The Abduction Plague

The Abduction Plague


People are taken, their humanity erased and their bodies deformed as they live trapped in the dreary halls of a sinister hospital.

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In this area the people live in fear. Fear of the dark and those who may lurk within. The cities aren't awake until well past sunrise and settle back down long before dusk. An epidemic of kidnappings has been hitting them for just less than a year now, and while they may have found a pattern in when people are taken, there is no telling who is next and where they go.

The true horror lies outside of these towns. A hospital just on the other side of the hills, out of sight and hidden by the dark trees surrounding, is the where that no one has witnessed. It is inhabited by people of all kinds who have been taken. They're made to forget, to comply, and are condemned to never view the outside world again. The worst fact is that they are turned into something else, changed to become monsters, creatures you would pay to see on display. They become abominations and their memories start where their life as a human ends.

The hospital they are kept in is three floors and a basement. The basement is where experiments take place and where people who haven't been changed are held. It is off limits to patients. The first floor is where the cafeteria, "visiting" room, examination rooms, confinement rooms and access to the courtyard are. Patients get checkups in examination rooms and the courtyard is the only place they can be outside, being basically just a large patch of grass in the center of the hospital. Confinement rooms are where troublesome patients are held and the visiting room is just a large room with lots of chairs where patients can spend time. The second and third floors are where the patients actually live and sleep. Each floor has four rooms, meaning 8 over all. If we end up with more than 8 characters, we'll figure out roommates. I'll decide which floor your character stays on but everyone will have a say in who rooms together if we get to that point.

Things such as the hair and eyes do not have to be natural, the only appearance we need to know about is that which is after experimentation
(We are in need of more male characters)

Code: Select all
Hair: (style and color)
Skin: (include tattoos, scars or markings)
Body type: (can include height and weight)
Experimentation: (describe what was done to them)
Other information: (any other details about the character that are important)


1) Be respectful of other roleplayers and their characters. It is permitted for characters to be rude to one another to an extent, but that won't be tolerated OOC.
2) There are no powers, try to keep things "realistic" in that these are things that could, hypothetically, be achieved medically. You can push the boundaries, of course, but any changes done in the experiments will be physical and visible.
3) Romance is allowed but keep in mind that this story is very dark and in no way happy. Also, intimacy shouldn't go all too far. If you want it to, please do that in your own private messages.
4) Fighting in character is fine, just be sure it's not going too long or too far for anyone. Character death is also fine but I would prefer you run such a thing by me beforehand since it will affect plot.
5) Any major event ideas you might have to advance plot or create intrigue need my permission before being carried out.
6) Longer replies are preferable but don't feel bad if you can't always write as much.
7) Feel free to give your character any gender, race, or sexuality. Diversity is always great!
8) If you join, please be as active as you can. If at any point you know you'll be gone for a considerable amount of time, please at least tell me so we don't assume you've given up on the RP!
9) Each person can have up to two characters.
10) There are doctors, nurses and security who will mostly be played by myself, I may allow one other person to help me with this. The doctors conduct experiments, nurses tend to the patients and security watch over everyone and keep them in line.

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#, as written by Mallow
It was the sound of agonized screams that woke Sabine every morning. She has long since become accustomed to it and couldn't find any sort of shock or pity in herself anymore for those poor souls who were far below her feet. The only thing she could wish for them was a quick death from failure on the part of the doctors.

Time passed was a hard thing to judge in the hospital. Of course one could tell how it progressed from day to night and what the season was, but unless you were really dedicated to keeping track of how many seasons you went through, there was no way of knowing just how long you'd been there. Sabine only knew that it had been a long time - far too long, really. She had seen other patients come and go, the going being some form of expiration. Some were due to faulty experimentation, causing them to die in their sleep, others were brought on by security for acting up or by doctors for continuing to do more and more during their "examinations." Then there were the few who brought their own early demise. Sabine almost envied them.

There was likely at least one other patient alive and well at this time, but she hardly left her room except to eat or get some sun on occasion, so she hadn't interacted with any. She assumed she was quite possibly the first really successful experiment, considering how well she's done all this time. Because of her good behavior and good health, they didn't bring her into examination often and she was even able to accumulate a few belongings. They weren't much and she had few, but they were hers and they helped pass the time sometimes. They'd given her paints and paper. She had to ask for brushes or pencils, they didn't trust her not to use them to harm herself. She also had a heat lamp and extra blankets, but she figured those were because of her cold blood.

