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It's in your best interests to join up with me, especially if you have anybody whos life you care about.

a character in “The Battle is ON! [Heroes Vs. Villains]”, as played by the_fluffmeister

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Name: William Cliffson

Public Name Aka Hero/Villain Name: Billy Boy

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Appearance: height- 5' 4", weight-147Lbs, Hair-Black, eyes- blue but covered by whiteout sclera contact lenses, skin- neutral tan, unusual physical characteristics- right hand is black and withered (still maintains full use and mobility) and left ear has been removed (wound covered by titanium plate)

Hero/Villain Outfit: Grey and White suit with kevlar material woven underneath, polished-black pointed-toe steel toe boots with detachable compartment attached to heel (adds two inches to his height), and polished mirror face mask

Villain or Hero? By your definitions I would be a villain because I don't care whether nearby civilians live or die

How did you become a hero or villain? I merely wished to use the power I had obtained to get more of the same and was labeled "villain" because of my methods for doing so. I signed a contract with a devil to give me the power I have, many would consider that the how behind my 'villainy'.

Why did you choose to be a hero or villain? I did not 'choose' to be a villain, it was just the most efficient path to my goals

Description of Power or Advanced human skill: Power: Binding contract (explained below) Skill: doublespeak, lawyer talk, essentially using the english language to confuse people reading it or, if he does it right, make them think that they understand what the contract means when they do not.

Binding contract: William can make any contract signed by himself and one other party become absolutely binding, not only in a legal sense but in a spiritual sense. This can manifest itself in one of two ways: 1- either party will feel apalled at the thought of performing and action that would violate the terms of the contract, even if they are unaware that their actions would do so. 2-immediately after breaking the terms of the contract the offending party will die and their 'soul' or 'conscious mind' will be placed within a receptacle located at the main office of Williams company to be dealt with as per the terms of the contract.

Place you call home aka lair of some sort: Massive office building located in Sacramento, California. You may have seen it if you ever visited the city, it's the really big building with the mirrored windows.

Theme Song: One Winged Angel

Extras: William has signed contracts with a large number of people that allows him to draw upon their physical strength to enhance his own, he also has twelve people located in a sub-basement under his office building that recieve any damage that his body would otherwise take (poison, bullets, rampaging mutant chinchilla etc). He also hold very little value for life but that'll be explained in his personality and Bio sections


"Emotionless" has been used to describe William, and in most cases that would be correct. William strived to completely remove his emotions from any decision he makes and has become quite successful by doing so, it's very easy to make money when you honestly don't care about how many human lives are made a living hell by your actions.
William has, when not drawing on his contracts, a slightly above average IQ (only about 135 or so) but when drawing on his various binding contracts can approximately triple or quadruple that, doing so has slowly leeched away that essential bit of passion that makes a being "human"


One steel headed cane w/ rubber cap on end and solid oak shaft
one pair boots (described above)
One suit (described above)
One 10" blade held in sheath against lower back
exactly 100 pre-written contracts for various daily deals (business loan, building renovation, borrowing a pen and so on)
1 caligraphy set
1 ritual kit (containing all the essentials for summoning forth a demon to make deals with)
1 Modified smart phone (can be used to directly contact and current contract holder)


from birth to age seventeen uneventful
eight months after turning seventeen, a young William was playing in a local cave when he fell down a mine shaft. This would almost certainly been the end of this story if the particular mine shaft William fell down hadn't been the home of a demon of corruption. This demon coerced William into signing a contract that would consign Williams soul to the pit after his death in exchange for saving his life in this one instance. A few hours later William appeared in his living room covered in blood and smelling of brimstone. After washing himself off, William began researching fervently to find a way out of the constract he had signed.
age twenty- William succeded in finding an entity known as a 'crossroads demon' and using the knowledge he had gained through his study wrote up a contract that negated his previous contract and instead bound his 'sould' with that of the crossroads demon. The demon got to walk around and experience the human world, which was much more comfortable than hell, and William got access to the demons powers for as long as he lived.
age twenty to start of RP- William used his contractual powers to quickly become one of the wealthiest men in the world, and when villians and heroes began cropping up around the world he decided to use his power to make more of the same, his end goal postponing the end of his life indefinitely.

So begins...

William Cliffson's Story