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Today was the big day. Her big day that no one was going to take away from her. Adelaide had been working towards this day for two years now and she was very much pleased by the fruits of her labor. The sun was already coming down which meant she would have to start preparing for her duet with one of the other acrobat, Julius Anton. He was one of the best in their troupe and Adelaide was pretty damn happy to know that she’d be dancing with him tonight. There was just one problem. The visions had gotten worse as this day crept closer and closer. Cronos had been giving her glimpses of what was to occur tonight and she wasn’t sure if she liked it or not considering this was a day that she had been working towards for so long. He had shown her the main tent multiple times the past couple of days. Adelaide sincerely hoped it was just him riling her up for today but she knew better. They were coming whether she wanted them to or not. When they do come would she go with them? Or would she stay with her family.

Cronos told her it was either with her family or Gaia. When Adele thought about it the fact that the ability Cronos gave her was to manipulate the earth and she was still hesitant about whose side she was on was rather strange. Quickly shaking her head Adelaide pushed those thoughts aside and began to prep. Donning on her signature leotard with its penguin theme, Adele stepped up to the stage with her partner, Anton. They climbed those precarious steps to the platform just as the lights dimmed down to almost nothing. Her breath quickened in anticipation and excitement and then Anton ran forward, leaping off the platform. His pale silhouette cut through the darkness like butter.

From where she stood, watching, the young german realized just how lonely he looked, dancing by himself. All the more reason to give him some company. With a tightlipped smile Adele leapt of the platform to join him in his dance. The two weaved about one another, telling a story of a love that could not, would not, be fruitful. Anton's pale form was a stark contrast to Adelaide's ink, almost seamless one. She blended in with the dimness of the tent, making it all the more eye catching as every movement resulted in a shimmering wave-like effect on her body. It truly was a beautiful sight to behold but not because it was a graceful tragic love story but because, not once, did they cease to amaze the crowd with their skills. These skills awed certain people for these skills were the results of arduous training that allowed them the utmost control of their body movements.

All Adele could think about was how light she felt. To her, being up here, performing was the most natural thing for her to do. But alas, all good things must come to an end. After nearly an hour of breathtaking performances the curtains closed for this story and Adelaide returned to the reality that was her life. A human with two souls. One that was from millenias ago, the other very much like a newborn in comparison. Adelaide gently dropped herself to the ground level where she, along with the other performers, bowed to the audience. Despite being in the center of the stage and in the dark, something caught her eye as she rose from her bow. A pale white like she had never seen before popped out of the darkness. Heart skipping a beat, Adelaide paused for the briefest of moments. Could it be they saw me too? Regardless of whether they could even see her, Adelaide sent a beckoning smile in the direction of the white splotch.

Afterwards Adelaide went to give her thanks to Anton then to her parents. They were very proud of her for having been the center for the night. Once all the rounds had been made she went to her room to change out of her performance clothes to ones more suitable. They still retained the penguin theme and she wore her trademark scarf and hat. Slipping into a single piece, one would think she wore a bathing suit but considering her line of worm you could easily turn the other way. Adelaide could feel their presence. It was strong but she couldn't pinpoint where or how many there were. Never having been the type to search for others, Adelaide went to one of the more secluded areas of the circus, just to the right of the animal tent. Sitting down on a giant box, Adelaide crossed one leg over the other and waited with one of her better known smirks plastered on her lips.
Even from across the entire circus area, Adelaide could feel them. Sometime during the performance she felt a slight tug but it wasn't strong enough. Shortly after she had sat down, the tug got stronger but it wasn't like they had gotten closer. Rather it was more like two had converged to become one. Cronos was inside of her, struggling to find his siblings but Adelaide wouldn't let him. Do you not feel their power girl!? I must go to them! He seemed to rage inside her, not that she cared really. "Do you now sweetheart? Aren't you the leader or some shit? From what you've shown me, shouldn't they be the ones to be coming to you. So shut your whiny ass and actually do something useful. Try calling them with those oh so amazing titan senses or whatever the fuck it is you do." Cronos seemed utterly shocked. Never had he expected anyone to treat him in such a manner, and by a little human girl. Adelaide he could feel him seething inside and she frowned. "Will you stop your bullshit Cronos! You're going to give me indigestion." Once again he was flabbergasted but at the same time he felt admiration towards the girl. It wasn't every day that you came across such a spirited young woman. You'd do well to hold that tongue Adelaide. I doubt you'll like what happens by spitting out every foul word you know into your sentences. With a shrug of her shoulders Adelaide placed her elbows atop her knees, resting her chin in the cup of her hands.

