Slayer
Carrie Mundain (afreerobin) - The loner. Has a very quiet trait (still not an excuse to be inactive!), yet can out-talk anyone effortlessly. Quite Skilled - Rank: Slayer
Yukito Shigura (Kirigakzuto(kirito) - A student with high potential. Dreams of ridding the world of the zombies. Skilled - Rank: Slayer
Catherine Darenson (Cathy2014) - (OPTIONAL STUDENT) Skilled - Rank: Slayer
(OPEN) - (OPTIONAL STUDENT) Skilled - Rank: Slayer

For more spots, please PM me with a request for one and I will think about it!

Character Sheet Format:

Image URL, Link, or hosted site:

When updating or creating profiles, please add the rank logo/icon also!

These are the divisions you can choose to join:

Defensive Brigade: The safest behind the main force and all. They protect the academy building and take watches every night for any incoming hostile threats. The brigade consists of mainly gunning defensive units, but also adds in blade infantry in case anything goes out of hand. The leader and supervisor of this division is *unknown.

Attack Force: The main force that engages the undead in combat the fastest. The Attack Force carries out tasks such as sending scouts to check ahead if their clear, or sending a small squad to gather food, water, any supplies. They are the footsoldiers of the academy, and must give up their life before fighting in an invasion or operation. They are the bravest soldiers, and possibly the skilled in the academy. The leader and supervisor of this division is *unknown.

Research and Planning Division: Two groups mixed into one, this group plans ahead. The research team researches on ways to disinfect undead infections and diseases, while the planning division plans with precise military strategies to successfully allow an operation to flow smoothly and easily, therefore making a successful comeback against the undead. Research teams may send a ZScout from the Attack force to gather samples for them or while the attack force is eliminating as much undead as they can, while the planning division may ask for sacrifices. The leader and supervisor of this division is *unknown.

Toggle Rules

1. NO GODMODING (I absolutely detest godmoding, whoever does will be sent to detention)
2. No complaining about the rules and requirements (Please, I am doing whatever I can already so I can make this roleplay a good, successful one)
3. Each post must be at least a mini paragraph, lazy posting will be not be tolerated!
4. Please keep it active!
5. Always follow the Roleplay Gateway rules and regulations.
6. Romance will be tolerated, but beware. The level must be at PG-13, never M+.
7. Please respect the other members in the story.
8. PM me for any problems in the story and rules you would like to talk to me about or any abuse caused by the other members: I will deal with it as soon as I can.
9. Please enjoy the story! Roleplaying is supposed to be fun, and I want you all to have fun.

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Maybe it was adrenaline or the fact that she couldn't stand to let anyone she cared about die but all the pain that was in Carrie's chest disappeared as Issac spoke. 'Do..don't underestimate old man.' Even her voice was slowly growing back to normal. Still cracking but she was able to speak clearly. 'I am an adult.'

She took the gun and her jacket off Yukito. 'Don't you dare die.' With that she turned to Cathy. The girls wounds weren't life threatening but must hurt a lot. No way she could walk. Not really caring about keeping things private she ripped a large part of her already destroyed shirt. After that she slipped her jacket back on but it didn't do very well in blocking her front. 'Don't look.' She added teasingly behind her as she tied the strip a few inches above Cathy's wound. Once she was don't Carrie nodded. Not as good as my mom would do it but considering the circumstances I'd say not bad. She smiled at these thoughts. 'C..cathy. Give me your hand. Lean on me.'

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'Thanks Carrie' Cathy said as she took her hand and tried to stand. The pain jolted up her leg and threatened to knock her out again No....Can't let Carrie do all the work by herself. she grimaced and stood up ignoring the pain. She leaned on Carrie taking deep breaths. She watched Issac pick up Yukito and wish she could do something to help besides just stand there. 'Now what?' she asked to no one in particular.

