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In Death City, there is a school, Death Weapon Meister Academy. In this school, the head mater is Lord Death, as you can tell, this isn't your normal school.

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Setting: Death City2010-11-08 02:49:47, as written by XxanexiaxX
Ouija looked up to see a boy in the doorway. "Oh sorry eh." She moved to the side to let him through, watching him as he passed. She was about to say something when the teacher barged in. Scared slightly she ran to the nearest seat with a slight blush on her face. "Meanie hmm." She sat back to listen to the teacher but lost intrest shortly and began playing with a loose nail on the desk. Turning back she looked at the girl and smiled, and for the first time looked a little less...mean. "I am new, I'm Ouija you hm?"