Sure she was patient and all but the others seriously need to hurry up. There wasn't much to do in this secluded area but it gave her a nice view of the carnival part from where she sat. "You're like a cat Cronos. Not one of those stupid domestic ones but like a tiger, slinking back and forth for its next meal." And she was right to think so; Cronos was at the top of the food chain amongst his fellow titans. The idea of housing the strongest titan was both unsettling and exhilerating. Only the best can contain the best she thought to herself. At this Cronos piped up, once slate blue orbs flashed to a pink hue, a pepto bismol color much to her dismay. Ah so that is what you think. Don't think so highly of yourself just because you lucked out into housing me. Adelaide rolled her eyes and let out a huff of air. "Whatever you say you shitty old man."

Her knee began to bounce as her patience was being worn down by her boredom. "Ugh how long does it fucking take to find me!?" Suddenly standing atop the metal box Adelaide stretched. In an effort to ease her crushing boredom she tugged at her scarf until it came undone. Taking the two crystal orbs she manipulated their forms into one big ball. She stood there for a bit, waiting for the carnival sounds to match up just right and the moment it did the dancer did what she did best, dance. Even without using the abilities Cronis granted her Adelaide could easily move with the ball in her hands however it didn't remain in her hands for long. With a calm expression she slowed her movements to become more controlled, letting the ball slide and roll across her body. After doing this for a while she dipped low to the ground, the orb back in her hands and pressed it into the box. Having bent backwards, everything was upside down. That beautifully calm look on her face shattered and a scowl took its place. "I'm so fucking bored!" and flopped down to the ground.

Adelaide jumped back onto her feet, barely making a sound but a softened thud. The crystal orb was still in her hands when it split into two halves. They soon reshaped themselves into the beads that were at the ends of her scarf and she returned them to where they were originally. Spinning on the edge of her heel, Adelaide faced the carnival area again now slate blue orbs searching for faces. Scoffing at this, she realized there was no way for her to recognize the other hosts unless the tug became a pull, an irresistible pull towards them. Placing her hands on her hips, Adelaide glared at the crowd in an attempt to maybe find that person with white hair. "Just where the hell did you go." It seemed Cronos still couldn't tell the difference between an actual question and a rhetorical one. If you want to find them that badly why not go look yourself? he sneered at her. Even though she couldn't see it, she could feel it. "Oh shut up. I wasn't talking to you dumbass."
Sitting back down, she laid on her back with her legs hanging on the edge of the box. It was surprisingly comfortable but not that surprising as all she did was change the metals form so that it'd contour to her body and not be so rigid.

There was so much for her to do here yet soon she'd be faced with the decision of staying. She had lived in this circus since the beginning when they first started out in Germany. They were there for a few years since they couldn't exactly leave with newborn baby. The troupe was kind and looked out for one another and they didn't want to risk the health of a mother or child. Of course Adelaide wasn't the only baby at the time. There were two others but the second died from illness a couple years ago and the other left the troupe to go to college. He still comes back and makes sure to as many shows as possible. "I wonder if that's what my life would be like had I been born normal." It wasn't often that Adelaide contemplated these things, let alone speak them aloud in her native tongue. Her fingertips began to drum against the box as she looked up at the sky. The stars were coming out but they weren't able to shine as brightly because of the city lights even if they were in the City Park.


