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In Death City, there is a school, Death Weapon Meister Academy. In this school, the head mater is Lord Death, as you can tell, this isn't your normal school.

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All of a sudden Dr. Stein came in, slamming the door open and attracting the whole classes attention. "quiet please" he said "today we will be dissecting a chicken" Mikoto sighed at his gross sense of teaching. All of a sudden Spirit, her grandfather bursted into the classroom, followed by Soul. "MIKO-CHAN!" he said, running towards her. After Mikoto's parents married, he seemed to start treating her like he did Maka "Grandpa!" Mikoto said, shoving both of them out of the room before she got anymore embarrassed. "this is the bad thing about you being a teacher! you always have to embarrass me!" she shouted. All of a sudden Spirit began to cry, while Soul quietly walked away to keep from getting scolded. Ms.Marie came and apologized for Spirit, then dragged the crying man back to his meeting. Mikoto sighed then walked back into class with a red face, "I-i'll just get back to my seat" she said nervously and slipped back into her seat.