The Anomolies

The Anomolies


Advanced Role-play- Four slots open There are always those among us that stand out…that are a little different, a little more extraordinary…

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There are always those among us that stand out…that are a little different, a little more extraordinary…



At first they were hunted down and killed. It was the only way to control them. The gap between social status was bad enough without adding a whole new level, so we humans did what we always have- we eliminated the problem. That was until we found a way to harness their powers…
As technology advanced, gradually we found new ways to constrain the anomalies. It was less messy, not so many bodies to dispose of and the possibility for a better future. After all, what if we could use these strengths to improve our way of life? And so the age of experimentation came into place, hidden from the general public to avoid the certain outcry it would produce. Those that do stumble upon information are quickly silenced by their own neighbours as conspiracy seekers. The psychology of conformity and pure ignorance protects our work, and we get closer and closer to finding to saving our own people through the anomalies powers…but due to the phenomenon of human error we couldn't completely prevent an outbreak….

One of the hundreds of facilities throughout the United States had a security meltdown. It only took one moment of brief power failure to an eighth of the facility for an uprising to occur. Many have speculated it must have been planned, however nothing has been confirmed for sure, other than too many escapes were made. The numbers are still being confirmed, and the specific anomalies missing have yet to be identified.

This is a very loose plot, mainly character driven but I will guide it to keep it interesting. Basically you have the opportunity to create any character you like- an anomaly, hunter, human conspirator- get creative. This is however going to be an advanced role-play, I'm looking for experienced writers that will work towards a common goal of developing a plot.
As GM, to keep the plot moving I will (and you may also) use temporary characters to create events and interesting obstacles for all our characters. This role-play has specifically been designed to be able to continue indefinitely- no specific characters are needed to continue the plot and therefore we can have new ones coming in at any time, as well as character deaths or absences if roleplayers need to pull out.

New players will always be welcome (up to a maximum of four roleplayers at a time though), and will not need to have read all the previous posts as having no knowledge of the past can prevent innocent metagaming anyway.

This was based on a roleplay I participated in two years ago, and I wanted to continue to use the characters. So I've posted the history of my own character and two others that will give some background. You don't have to read all of it, but it may give you some cues on what the facility was like.

Character Sheet:
Role: (human, anomaly, hunter)
Appearance: (I want this detailed, with pictures. This helps demonstrate your writing skill)
Personality: (Again lots of detail)
Contribution to the plot: (Here I want people to be creative with what they think their particular character can add to the plot- maybe come up with an interesting goal for your character that will ensure they collaborate with other characters, or talk to another roleplayer and plan a sub-plot with their character. If you are unsure, have a look at my characters and it may give you a clue. Otherwise pm me)

Toggle Rules

1. Please respect me as your GM and fellow roleplayers- we're not always going to agree on everything, but we need to agree to courtesy
2. Please leave the strong language/sexual themes somewhere else- really not my cup-of-tea.
3. Must be literate- I cannot stress this enough! If you are not an advanced role-player/writer, please choose another role-play to join. I hate turning people down, but I will to preserve a strong roleplay.
4. No reserves- too many people don't follow through.
5. General roleplay rules- no metagaming, mary-sues, power-playing or indestructible characters
6. Able to post at least once a week. I understand business, but I also need commitment.
7. Enjoy yourself- go wild, create an awesome plot (realistic-ish mind you (: )

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