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This is a naruto roleplay for roleplayers of all type of experience levels, be nice have fun click to learn more.

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The villages have been at peace for quite sometime, Everyone went about their own business Training venturing on their missions working. You know the same old same old it was nice to return to this state.. but soon this peace was broken word had arrived to the the hidden leaf village that the sound village had been attacked and destroyed overnight. But no one has a clue who has done this.. slowly village by village, land by land are being attacked looted and almost destroyed. Everyone's attention turns to the akatsuki can they be up to this, the answer is no but yes.. it isn't the group them self its a sole member her name is "the black angel" for the wing marks on her back. she holds a secret.. a powerful one at that. On one of her looting missions she came across another ninja.. and no doubt he wanted her gone, she didn't want to waste her energy first thought that came to mind was to run and she ran.. and ran.. he gave chase till the engaged in batte.. he has been the only one to knock her out.. instead of killing her he left her.. until two leaf ninjas discovered her and brought her back to the leaf village everyone clueless to who she is..

now lets have some fun this is a play by post, player driven from this point on.

Character sheet: fill out what is asked in addition please add
Ninja rank:
or if you are a rouge ninja

Characters available if you chose not to use your own rpc

Sasuke: Rouge ninja who attack the "angel"

Deidara: he will be the angel's love interest.

Please write at least 5 sentences
Romance is allowed and encouraged but make sure the other person agrees upon it
Follow RPG's basic rules

Any questions or character reservation post in the OOC
you may post as soon as your accepted


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Character Portrait: Momochi 'Kuroro' de la lout The black angel

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Momochi's body was pressed and sat up against a tree, blood trickling down her arm she gave a soft moan of pain but soon fell silent only sign of life from her was her chest falling and rising with each breath she took. her bangs had fallen over her eyes her head hung. a few of her things had gone missing as well, her healing herbs her pouch and the marking on her waist of her skirt that showed she was had and was part of the akatsuki was cut out. Her head band was thrown about two feet from her body along with her gloves which had the sand village's sign carved into the metal plate of the band and gloves. her body slumped forward a bit more and she winced in pain, soon again falling slient once more.

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Re: [OOC] The Black Angel:The start

I think this RP is before the war. Because Deidara's still alive. Right?

Re: [OOC] The Black Angel:The start

Hey my questions are simple

1) how long after the war is this RP set?
2)how out of the original character is alrady dead

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One question. 12 Tailed Dragon? Really?

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