The Beginning of Forever

The Beginning of Forever


They knew what they were getting themselves into, they knew the consequences that would follow. What they didn't know however was that they were all about to flirt with Death and dance with the Devil. [[STILL WORKING ON IT]]

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“But dreams have ways of turning into nightmares.”
- Erin Morgenstern

「I n t r o d u c t i o n」

"Ah welcome, I see you've made yourself comfortable. Sit, sit, you've been standing an awfully long time, your feet must be very tired. Now, where were we? Had I mentioned Dante, the servant boy? Yes? Well I suggest you listen once more, and this time pay attention. Don't be so offended, everyone doesn't pay attention the first time through. Anyway, Dante here will show you to your room later on where you will meet your room mate. Did I forget to mention that to you? Oops, well now you know. Hm, I guess this is the part where I tell you that you'll love it here, but I'm not making any promises. I just wish you don't hate it. After all your soul belongs to me now, and there's no use in fighting a lost cause right?"
「P l o t」

It’s so red, oh so very red. You don’t like the color red, but here you can’t help but love it. Maybe it’s the music, or the way every worker makes you feel like a Queen, but it’s most certainly a very attractive color. Dante, the man who’s showing you the V.I. P tour, smiles at you and hold out his elbow for you to take. You happily comply not caring where the wind may take you as long as it’s with him. He begins to walk out farther and farther away from the big top, but you don’t care. You can feel his heart beat; it starts off slow and gradually speeds up every time you touch him. It makes you blush knowing that you have that kind of effect on someone, and it’s in that moment when you realize that the circus is everything you've ever dreamt of; workers who would appreciate you, a boyfriend that would love you unconditionally, and the sense of danger and adventure which you've always longed to feel.

He stops and turns around so he’s facing you. Slowly he leans in toward you ear and grabs you by your forearms. You close your eyes almost expectantly, and wait for the kiss. Only it doesn't happen and when you come out of your reverie Dante’s gone. You’re alone, and no one even cares. All that’s left is you and me, and honey I’m the puppeteer who controls you now and forever.

「Those Who Wandered Too Far」

(All ages are based off when their souls were taken away)

Name: // Age: 20 // Sexual Orientation: // Position: Tightrope Walker// FC: Ashley Benson // OPEN

Name: // Age: 23 // Sexual Orientation: // Position: Animal Trainer// FC: Choi Minho // Reserved

Name: // Age: 19 // Sexual Orientation: // Position: Clown// FC: Bae Suzy// OPEN

Name: // Age: 20 // Sexual Orientation: // Position: Trapeze Flying // FC:Francisco Lachowski // Reserved

Name: // Age: 27 // Sexual Orientation: // Position: Ring Leader// FC:Colin O'Donoghue // Reserved

「Those Who's Fate Was Pre-determined」

Name: // Age: 23 // Sexual Orientation: // Occupation: Waiter // FC:Colin O'Donoghue // Taken (Carefreex3)

---- Will add more girls if needed, and not all roles need to be filled. Only the ring master MUST be taken. OMG I'm so sorry agan it won't be finsihed by today D: -----


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Re: The Beginning of Forever

That's too bad. Awh I still need 1- posts

Re: The Beginning of Forever

Ah I don't think I'm going to continue with this RP for now. I literally had everything ready to be published, but then my cp got a virus and I had to re-image my whole computer. All my files were lost and my creativity. For now I'm closing this (I don't know how, but I'll learn) and maybe one day you'll see it up and running. (Which is very likely.)

Anyway, I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

Re: The Beginning of Forever

I agree, definitely worth the right. Could you add another female character since Avalon just reserved the remaining one? I did reserve one right off the bat :)

Re: The Beginning of Forever

Could I please reserve FC Ashley Benson? This roleplay looks very interesting

Re: The Beginning of Forever

So, now that We have a plot, FC's, and a basic premise of the RP, I have got to say...

This was totally worth the wait. I love it! It's so interesting! Would it be possible for me to go ahead and reserve the Animal Tamer, FC Choi Minho?

Re: The Beginning of Forever

omg I was feeling so discouraged because I thought no one liked it, but I forgot to go onto the OOC thread. (I thought my email would notify me of my topics and stuff) anyway I hope it meets your standards so far. I'm almost done it, and should be ready by tomorrow I just need to nit-pick a few things with the plot and then we're done~ (I have a semi-vague idea as to where I want this to go, mostly because I want it to be plot driven and not a sandbox. While sandboxes are fun, stories are better. At least in my opinion) Again I'm so sorry I haven't responded to anything, and that it's taken me so long to get this thing rolling.

Re: The Beginning of Forever

I'm in complete agreement with everyone else! This looks awesome. I'd love to register my interest and eventually put a character in...I need to know more! xD

Re: The Beginning of Forever

Ah! Excitement~! You can't just make an awesome intro and just scat! I want to know more~!

Re: The Beginning of Forever

I agree with XShishioX! I wanna know more, too!

Re: The Beginning of Forever

Yatta! Sugoi~! Sugoi~desu!


So, I checked back in after a day and saw that lovely little introductary paragraph, as well as the ever so ominous circus tent. I approve. Nicely done Madame, if you are, in fact, a Madame. In which case, if you aren't a Madame, nicely done Sir! I like where this is going! XD

Gender aside, this is looking quite lovely! I was right to believe that this would turn out interesting! I'm so excited!


However, @Carefree, you tease, I want to know more! X3

Re: The Beginning of Forever

Agreed with Sweetiebelle and XShishioX. The description (And the Tags) caught my attention and I would like to see where you're going with this. I would like to know that actual plot before saying I'm reserving a character, however. So, lets just say I'm half-in and go from there. xD

Re: The Beginning of Forever

I'm in agreement with Sweetiebelle. I don't want to officially reserve a spot just yet, as there are currently no spots to reserve, but once the introduction and other descriptions are up, I'd love to take part in this RP as well! I really wouldn't care which spot I get, I just think this is going to be interesting.

Re: The Beginning of Forever

I'm interested by the description.

I'll reserve a female right off the bat, and decide if I still want her when you're done with the rest.

The Beginning of Forever

The Beginning of Forever
-Darkling, I listen -

They were, in a twisted kind of way, his children. He fed them, gave them a home, and above all else he loved them. Although, that was mainly because he had to, but details, details. The Ring Master took them in when no one else would, and made them better. But, there was a small price to pay; their souls. In order to form a more perfect human* they had to give him everything, and that included everything they were. In his defense though, they had no where to go, and if he hadn't taken them in who else? Death? No, they were all too afraid of that, even if they pretended they weren't.

While one cannot avoid death, they can certainly cheat it.

*Preamble to the constitution. (I'm sorry)

btw everything here is basically the setup to the big conflict. If you really want to know you can p.m me but it'll spoil it for you. I'll make sure it's very clearly obvious in my text posts, but until then you shan't know. //shot