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a character in “The Battle Is On: The Four Factioned War”, as played by the_fluffmeister

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Name: Johnathan Smith
Codename: Juxtapose
Age: 23

Appearance: Stands at 5' 11" tall and is heavily muscled. He usually wears a pair of jungle camouflage BDU pants tucked into black steel-toed boots, for a shirt he has a simple black t-shirt and occasionally wears a jungle camouflage BDU jacket though he prefers not to as it restricts movement slightly. There is a white scar running horizontally across his face and crossing his eyes.

Implants: eye implant: gives enhanced visual capabilities and allows use of non-visible light spectrum viewing (infrared ultraviolet etc) as well as a rudimentary radar and heat sense. incorporated into the eye is a HUD that is updated with mission objectives before going out to provides access to schematics and similar things helpful to accomplishing a mission. small attachment to eye apparatus can, when activated, send out a live video feed of whatever he is looking at so that intelligence gathered is not lost in the event of his death.
re-breather apparatus: right lung has been replaced with a re-breather system that allows him to go through areas with poisonous gasses or a lack of oxygen and function in such places without damage from lack of available breathable air.

Exterior cybernation: left forearm and hand replaced with mechanical arm that has much stronger grip and three extra fingers with high levels of dexterity for things such as lock-picking or other feats of physical manipulation.

Speciality: Recon

Extra’s: we are all born unto destruction. life and death follow each other but can you follow yourself?


Standard issue pump-action shotgun
matte black tactical knife
45 caliber handgun
AK-47 assault rifle
miniature audio recording device
10 smoke bombs (multiple different hues, signal smoke essentially)
misc other (protein bar, sunglasses, boot polish, stuff like that)

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Johnathan Smith's Story