EarthKayden Perrier

I think therefore I am

a character in “The Advertisement”, as played by CriminalMinds

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Age: 25
Gender: Male
Profession: Military but loves to write
Appearance: Short shaggy brown hair. Messy and all over the place. Kayden doesn't bother to brush it. He also has a stubble slowly forming a beard and mustache giving him a rough / bad boy type of look to him. Kayden thinks it gives him more of an edge and more of an advantage with the women. He has grey eyes and stands at around 6ft tall and a muscular build from working out and training in the army. He weighs around 179lbs and is a medium/muscular build.

When it comes to dressing himself, Kayden goes for jeans, wife beater and a shirt - and if it's cold or he's training he wears a hoodie. He takes great pride in his looks knowing that he could attract a girl at any time.


Personality: Kayden is a jerk. He's arrogant, cocky and one of those guys that thinks he knows it all. As long as he doesn't work for them he thinks he can talk and treat people however he wants. And to make things worse he's a chauvinistic pig, only thinking of himself - unless a woman is involved and even then he's thinking of himself and how he can get sex out of them. Even if that means he has to lie through his ass, bullshit them and act all sweet and innocent - Kayden will do it and not regret anything.

Maybe he has a heart deep down and just needs the right woman to bring it out, who knows. Most people think that there is no hope for the boy. It seems like he's trapped in a world where he's just going to be an immature jerk that will never settle down. Or maybe he will and surprise everyone.


History: Kayden was born to a house full of men - except his mother of course. His mom was called Emma and his father Jonathan. Kayden was brought up with 4 older brothers who each joined the army when they became the right age, like their father had. Of course though, Kayden didn't. Just like through his life growing up he rebelled about joining the army knowing that they were all disciplined and kept in line, like at home, something which Kayden would never conform with. That was until his eldest brother Dayton died out in battle. It pissed Kayden off and he wanted to go out there and kill the people that had killed his older brother.

Before the military, Kayden was up to his usual ways. He was just the usual jerk that had numerous one night stands each week and never staying committed to them or getting himself into a relationship. It was a night of fun and then a disappearing act. Once in the military it was just as easy and even more easier in a way, after all a lot of girls like guys in uniform that fought for his country. The only problem was was that Kayden wasn't getting sent out to fight. Instead he was getting put in an office and that pissed him off even more.

Secretly Kayden enjoys writing and has applied to the advertisement just to get out of the army and do something he enjoys. He's most likely not going to fight and help kill the people that stole his brother's life and so has decided to pursue writing. He thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread and deserves a place within this trip.

And joining the military has made him stay in line with some things. Just not with the women or in his attitude towards people that aren't superior to him.

So begins...

Kayden Perrier's Story