On this morning she tried to drown out the sounds from the basement, concentrating on the mural she'd been working on, finger-painting on the wall. She was making good progress until she realized the sounds had stopped. This either meant they'd calmed down, been sedated or they expired. Oddly enough the uncanny quiet sent a chill through her and she started to creep from her room, hands covered in paint and stance somewhat predatory. Curiosity was getting the best of her this time and she had to see if someone new had made it out of the basement.

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Jimmy Pipes
Jimmy awoke to screams he was worried sick if it was his sister. Both had been kidnapped at the same time when they were so busy arguing about which girl and guy they should ask to prom they didn't notice someone come up behind him and kidnap him. They had tried to make them forget but oddly Jimmy and Jenny both remember.

They haven't let them in the secret that they owned. Telling no one that they remembered. He remembered even the painful tests they did. Including the drugs they given him making him scream through the pain. With that he oddly remembered being in a container full of drugs that were hurting him.

It felt like poison burning his skin at the memory he shook his head trying not to relive the moment. With that he woke up even more and sat up looking around. He knew his sister soon would have to go through more tests as it was a slow process with her. Somehow it went quick as he was pretty good. He looked like a wolf. And acted like one. But the worst part was them treating him like one and that he only ate dead carcass. That they didn't bother cooking or anything. He didn't like it but he yearned to eat it.

He wondered if he would see anyone today or be again alone until his sister later on in the day went down and came back in agony. Either it was the worst of her growing and yearning for human food but being force fed blood. As they wanted her into a vampire. He wondered if they planned on making something in the twins that would make them hate each other.

Jenny Pipes
With the screams she heard she awoke and worried. Was she already there and not even knowing. She checked her surroundings and remembered that she was fine.

She sat up and walked over to the floor and rolled up in a ball she hated this place. Remembering what they did to her making her only drink blood, it being force fed to her everyday. She hated it. She wanted a burger or fries or just anything but blood. She hated the taste.

Her brother looking like a wolf while she they were trying to turn into a vampire monster. Someone who wants to kill people for their blood. But she wanted no part of it. She remembered the first time she came she was on an IV of blood and also blood going through her mouth and nose. But with that her eyes burned for days and her eyes turned red. She was worried if something was going wrong with her.

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Theodore Wallace Ackabacker didn't wake to the sounds of screams; he had decided, for whatever reason, that the previous night was the start of his birthday. He refused to go to sleep on his birthday. He didn't know why, but when the sun finally filled his room it was accompanied by a misplaced sense of triumph. "Je l'ai fait. Joyeux anniversaire." He smiled, closed his eyes, and rolled his head back-then opened them again and muttered a sharp "Merde! His neck still hurt when he moved his head too far.
Theo slid his hands up to his hips and pushed himself to his feet. He felt like a guerilla he had seen on a documentary that had been running in one of the rooms, moving about his small room on his feet and knuckles that scraped the concrete.
"La seule différence : Guerillas arriver à grimper aux arbres."
Theo maneuvered himself to the door and yawned. The screaming stopped; he leaned against it and closed his eyes. Maybe staying awake that long is a bad idea. I won't be allowed to sleep now. He felt like his concern would have been better placed in the unfortunate soul that had no doubt woken most of the occupants around him than in his own needs, but that didn't stop him from feeling sorry for himself. Maybe I'll fall asleep during surgery. Then I won't feel anything.

(what he said to himself, or order)I did it. Happy birthday.
The only difference: Guerillas get to climb trees.

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Character Portrait: Kasey Williams
Kasey Williams

15 year old female 'patient' trapped in this sinister hospital.

Character Portrait: Jimmy Pipes
Jimmy Pipes

Twins with Jenny

Character Portrait: Eve

"Fear is just a state of mind. It is nothing if you think it is nothing. It only gets power by you believing in it."

Character Portrait: Jenny Pipes
Jenny Pipes

I edited her looks ||

Character Portrait: Sabine Bisset
Sabine Bisset

Reserved, scared and untrusting. She's hard to get along with sometimes.


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Re: The Abduction Plague

Can one of you please message the player for Eve and let them know that we've started, as well as asking them to check this ooc thread? I sent a message right before I posted the starter but it still hasn't sent.

Re: The Abduction Plague

Can I ask you don't do the giant colored character names? It's extra space to scroll back and it isn't necessary to figure out which character you're talking about.

Re: The Abduction Plague

The post is up, reply at your leisure. I'm going offline for the night so for expect any replies from me until morning. I might check my private messages, though, so feel free to message me if you have any questions or need some sort of clarification.

Goodnight! I'm excited to get this going with you all!