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❝ What has been done unto me cannot be reversed ❞
【ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя: #00FFBF ▮ тнσυgнт cσƖσя #40BFFF】

Soft light fell upon a graceful figure, her chest rising and falling steadily as the morning sun showered her in dust filled rays. Said figure shifted in bed, turning to her side however that resulted in direct contact with the rays of light. Now matter how diffused this light was it still stabbed through her eyelids and bright orbs fluttered open. Clara stared out into the room she had been residing in for the past two months. It was relatively small compared to her own bedroom. There was just enough space to allow for a bed, a desk and chair, a dresser and a small bathroom tucked away into a corner of the room. When she really thought about it it really was small, but it was the only thing she had been able to afford since coming here. Blue eyes roamed about the room, taking in the cleanness of it although no matter how hard she tried, Mae was simply unable to get rid of all the filth that hid within this room. That was one of the many differences between this world and her own. It was dirtier here with very few locations that were pure; free from the corrupted touch of a human.

This place is beyond corrupt. It's just absolutely filthy no matter how hard I try. Finally sitting up Claramae slouched in her bed. Her hands clasped together on her lap as she rerun the events of that day for the millionth time since arriving here. While she had fought off her attackers, they were wise enough to stay away from her hands and feet. Not only that but they threw a bag over her head so that she could not breathe freezing air in their general direction. There was absolutely nothing that she could have done. She had been utterly and shamefully powerless in that situation. Mae looked down at her hands, rubbing her wrists where they had placed specialized bracelets to hold back her abilities when they had first caught her. However it relied on magic to work and since they were in a realm where there was little magic, they failed to keep her abilities at bay any longer. Now all that was left was ring like scars on her wrists from it burning her skin. Had she know that that was what they'd do by using magic she would never have bothered.

Alas it was time she got up and ready. Her shift was to start rather soon, within the next hour and half if she was correct. That gave her more than enough time to bathe and get there early enough to make herself a quick meal for the early morning.

~ ~ ~

Claramae arrived at work twenty minutes before the cafe had even opened. She enjoyed coming here early and it was one of the many qualities about her that allowed for her to rise up so quickly. At this stage Clara was allowed to open the store but that also meant she was responsible to close as well. It was because of this that she was unable to put all her time and money into searching for her siblings. As much as it pained her to stay away from them so long she first had to get herself situated to where she would have a chance of even looking for them. Now that she had opened though it was time that she finish her breakfast and welcome the customers. Although she did open and close the cafe, Claramae wasn't actually in charge really. It was more so the fact that she was able to cook so well that the owner decided it would be best if she arrived early to get a start on things. So here she was cooking meals for others. Mae enjoyed cooking so it wasn't too bad and the pay was decent.

~ Some Time Later ~

It was while she had been cooking that she managed to catch a glimpse at what was playing on the television. Mae paused her activities briefly as a few others did so themselves. It was apparently a breaking news story. Based on the footage that was shown a girl had miraculously managed to avoid getting run over by a truck however that was not what caught Mae's attention. Rather it was the actions the small girl had taken to avoid getting hit although very few people would have really noticed that the child in the footage was truly the cause of it. But Claramae could never forget that beautiful head of blue that was Miiko. Then her thoughts moved onto the man that nearly killed her sister. The wrath that began to well up inside her showed when she unknowingly began to cause frost to spread across the utensils she had been using. Without a moment's haste Claramae dropped everything onto the counter, tearing off her cooks outfit as she stormed out of the cafe. The owner yelled out at her but his words were only mere background noise to Mae now. If she was correct and if her eyes did not play tricks on her, the street Miiiko had been at was some six blocks from where Clara worked.

After a certain point she had to slow down to a jog and eventually a walk as she entered an area crowded with pedestrians. Beads of sweat rolled down the small of her back as a cool breeze passed her by. A chill danced along her skin and she shivered but Clara did not care. She no longer paid mind to the people she brushed by closely, allowing for a few to get an unwanted sniff of her scent. Of crisp water that could not be found anywhere else. Clara finally did stop though for she had arrived upon the scene of the crime. From the looks of it they had finally cleared up the traffic that was caused by the truck but it also meant that Miiko was nowhere to be seen.

