KinraAdele Allessendra

A master assassins, trained from birth, Adele has a higher body count then he'd like to admit.

a character in “The Assassin War”, as played by Calamity

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Adelle is 21 years old, 5''11 and has deep blue eyes. His medium length black hair frams his well-defined face, and goes down a little past his neck. He's very well built with a strong athletic figure. His hands are rough, and riddled with scars, from various tough assassinations. He also has a long, thick scar running down his chest.


Adele is somewhat cold, but has many connections, and friends, despite his over the top demeanor. He has a very strong sense of justice and chivalry, and refuses to do jobs that require him to assassinate women, or jobs that may get innocents involved. He also loves complicated assassinations, as he say, when completed, they make him feel like "A god of men."


Assassination equipment:
He wears a white, long sleeved, collared, cotton shirt, with a black leather vest. Around his waist, is tied a red velvet belt, with four spots for throwing knives. Over his right shoulder, he wears a red leather cape covering his arm. He as two red, leather gauntlets, over both his hands, and extend, almost to his elbows. Hiden inside are two assassination blades which, when extended, extend out of his wrists, and past his hands. the left gauntlet has a poison prick, witch can extend sideways and inject a leathel amount of poison to his targets. His pants are black, and he has large brown leather boots. His hood is white leather with red trim and coves his face, so that his eyes cannot be seen.


He grew up with his father, as his mother died giving birth to him. His father was a master assassin, and was well-known and respected by the brotherhood. He did not want the life of an assassin for his son, but knew it was the only way, as he had many enemys, and they may come after his only son. Adele was trained well, and after his father was killed by Kinra knights, he took his father assassin gear and vowed revenge on the Kinra knights.

His fighting style is fast, with many lunges and jabs, and he has an affinity for knives. He has expert aim, and hardly ever misses, be it bow or throwing knife.

So begins...

Adele Allessendra's Story