Re: The Abduction Plague

I have the starter typed up and ready, I'll post it very soon. There's an opportunity for someone's character to be fresh out of the basement so I just wanted to be sure that we wouldn't have multiple people going for that. If someone is going to take it, please let the others know. If no one takes it at all, it's at least a chance to cause or characters to converge maybe.

Second note: it ended up longer than I expected, so you don't have to match length unless you're really inspired to do so. A minimum of 2 paragraphs is preferred for the whole RP, though.

Lastly: I've almost forgotten to assign rooms! As stated on the description of the hospital, there are four rooms on each floor and we have five characters, so here's the assignment:

Room 2A: Sabine Bisset
Room 2B: Theodore Ackabecker
Room 2C: Eve
Room 2D: Jenny and Jimmy Pipes

@Lvdwilt2000: If you don't want the twins to share a room you can put one of them in room 3A.

All that said, the starter will be up very soon!

Re: The Abduction Plague

I put a limit of two characters per person, so if you wanted to make another character you'd have to get rid of one of your current ones. We'll get started fairly soon, we have enough people to get started, I just have to get a starter going. As long as everyone is ready, I'll do that when I'm not busy.

Re: The Abduction Plague

I made them twins my characters Jimmy and Jenny Pipes. If you need more males i can make it! Was there a limit on how many characters you are meant to have? When do you plan to start?

Re: The Abduction Plague

I don't think it's at all necessary to make characters just to make things even. If there's a whole load of women and one guy, it's fine. The opposite is also true.

Re: The Abduction Plague

You can still make a female character if you'd like, I don't mind much but I think I'll prefer it if we get more males from any new people that join. I may even make a male character to help even things out more of its necessary, but we'll see.

Re: The Abduction Plague

The unexpected interest from other people filled out the female side of the RP. Would you prefer I stick to the one character?

Re: The Abduction Plague

@MayContainPlagiarism: Thanks for posting a male character! We've had another person join with a female. And I would say that memory of themselves can be whatever you want. The doctors tried to erase any memory of their home and family to keep patients from trying to escape - if they think they have nothing else to go to, they're less likely to leave, right? But they also could have been a bit unsuccessful so your character could have some memories left. If you want you could do it that way or make it so that so much has been erased that they had to be given a new name.

@Lvdwilt2000: That would be fantastic if you did that, by all means go for it.

Re: The Abduction Plague

How much does everyone remember about themselves? Do they have the same names from pre-abduction? Is that a memory they keep, or are they told a new name decided by someone else?

Re: The Abduction Plague

I am thinking of making a male character of the werewolf form if allowed and I see that I have never rped with either of you so this will be fun.

Re: The Abduction Plague

I got the male done. I have to say it isn't the most attractive (or fleshed out) character I've ever made but the fact that they don't remember anything pre-abduction and his recent addition to the patient directory doesn't give me a whole lot of background to work with. I got the important physical description characteristics (skinny, gangly, metal-armed thing). I included parents and their occupation in case it becomes important for any reason (like the hospital is discovered/they escape, and them dealing with their families becomes a huge emotional scene)

Re: The Abduction Plague

One other person has joined in with a female character so one male and one female character is fantastic. Plus then we can probably get the RP started soon.

Re: The Abduction Plague

Something inorganic? I can totally do that... Cyberpunk ftw.
Since it looks like no one else has jumped on this RP, how do you feel about me playing two characters? (One male one female)

Re: The Abduction Plague

Haha, I never thought about egg-laying, but I figure no, not that it matters since Sabine is asexual.
I had some troubles coming up with what to do with her, I almost made her like a satyr. I found that mythical creatures and classic monsters can be a good source of inspiration, but I suppose it depends on just how inhuman you want them to be. You could also go for a cyborg or something of that sort, it doesn't necessarily have to be something organic.

Re: The Abduction Plague

I'm really faltering to come up with anything more interesting than a scientist trying to make fantasy reality with near-successful attempts to create an elf or animal ear/tail-ed creature. I don't want to go full scalie like your character. (Does she lay eggs?)

Re: The Abduction Plague

Alright, take your time. I look forward to having you join.

Re: The Abduction Plague

I figured the staff would ask be sadistic fucks like the director. But that's fine. Either way, yes I am interested but I need to come up with a character.

Re: The Abduction Plague

I quite like that whole idea. It could create a whole "us against them" thing with more than just the staff and would likely add more of a survival aspect to the story. Thanks for the idea!

And yes, those would be characteristics she has.

Will you be joining the RP? Because I wouldn't mind a person to help control the direction of plot.