"Oh just where could you have gone off to?" Running a hand through her spikey obsidian strands, Mae simply could not figure out where her beloved sister could have gone. Miiko could have been sent to the hospital but after asking a few store clerks it turns out no one was taken. When she asked about the girl who nearly got hit one of them said that someone had grabbed the girl and ran off with her in their arms. She immediately tense at the mentioning of a stranger potentially grabbing Miiko off the street. "This person, what did they look like?" The clerk described this person as a woman, close to her height but with striking shade of purple hair. Had Clara not been the type to keep a cool head, she would have gasped and maybe cry out in utter glee. There was only one person that came to mind who bore that particular shade atop their head and that was her younger sister Masami. "And in which direction did they go? The moment the clerk pointed out the direction Masa had run off in Clara jogged down the street.

She made sure to check inside every store she passed but Clara did not see that familiar head of hair. It was possible that she had missed them entirely. With that thought in mind Mae frowned. The young woman had been so close to reuniting with her sisters yet it seemed she had not been lucky enough to have been with them at the time. Not really paying attention anymore Claramae entered a restaurant, her usually held up high head now hung low. Clara stood in the waiting room of the restaurant, releasing a sigh she drew in her pride and stood up straight. She wasn't about to let this get to her too much. For the first time in a while Mae was closer to finding the whereabouts of her siblings than she ever had before.


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❝Could you not look up at me. It’s annoying ❞
ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя:#BF80FF ♙ тнσυgнт cσƖσя #BF8080
|| Sleepless || Kate Hovnevik ||

The first thing Ursel was greeted by was the sound of murmuring voices. They weren’t really murmuring but she was still too drowsy to actually hear them clearly. She was able to tally up how many people were talking, two men and two women but their voices still seemed a bit muffled. Cracking open one amber colored eye, Ursel did a quick survey of her surroundings. The bear Hybrids shifted in her position and she realized that she had been sitting down on a cold and metallic surface. Just where am I? Another look around told her that she was inside a decent sized metal capsule. She couldn’t see to her right or to her left but the entirety of the front of the capsule was made of glass. Movement caught her attention and amber orbs were drawn to a youthful looking face that was peering into her capsule. It was a scientist although she had never met the man before. All the Hybrid did was stare at the man and he stared back with his a smile. It was a pretty creepy smile too.

He blinked and then began to write something down. At first Ursel was curious and made the attempt to stand but her body was still feeling pins and needles. With a frown she accepted that she wouldn’t be getting up just yet. She did however move her body up so that her back was straight. It seemed like that small action caught the scientists attention because he stopped scribbling and grinned at her. “How are you feeling uh,” he quickly glanced over to the side of her capsule, “. .. experiment number six huh? You’re one of the older ones then. How does that feel?” He tapped the glass with his pen but that only got him a cold stare. “Not up for talking I see. That’s fine. Just blink or nod for a few of my questions.” Ursel ended up blinking so he ended up taking that as a yes.

Once all the respective questions had been answered, more or less, the young man left her alone after getting some sort of notification. Leaning forwards, Ursel caught sight of a single word, Extermination. At that same moment her neighbor began to shout out the very questions that were running through her head. “Why are you getting rid of us you ugly bastards.” she growled at them. Suddenly the alarms went off and red lights began to flash. The suddenness of it jolted her into being fully alert. Some figure then barged in and tackled the other scientists to the ground before approaching some metal box. It opened it to reveal a lever and it was then that she heard that arrogant lion yell. "Wait! Just let us out! Don't pull that lever!"

Ursel did not know where exactly they were but if that level read Capsule Release then they were certainly somewhere where they could be released. This realization was a quick one and just as she slammed into the glass of her container, the figure pulled the lever and Ursel was surrounded by a sea of blue. Almost immediately her body bounced around as her capsule began to do cartwheels in the air as it plummeted to the ground. She did her best to try and grab onto something and she was only able to catch glimpses outside her window as she fell. She managed to see one or two other capsules but the spinning motion of her own made her feel sick. It didn’t take long for her head to finally hit something hard and she was barely conscious when her capsule crashed through a few trees.

