The Being ; The Order ; The Struggle

The Being ; The Order ; The Struggle


Fantasy, struggle for survival. Eras blend.

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A world where past, present and future have all blended together, in a series of meshed dimensions, and immigrant creatures from said worlds.
"I've never experienced anything like it. A hole in the sky, and not one of those holes you see just...plastered onto an image. The sky had literally been ripped open. And they poured from it like vomit, one invasion after another. Had it been the apocalypse, I think we [humans] would have accepted it faster. But this...was much, much more dreadful." - Guy In Suit

The actual events that took place after this catastrophe were not that bad. The creatures had simply been searching for a haven planet. They were running from something. They told stories of other races being wiped out in mere hours. They had no choice but to run. And so, for fear of their own world being eradicated, the humans welcomed each race with open arms, and since the economy and territorial possession was in decline, they were able to allocate land and a global currency to restart society as they knew it. The humans were able to muster up compassion like never before.

And so, they formed a government, and called it the Order. There was no law, save for one. That was, should you be called upon to embark on a mission to scout for new materials, or gather intel on where "The Being" was, you had to comply. Otherwise, you were wanted, and a sizable bounty was placed on your head. Of course, any "law" creates lawbreakers, any crime creates chronic criminals, and the opposite of both.
Goes without saying there's the in-between, and that you can choose whatever.

Geography hasn't changed, but names of places and things usually associated with it have. In some places you find a technologically advanced race, and their cities look like something out of a Jetsons episode. In other places you find whimsical things like Elves, and more scary things like Chimeras, Vampires (Different Classes), Man-Beasts, etc. Of course, humans still exist, and many have acquired some sort of skill/power/weapon, simply because the environment of such a meshed world is more hostile than comfortable. Legends exist, but most have died out, because of their credibility or lack thereof being exposed.

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