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A determined cop with deeper ties to the Ochetto family than he wished for

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Full Name: Julian Franklin Ortiz
Nicknames: Jortiz (only by his fiancé, Rosa)
Age: 26
Home Town: Chicago, IL
Occupation: CPD - Lieutenant


Julian always carried himself with a tough guy kind of edge. As a skilled boxer, people knew not to mess with him, and those who did suffered a sore jaw or a nice shiner. To most men he keeps an aloof state, a hard jaw and a quizzical eye. However to females he keeps a charming smile and a warm demeanor. He loves to see a woman's smile, and will do what he can to get one out of you. Although he is very loyal to his friends and family, he also is very dedicated to his job and doesn't like when he's put in a situation that compromises his morals.

ImageJulian in many ways is just like the men he hunt down, but instead he took a path of Justice. He does however have a slight anger problem. He is the type to throw and break things, but not the type to harm anyone who didn't have it coming. His job makes him have to be a hard ass sometimes, but he doesn't enjoy always having to be the bad guy in the citizen's eye. Julian enjoys being the hero, the one to save the day. His ego gets wounded easily, but Rosa is the perfect one to mend his wounds.


Julian was born at Loyola Hospital in Chicago, IL to Isabella Giovanni and Jaun Ortiz. Being a Italian/Mexican-American was a little confusing growing up in the south side of Chicago. Growing up Julian avoided gangs, watching his friends pledge one by one over the years until by the time he was in high school, all of his closest friends repped one thing or another while he remained neutral. Julian had always been generally well liked. He had a friendly demeanor and never initiated or instigated conflict. One thing that mostly kept people at bay from starting issues with Julian was his boxing record.

His father had been a boxer in Mexico, and had taught the boy how to throw a left hook before he was even walking. His mother disapproved, of course, and when she would get together with her sister, Arabella Ochetto, who had married a head Italian Mobster of Chicago, the boys would play as the mothers bitched about the father's methods. Julian still remembers when he and Cole would play fight, both of them walking away with scrapes and bruises, eyes lit with enthusiasm and breathing heavily. Their scraps were something that they did as they got older, which is what started the reputation of Cole, Julian's and later Jackson's fighting ability.

Their fathers both took off around the same time, although Julian's was in Mexico creating his own new family and a tension between himself and his own son. Julian still took boxing from middle school through college, earning a scholarship for a full ride, as Cole and Jackson stayed behind and joined Big Daddy's alliance.

Julian remained in touch with his Tia Arabella, his mother was often at their house once Arabella had kicked out Antonio. Occasionally when Maria was younger, Arabella would pay Julian to babysit occasionally. It wasn't much but Julian didn't mind, Maria had always been extremely independent and mature for her age. Watching after her was never a hassle, and she offered some intriguing conversations despite the age gap. After Julian finished school, he joined the police Academy and upon graduation was a part of the Chicago Police Department. But he never forgot to thank his parents and his family who had always been there for him.

His mother often would call him about Maria. As she got older she was out of the house more, and Cole was so caught in his own world and Arabella felt helpless as she watched Her children grow distant from her. She would call Isabella crying, asking her what she should do. Isabella asked her son to talk to Maria. Although he didn't feel like it was in his place, he went to speak to Maria and went to their home. Upon arrival he found the door unlocked, and as soon as he opened the door, he recognized the smell of death. Immediately he withdrew his weapon and surveyed the home, freezing once he found the lifeless body of Arabella Ochetto.

Julian had been the one to tell Maria, and when he said that he knew her mother would want Maria to stay far away from Antonio Ochetto , Maria had cursed him in Italian. Of course she thought that he as a Cop was trying to sway her to his side to milk information out of her, taking advantage of the situation. In the heat of the moment she told Julian that she had better not let her see him ever again, or else he would pay. Julian cared about his cousins, but he couldn't let himself become involved in their world.

After that he left them alone, although he did run into Cole one other night. He had pulled him over for a burnt out tail light. Of course Cole played it cool with the music on low and him talking cooly and with a friendly disposition. Cole would've gotten away fine if Julian hadn't seen the bloodied handkerchief in the back seat. Julian demanded he pop the trunk, withdrawing his gun and making Cole step out of the vehicle. Upon frisking Cole he found a handgun, and upon opening the trunk he found a dead body.

He had stood there for a while, gun pointed at Cole. Then eventually he dropped his arm, looking into Cole's steel like eyes. Wordlessly he walked back to his squad car and drove off, letting Cole free. He never breathed a word of the incident, and hasn't tried to get back in touch with the Ochetto's.

He focused his life in his career, and his mother who would always try to convince Julian that Arabella would have never committed suicide. Slowly his mother was withering away from the stress over the years and Julian had no choice but to put her in a mental institution temporarily until she get's her wits together again. As he was able to focus more on himself, Julian began to date casually. Although he had no problem finding attractive girls, he had trouble finding any girl that stood out from him. However one call about a car accident on Sioux and Paxton would change his life forever. The girl had hydroplaned into the rear of someone else's car, and had no insurance, no papers proving the vehicle was hers and a sweet voice that he couldn't help smiling at as she spoke. She claimed her name was Rosalinda Romero, and her picture was in the database and her car was registered. She had been dressed to go out, and she seemed sober at the time, but still Julian should've taken her to jail. Instead he helped her push her car to the side for it to be towed in the morning, waited for her ride and let her go. But he couldn't forget that smile.

