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In Death City, there is a school, Death Weapon Meister Academy. In this school, the head mater is Lord Death, as you can tell, this isn't your normal school.

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Mikoto stepped out of the car and looked at the school. Her dad, Soul, stepped out as well. "Well hon, i have to go see Lord Death and stuff, see you later, 'kay?" he said "but are you sure you wanna live in that apartment? you can still stay with your mother and me-" Mikoto cut him off "Dad, you lived in an apartment by yourself at my age as well, i'll be fine!" "Yes! but your a girl!" "DAD!" Soul sighed, "You just had to get your mothers temper, didn't you" he said and gave her a hug. "I'll drop you stuff off at your apartment when I leave, alright" "okay dad, love ya, bye" Mikoto said, starting towards the doors. "Love ya to bye" Soul said, walking through the doors with his daughter, then going to Lord Deaths' room like office. Mikoto looked around the large school and sighed