Pennsylvanian FrontierRoss Barr

A hunter from New York

a character in “The Beast”, as played by Irish Wolf

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Ross is a man of average height for 1700’s, standing around five feet and six inches tall. He has a muscular build, from years as a farmer and hunter but is starting to get a gut from too much whiskey and rum. His skin was once fair, as his parents were from Scottish but has tanned over the years of working out of doors. He tries to keep shaved and trims the curly mop of brown hair on his head short. His face is marked by a square jaw, a high forehead, squashed nose and hazel eyes.

As a general rule, Ross dresses in the same outfit everyday; a pair of moccasins, leather leggings, brown breeches, a white and red-checkered shirt, a buckskin jack and a green Tam bonnet.


Ross is a pretty cheery fellow, who loves to laugh and is always good for buying a friend a pint. He keeps his jovial outlook on life, even when he’s been deep into his cups. He does know when to be silent though, owing to his experiences as a hunter and a militiaman.


Flintlock musket
powder horn
pouch of lead balls
water skin
clay pipe
pouch of tobacco


Ross was born in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the son of a Scottish couple immigrating to the colony of New York. By his first birthday, his parents were working a farm in western New York, along the border with the colony of Pennsylvania. For most of his early life, he was an ordinary farmer’s son, although he would sneak off to go hunting whenever he could. He only avoided his father’s wrath because he always seemed to bring back some game.

In 1746, Ross was part of the militia forces gathered in northern New York to launch a retaliatory attack against the French and their native allies during King Georges War, He stayed with the militia, wintering in Albany after the British Regulars failed to arrive. When the expedition failed to move in 1747, Ross joined a small band of his fellow New York Militiamen and Iroquois warriors and moved north on their own. They would skirmish with French and their native allies until the war’s end in 1748.

Two years later, that the ages of twenty-seven, he’s living as a hunter on the New York frontier.

So begins...

Ross Barr's Story