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I will be nothing without it.

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Bethany Woods
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Progressively Worsens: Current Percentage About 30-40%

Bethany refuses to play in front of anyone anymore, but practices by herself.

Lake Placid, New York

Bethany is the second child to Louis and Jessica Woods, and little sister to Franklin Woods. Growing up, Beth was a very spunky, cheery girl that was almost always either glued to her inherited harp or her video games. If she could not play either, she would hum the tunes from the games she would play, such as Harvest Moon, Zelda, or Mario, that she had committed to memory.

Beth's happy-go-lucky attitude and lovely personality all ended about a year ago when she started complaining of her ears swelling and dipping 'some nasty fluid'. Her parents brought her to the doctor, thinking it was just some ear infection. The doctors, of course, ran some tests but found out that this was no infection. The woods informed her that Bethany would progressively lose her hearing over the course of the new few years due to a rare genetic disorder she had inherited.

The only thing Bethany had to turn to for comfort was her harp, and of course her obsession with video games. She would say holed up in her room for days refusing to come out and just played, hoping that her ears wouldn't forget the sound of music. With each note, her mother's heart broke more and more. Not knowing what to do, she consulted a psychiatrist who recommended getting Bethany into a program to help her feel music instead of hearing it. [/size]

That is how Miss Bethany Woods came to the Beethoven School of Music.

So begins...

Bethany Woods's Story

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The maestro clapped his hands for those who could hear it, and gestured for those already out of the vehicle to move inside. He went in first, his cloak swooshing behind him like some sort of wings, and the teachers followed. He entered into the main living room and gestured for everyone to sit down.

Serenity picked up her bags, trying to balance her carry on, and her two suitcases all at once. As she adjusted everything so she could carry it, she had to take a few quicker steps to catch up with everyone, including Damien. As they all sat around, the maestro looked at each of them in turn.

"You are here because you have a talent, but you are also deaf. Some of you maybe more than others, but you are still deaf. This great school was created by Beethoven, a brilliant composer who I'm sure you all know. Here, you will learn how to appreciate music, how to live in society being deaf, and how to compose and play music in and as an orchestra. At the end of your 2 year term here, some of you may choose not to continue for the full 10 year term, and therefore will be let out into the world to do as you please. Some of you, who do not play classical instruments, may be thinking How am I to be in an orchestra? Well, fret not, young ones. You who have not chosen a classical instrument will be given the opportunity to learn one, and everyone will have an opportunity to be in the band, which by band I mean like one of those rock and roll things that make my ears hurt," The maestro pauses in his signing so that his speaking counterpart can catch up to him. After she takes a breath and nods, he continues moving his fingers rapidly. "Some of you may think you are here to form friendships and relationships, and that may be the case seeing as I'm sure you are all mature enough to share a room with the opposite sex, but I don't want any sort of romantic nonsense ruining our chances of wining the prestigious title of Greater England's Greatest Young Orchestra for the 18th year in a row! So, be careful!"

The maestro pulls out a sheet of paper from his pocket and has one of the other teachers hold it for him. As he looks over it, he begins to sign once again. "Room assignments are as follows: Room 1- Nikolas Mikhalkov and Adele Gueren. Room 2- Aiden Markins and Isis Alban. Room 3- Elizabeth Clayworth and Gian Daniele Alfonsi. Room 4- Ty Morton and Bethany Woods, on a side note miss Woods will be arriving late due to a family emergency. And last but certainly not least room 5- Serenity Logan and Damien Rice," The maestro hands a key to each of the male counterparts in the room pairs, and smiles to all of them. After another one of his brief nods, he leaves the room.

Serenity smiles at Damien, blushing slightly. The only boy she'd ever shared a room with was her brother, but that didn't really bug her that much.

Another man took the floor and began speaking and signing. "Students, welcome. My name is Mr. Holliday, and I am the Music Appreciation teacher. Allow me to introduce my fellow teachers; Miss Marks, she teaches Music Theory; Coach, you're phys ed teacher; Mrs. Caplint, you're history teacher; Mr. Beling, maths; and last but in no way the least, Mrs. Barnes, you're English teacher. We will each help you find your rooms, and after you are settled please do not wander until we come to fetch you for your tour," At his last words and sign, each teacher found a room pair and showed them to five different areas of the house, where each of the five identical rooms were.

Mr. Holliday walked up to Damien and Serenity, smiling. "Speak or sign?" he asked in sign language only.

Serenity smiled. "I can hear, so you may speak or sign, either is fine by me. I know sign language because my older brother is 100% deaf," She spoke and signed out of habit.