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" your left arm would of been more useful..but i guess i could use my memory and eyes to guide you guys, i remember the path well and as if it was day light " he coughed as he pointed, there was through the smoke the small stretch of forest they had been walking to get towards the bandit compound " but i cant feel anything i could of been bitten and not know it, you must not keep this away from my temple sir.." he said as he pulled the gun tha was almost melted into his hard grip on his right hand, and pointed at his hand " humanity comes first is our duty as soldiers to ensure they make it." He said as he coughed and his eyes burn with pain " cathy and carrie need more of your attention they are actually more alive than me, so have them either behind or next please....we must make haste i can already sense tiny movement on the bushes behinds us still not close but they are walking, " he said as he loaded the gun and keep it pressed against his temple.

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(Hey anyone still alive and kicking?)

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( Meeee )

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(Same )

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The small group hobbled to and fro towards the compound. Stress and sheer exhaustion had taken a toll on them nevermind their injuries. While it seemed like suicide to head towards the bandit headquarters while they were so weak it was the only path cleared for them. Cathy turned around and saw Issac and Yukito behind them. Even Issac the one of the most battle-tested out of all of them seemed weary and defeated. She turned to Carrie. "Thank you......for....everything" The sun overhead was setting in the northeast. Dusk was not far off and they still were a mile from the base. Cathy stumbled forward over a root and took Carrie with her. Her eyes watered with pain but she said nothing. Moments later she was laughing like a school girl. Though her leg was busted and her friends were suffering she couldn't help herself. "I can't" Tears, of joy or pain, she didn't know streamed down her face. She kept giggling as she saw Issac's face contort in confusion. She looked at Yukito, then Carrie. "I love you guys so much" Her leg ached as she tried to prop herself up. "I'm struggling to find words to express my gratitude for you......all of you. Without you, I wouldn't be who I am today." A small giggle interrupted her. She restrained herself from another laughing fit. "I don't know if you all realized this but before you...before the school, I was so lost. I was so broken. Something inside me just did not feel whole. And then I came here. It seems like I've known you for years." Cathy smiled "And now here we are....broken, split up, lost in this jungle of life. If I could do it all over again I would one hundred times over. Back at the school....I have never been as happy as I was during those moments. I just want you all to know that I'm eternally grateful for each and every one of you."

(I hope whoever if anyone is reading this, reads in between the lines. I have so much to say but I don't even know how to put it into words. If anyone is out there who contributed THANK YOU....from the bottom of my heart. You truly have made my life a million times better because of this. Whenever the world feels upside down I'll come here and reread our old posts and messages and I'll get all tingly inside, warm and happy. You don't have to would mean the world to me if you did though.... thank you)

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Carrie stared ahead, pure adrenaline the only thing keeping her going. Her head throbbed, her legs ached and her arms felt like they were about to fall off. If she was aline Carrie wasn't exactly sure she'd be able to go forward. Death seemed a mercy at the moment, there wasn't much more Carrie wanted to do then curl up on the ground and just sleep.

The constant pressure of Cathy at her side was the only thing keeping her going. This girl had someone wormed her way into Carries heart and put up shop. Not to mention Yukio beind them. Damn Carrie,' she thought, grunting at whatever Cathy had said. When did you get so soft hearted?

The inner debate ended abruptly when Carrie was suddenly falling. The shock and pain of everything stopped her from trying to slow her fall and her head slammed against the dirt. Carrie groaned, turning to look at Cathy. The other girl was laughing, tears running down her face. At a loss, because yes she cared about these people now but social interactions was still new, Carries just stared.

Finally, once Cathy ended her heart tugging speech did Carrie move. She leaned forward, mindful of all the injuries, and wrapped her arms around Cathy. 'I'm not so good with words,' she whispered in the girls ear, 'But I'm not gonna leave you Cathy. Not now, not ever. I promise I'll protect you, like, a big sister?'

(Awww!! I feel the same way. If you want, we could make a whole new private roleplay? Thay way we could continue in a not pretty much dead one.)

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Cathy smiled sheepishly "Thank you"

(I'm down, i'll try to respond as much as possible, you should make it though. Great idea!!)

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