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Name: William Cliffson
Nickname: Billy Boy
Gender: Male
Age: 34

Appearance: Billy Boy is 5' 4" tall unless drawing on contracts (detailed below) and his face, when visible, is a neutral emotionless thing, though he has quite striking blue eyes anybody who looks into them sees absolute uncompromising evil. On the left side of his head a titanium plate is bolted to his skull to cover the hole where his ear used to be, he never talks about how he lost it, and his right hand is a withered black thing, though it appears not to have lost any of its dexterity despite its dessicated appearance. Billy Boy is not what would be called handsome by even the most optimistic of people, his face is oddly flat and though quite homely appears to be almost helpless and a complete non-threat, this is why whenever there are any other people around he wears his mask, looking non-threatening isn't good when you're trying to intimidate somebody.
Public appearance: Billy Boy is always wearing a solid black business suit with white tie streaked through with silver, on his face is a polished titanium mask (polished to a mirror shine) and he always carries a black oak cane with a steel head and an iron rod in the center. His hands are nearly always covered by tight black gloves of some unidentified but very supple and soft material (on occasion he has alluded that it's the skin of a child he fathered but didn't want, though this isn't true it generally makes people uneasy)

Powers: Crossroads demon. Billy Boy, through events explained in the history section below, has access to the powers of a crossroads demon. This means that he can make any contract signed by himself and another being absolutely binding and he can give someone anything they want through these contracts. Unfortunately for Billy Boy because of the nature of his power he cannot sign a contract with himself and thus must use contracts made with other people to gain himself more power (in exchange for Billy Boy being allowed to draw on my strength whenever he desires I will recieve 1 million dollars, things like that). When he makes a contract with someone, everything that the contract says the other will recieve happens and everything the person has promised in exchange for this must be given, at his option Billy Boy can make this take the effect of a compulsion or he can make it so their soul is ripped from their body if they breach the terms of the contract. Another restriction of his power is that the other party in the contract must willingly sign the contract, which means he cannot use compulsion from one contract to force them to sign another, coercion and intimidation still qualify as willingly signing and he makes good use of this.

-Lawyer-talk, because of his crossroads demon power Billy Boy has trained himself to an extreme so that his contracts are confusing and difficult for others to understand so that he may extract the most possible gain from his contracts.
-Sleight of hand, Billy Boy has practiced sleight of hand and other minor physical illusions because they make him look more powerful (twitches his hand and he's holding a pen a contract, people think he magically summoned them when he's had them up his sleeve the whole time but zomg he's a witch oooh impressive)

Equipment: Desert Eagle, bigass knife (crocodile dundee), Briefcase full of pre-written contracts.

Lair: Massive mirrored office building in downtown

Extra's: We are all born unto disaster. Life and death follow each other, but can you follow yourself?


"Emotionless" has been used to describe William, and in most cases that would be correct. William strived to completely remove his emotions from any decision he makes and has become quite successful by doing so, it's very easy to make money when you honestly don't care about how many human lives are made a living hell by your actions.
William has, when not drawing on his contracts, a slightly above average IQ (only about 135 or so) but when drawing on his various binding contracts can approximately triple or quadruple that (really he's just gaining knowledge but IQ is a decent enough approximation), doing so has slowly leeched away that essential bit of passion that makes a being "human" and he rarely feels any true emotion besides a mild contempt.
The face he presents to the world is one of a devil-may-care relaxed being who likes to grant wishes (think Jarleaxel from the forgotten realms) and only when alone does he drop his mask of emotions. Billy Boy nearly constantly speaks with the crossroads demon residing within his body and occasionally (when under great stress) lets the demon take control of his body, when this happens there is a very noticable change in his demeanor, the demon greatly enjoys experiencing the earth and finding all the innocent young fools to trick that live on it.


from birth to age seventeen uneventful
eight months after turning seventeen, a young William was playing in a local cave when he fell down a mine shaft. This would almost certainly been the end of this story if the particular mine shaft William fell down hadn't been the home of a demon of corruption. This demon coerced William into signing a contract that would consign Williams soul to the pit after his death in exchange for saving his life in this one instance. A few hours later William appeared in his living room covered in blood and smelling of brimstone. After washing himself off, William began researching fervently to find a way out of the constract he had signed.
age twenty- William succeded in finding an entity known as a 'crossroads demon' and using the knowledge he had gained through his study wrote up a contract that negated his previous contract and instead bound his 'sould' with that of the crossroads demon. The demon got to walk around and experience the human world, which was much more comfortable than hell, and William got access to the demons powers for as long as he lived.
age twenty to end of Heroes V Villains- William used his contractual powers to quickly become one of the wealthiest men in the world, and when villians and heroes began cropping up around the world he decided to use his power to make more of the same, his end goal postponing the end of his life indefinitely. When a series of fortuitous events had him being owed a favor by a being with control of time Billy Boy used this to allow him to sacrifice the lives of others to extend his own.
19 months between end of HVV (heroes v villains) and start of this RP- Billy Boy has been studying the new factions in the city and has been slowly reaching out to try to get some sort of influence on members of these new groups.

So begins...

William Cliffson's Story