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In Death City, there is a school, Death Weapon Meister Academy. In this school, the head mater is Lord Death, as you can tell, this isn't your normal school.

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Setting: Death City2010-11-08 02:28:24, as written by chris45
Vincent walked toward the school entrance, he was late for class, but it didn’t really bother him. When he walked into his class he looked around at all the people sitting at their desk. It seemed kind of boring, he thought things would be a little more lively. He sighed and walked over to an empty desk. He sat down and leaned back in his chair, he then leaned back to fair and hit his head against the desk behind him. He quickly sat up and rubbed his head, he looked behind him and in front of him. He was checking to see if anyone noticed what he had just did. It didn’t seem like anyone noticed or they really didn’t care.

Vincent sat correctly in his chair, he propped his head up with his hand and stared toward the front of the class. Vincent then began to day dream about the rest of the day and how he would either spend it sleeping or talking to people. Though he was a little tired, he had stayed up late watching whatever came on the TV. He let out a yawn, then started to close his eyes. The feeling of is cheek against his palm was soothing and seemed like the perfect pillow. Vincent then fell asleep, hoping he could at least get a little sleep during class with out the teacher noticing.