She didn’t know how long she was knocked out for but one thing was for sure. Her current position was not a good one. For one, Ursel’s head hurt like hell and she was also feeling very light headed. Amber orbs slowly moved around the small space and realized that there was nothing holding her. A sudden jolt when through her body but Ursel forced herself to calm down. From the looks of it she was lying on the glass window that surprisingly held up from her crash landing. It had various cracks running through its surface but she could see grass below her. “Wait . . .” Looking closely, Ursel realized that she was suspended in the air by something. “Shit”

The polar bear hybrid moved her body slightly to keep the capsule from moving however that proved pointless as the branches that held her container ground under the weight. There really was only one way for her to get down from such a high position and it was going to hurt. Growling at the world, Ursel gritted her teeth and jerked her body. A wave of nausea then washed over her but Ursel kept at it until finally the branches snapped underneath the shifting weight of the capsule. She curled up as best she could but the impact from hitting the ground still bruised her body. The glass had also shattered upon impact and some of the shards had lodged themselves into her skin.

With a loud groan, Ursel rolled on her back as gently as she could to avoid having more pieces of glass cut into her skin. Her head was throbbing with pain and it was getting rather difficult to stay awake. That was when she heard it, someone was calling out her name although she had a hard time actually making out the words. Ursel recognized the voice as Vidra. A young hybrid who had grown attached to her over the years. “Vidra . . .” she only managed a weak croak but she doubted even with the otter hybrids ears, she’d be able to hear Ursel. From the sound of it she didn’t seem like she was close to where Ursel was either. “Vidra!” this time Ursel’s voice was a little louder but not loud enough for it to be carried over such a distance.

It was about time that she attempt to get up but that proved to be incredibly difficult. Eventually Ursel was able to turn onto her stomach and with gritted teeth, she pulled herself out from underneath the capsule. Her stomach slide across the broken shards but she was able to lift up her body enough to minimize the damage. Now that she was out of the capsule, Ursel flipped over onto her back again and stared up at the blue sky. Her hands then began to roam about her body, feeling for the various cuts that she had no doubted collected. “Hello!?” Ursel called out for the third time. Her body was quite battered and getting herself out from under the capsule made her even more tired than she had thought it would. She just really needed to rest her body for a bit but she had no intention of falling back asleep, not yet anyway.


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Ezra LeFalle

❝I will fight for those who cannot ❞
ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя:#BF4000 ♙ тнσυgнт cσƖσя Brown

It really was just like any other day spent outside. The flowers were in full bloom and there was just the smallest trace of the moon. Fire rampaged through the village, consuming everything in its path. Just like the two Talpas that were also running amok. . . . On second thought maybe it wasn’t just another outing. The screams of hysteria were clearly originating from this once peaceful town, along with the bellows from the Talpas that caused the frenzied movements and screeching. Men, women and children alike ran about, trying their best to avoid the monstrous beings as well as save their homes from the burning fires. Upon closer inspection there was but a single head that wasn’t screaming itself off to who knows where. That one particular head belonged to a young man by the name of Ezra LeFalle. A fellow Bellatore who saw nothing but people who needed saving and so he went about rescuing people from the destruction the Talpas were currently making.

One act of heroism nearly resulted in the poor lad in losing his other eye to the Ichneumon. The damn thing lost a potential meal but it’s attention was taken by another screaming fellow, who just so happened to be a lot more plump than the woman Ezra had saved. The young man didn’t really know where to start. He really didn’t. While he was able to save one person from the jaws of a Talpas, another succumbed to the fire that the other threw out from it’s snake tail and the people really weren’t helping. He’d go to help a group only for them to run off screaming again and into the muscled arms of a Talpa. They just don’t know how to sit still do they? Don’t get me wrong, Erza loves to save people's lives, it’s what makes him, well him. But when the very people you’re trying to save keep getting themselves . . . unsaved, well even for Ezra that can make a person tired. Pausing just long enough to survey the ongoing damage, the redhead saw a child screaming at what was presumed to be her home. The very image made the self-proclaimed knight cringe, for the child's mother was trapped inside the flaming house. He knew that if he were to go save the woman, he’d no doubt damage his lungs even more but he really didn’t care at the moment. Someone needed his help, and while they weren’t calling for it, he felt obligated to go.

