Cocktail ManorMinh Rumps

"I didn't mean to scare you, though it did get an interesting reaction."

a character in “The Abandon Breed”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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Name: Minh Rumps

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Apperance: Minh looks kind of skinny and may be a little underweight, but it doesn't seem to affect his agility or strength in any way, or at least not that much. His skin is light and maybe even a little pale even. He has strange black symbols and marks all over him from him writing on himself to make curses. His finger nails are sharp and are painted black, but he usually doesn't let them grow longer than 1-2 inches. He has sharp teeth.(Just the smile)He has yellow, fox-like eyes. He has some bags under his eyes from staying out so late and has black eyeliner His hair is black and shaggy(Just the hairstyle). He has a creepy aurora around him, making many avoid him, but at the same time something seems... Mysterious about him. He, of course, has black fox ears and a black fox tail with white tips.

He usually wears a white, baggy T-shirt that's a little to big for him with black pants that are also a little baggy, but he also wears a belt to keep them up. He wears black gloves. Finally, he wears black sneakers. He also wears a black collar around his neck.

Species: Kitsune

Likes: Those who have an 'interesting reaction' to his tricks, knowing what his friends hate the most so he's sure to avoid doing said thing, sneaking up on others.

Dislikes: Those who have a boring reaction to his tricks, being the one that's being tricked, doing something that those he dislikes might like, being in complete darkness.

Personality: Minh has a strange way of showing emotions. Other than being creepy he has a... strange aurora around him. Like you might feel that you know he's a creepy guy, yet there seems to be something more than that. If he's sad or mad, then he'll smile a big cheshire grin, even when crying. But if he's happy he'll have a neutral look on him. If he happens to dislike you he'll be more polite and ask about what your likes are, but if he likes you he'll be more casual towards you and he'll ask you about what you hate the most. He likes to sneak up on people because he finds their reactions amusing and at times will say things like "Oh, I have something special for you," just to see their reactions. But if he likes someone, like really likes them, then he'll give them decorated buttons and place good luck on them. But he'll never confess to anyone. He can also be very naïve and foolish at times, though that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a good idea to trick him… He also has a phobia of the dark, like complete darkness, and will noticeably become much more nervous and will panic if left alone in the dark.

Bio: As you can tell, no normal(Or perhaps even sane) parents could produce and raise someone like Minh. He used to live in a very poor house that was falling apart. His parents were very skilled in the art of dark magic, as they could even do some of the most powerful spells. However, as a result from practicing too much dark magic, they had gone insane. Not ax-crazy insane, but pretty darn close. They'd often do things that to sane people made absolutely no sense what so ever, but even to his parents it wasn't supposed to make sense. They were insane, after all.

However, Minh wasn't really "scared" by this, rather it affected his personality and habits, but never anything that would be considered to be a trauma to him. In fact, he actually liked the non-orderly way of his life. It should be noted that he did go to school(Don't ask how he wasn't taken away by the CPS by now) and his parents did actually take care of him a little, like feed him, ect. Though they would go back to being insane right after. They also never really hurt their son, or at least not directly.

However, one day, while returning home from school, he heard the screams of his parents. He quickly ran inside the house to see his parents disappearing into shadows in the ground. He quickly tried to help them out, but it was no use as they were pulled into the shadows as a result of a dark-magic overdose. When they were finally pulled into the shadows and the shadows disappeared he just stood there for a moment with a cheshire grin with tears running down his cheeks. He soon after got out of the house and went far away from it.

He managed to find the Cocktail Manor and eventually stayed there, not having anywhere else to go, though it's not like he really minds it, it's just that he might have to watch out for those who aren't too appreciative of his tricks...

He can place bad curses on people. They are only "minor", like nothing like making them die, but he can place some kind of bad curses at times. He can also give people good luck, but he rarely does that. It's not interesting to him. Unless he really likes you... He's also fairly flexible and agile.

So begins...

Minh Rumps's Story