He rushed off towards the girl, just barely dodging the stream of flames the chimera decided to throw his way. “Please keep it to yourself!” Ezra knew yelling at the silver creature would do nothing but it certainly made him feel a little better. Upon reaching the girl, Ezra pulled out Schwarze Ritter, the baby daddy of the two swords he carried. The situation definitely called for the big guy but it seemed the sight of such a large sword scared the small girl. He ignored her however and swung Schwarze Ritter with all his might at the barricaded door. The blasted thing caved in from the sheer weight of the blow. With a second swing of his sword, the barricade finally gave in, revealing a mother who just moments ago believed she was done for. Seeing Ezra stand there with his sword hoisted over his shoulder, along with the flames at his back, truly made Ezra seem like the gallant knight he aimed to be. The mother called out to her daughter, embracing her when the two met. She turned around to thank the mysterious young man but he had already run off to save someone else.

It definitely seemed to have taken eons but the two Talpas’s rampage finally came to an end. A very much needed end when you think about it. Ezra plopped down on the ground, holding Blasse Dame close to his chest. Over the course of the event he had switched to the sleek and prettier sword to fend of attacks from the Talpas. The poor knight was covered in bruises, scrapes, cuts, not to mention all the sweat that had accumulated during the whole ordeal. Wiping his brother with his already drenched handkerchief, yes knights do carry them, Ezra surveyed the scene before him. Many of the fires had already either been put out by Bellatores or had consumed everything in sight and died off on their own. The fire left nothing but skeletons and charred remains of what had once been a bustling city. With a heavy sigh, he stood back up to, once again, help the people now that he had gotten himself patched up.

For the most part Ezra just walked around, asking if his help was needed, and for the remaining part he just joined in without being asked to. The Bellatores were thankful for the help and some of them recognized him as the crazy fool who defied the Talpas when they tried to get a meal. Some patted him on the back while others just called him crazy. Ezra couldn’t really argue about the crazy part as he too wondered if he was crazy sometimes. He mostly helped out with the hard labour, leaving his heavy belted armour in the hands of the mother and child he had saved earlier. His trust in them may have been a little misguided but he had some faith that they wouldn’t just run off with their saviours things and sell it. In truth, Ezra didn’t care if he lost the armour. As long as he had his two blades he was perfectly fine although losing his armour would still make his heart ache. His beloved teacher had made them just for him after all.

In thinking this, Ezra’s mind wandered off to the past but the sound of a horse's hooves hitting the scorched cobble stones caught his attention. Of all the things he was expecting, a horse and subsequent entourage wasn’t one of them. With a curious quirk of his brow, Ezra, like the rest of the villagers, gathered at the center of the city. Ezra had never encountered such a well dressed man before and he most certainly never a prophetess, at least that’s what some of the others were saying. In all his travels, Ezra had only ever met fellow Bellatores. He wasn’t sure if he was lucky or if he just didn’t have the sense to meet the other species in Nominum. He listened while the mysterious fancy man spoke, saying something about rebuilding and burials. None of that really caught his attention surprisingly. They were things that he knew were going to happen regardless of whether the fancy guy preached about it. The cries from the other Bellatores did however catch his attention. Now listening with the intent to actually digest the words being spoken, Ezra’s face seemed to light up at the mention of The Book. The very idea of going off an adventure to get it made him pretty excited about it. Even with money involved, Ezra didn’t care. As long as he could help out the people, in this case the entire population of Nominum, he was perfectly fine. When he thought more on this, he knew that going on his own probably won’t help much which would explain why the fancy man was using money as an incentive.

“In that case, spread the word! Tell everyone who is able that the greatest reward goes to the one who brings back that book!”

This last cry got the crowd all excited. It even got Ezra excited as his own voice joined the chorus of “Ayes”. Laughing to himself, Ezra went to check on his things. It’d definitely be a pain if he lost his armor but he would definitely be heartbroken if his beloved blades were stolen. He smiled and thanked the mother and girl, gathering up the armor and the blades. With his swords on his back and armor in his arms, he didn’t feel like putting it on yet, Ezra approached the fancy man and the three that accompanied him. “I hear you guys need a he-someone?” Making sure not to say hero. For some reason people hated that word. Well the people he came across anway. He smiled at the group, a bit unsure on what to do now that he showed his interest in this mission.

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