Two weeks later he was called to a house about a party at a town house just off the Gold Coast. They had approached the raging party, and once someone saw the cops on the other side of the door as they knocked thunderously, the music cut and the door cracked open. A fashionably clad female slipped out the door and with her was a waft of Cannabis and Booze. The girl looked up at him, and it was all he could do not to gasp, "Don't I know you?" He asked.

The girl squinted at him, the smile that he kept thinking about unfolding in front of him. "Oh Yeah, you were there at my car accident. Tell me why, I did have insurance! I just thought it ran up already." She was way to casual with the four cops at her front door step.

Although Julian wished to speak to her some more, someone else stepped in questioning her.
"How old are you?"
"19" Julian flinched, she was young but seemed so much older.
"Who's house is this?"
"You mean your parents?"
"No, I mean mine." there was an inexplicable defiance in her tone that made them all look at each other and remain silent for a moment.
Finally someone else spoke up, "Do you have an I.D.?"
"My wallet was recently stolen, I have a passport." once again they looked at one another. She was sketchy.
"Have you been drinking?"
"No." and she reached to tuck her hair behind her ear, glancing away, just like that Julian knew she was lying, and for some reason that infuriated him.
His coworker spoke up again, "Really, you smell like booze."
She cracked a smile, "Pues, somos bailando! People spill their drinks all over when they're dancing!" and just like that his anger melted away and he was chuckling at the girls charm, shaking his head. However they did break up the party and they did scare her into thinking she was going to jail, the whole time Julian was watching her closely. He felt inexplicably drawn to her, although she was five years younger than himself and just a boatload of trouble. But his colleagues would in no way permit him getting her number, so once again he had to let her go.

It wasn't until a week later he heard about a car speeding down Clark , a block from him. He normally didn't do speeding tickets but he was low on his quota, and he had just gotten off his break. Wanted something easy.

He pulled over the car, baffled by the familiarity of it, and nearly doubling over in shock once he saw Rosalinda in the driver seat. "Jortiz! I was wondering if I'd ever see you again." Her bold welcome threw him off, struggling for a witty come back he settled with, "Jortiz?"

She had giggled girlishly, her loose waves falling over her face. Whimsically she reached out, tapping the name badge that read, 'J. Ortiz'. "Jortiz." She repeated, then handing over all her paperwork and I.D. , smirking devilishly as she winked. Her behavior was entirely unexpected, but her confidence and demeanor was something that he never had seen before, and he kind of liked it. Once he returned to her car though, he was shocked to find the driver seat empty. "What the fu-" he began to say, poking his head down and seeing that she had taken a seat in the passenger side. She had a mischevious look on her face as she tapped the driver seat, "Come have a seat." She said flirtatiously.

He couldn't help but to belt in laughter, shaking his head as he backed away from the car. Julian looked back at her, and could see her youthfulness, but yet there was something in her eyes that told him she had seen more than enough. He learned to recognize this look in others on the job. But he took her offer and sat in the driver seat, passing her the paperwork and smiling at her charmingly, "I'll let you off with a warning, but one day someone besides me is going to pull you over and you won't be so lucky." She reached for the papers, but he didn't release them just yet. She looked up at him and smiled back.

"Is this the part I say, thanks, you're my hero, and kiss you passionately?" She said teasingly, reaching over so she was only inches away. He couldn't help but to think how perfect her lips looked. [b]"Or when I kiss you."
and he leaned to press his own lips against hers. She surprisingly reacted very well, almost immediately kissing him back. He then discovered her tongue ring, something he once thought was nasty, but on her it was sexy. As they kissed he knew she could work it well, and at the end of it he was breathless. From her kiss. He hadn't had a kiss make his heart race so fast since he was in middle school, rushed with hormones. She handed him a piece of paper in exchange of the ones in his hand, and Julian opened it to see ten digits and her name scribbled underneath it. A smile broad as daylight cracked across his face as he looked back up to her. "Call me." She said.
"I will." He affirmed, getting out of the car and letting her go once more. He called her ten minutes later and made a date for that night. They went to the restaurant that had a bar and a bowling alley right next to the movie theater, and then to the movies. They laughed, and had great conversation and an amazing kiss that ended the night, and Julian knew he was hooked. Rosalinda was working and going to school at the time, and with Julian's schedule they couldn't see each other often, but when they did they made it count. The way he talked to her was like no one ever before. He could show the darkest parts of his soul and never feel judged. As he got to know Rosa it was harder and harder to stay away from her.

The girl was a trust fund baby. Her parents and brother had died in a car crash that she had survived at age 7. While in the care of her Tia, Rosa had been brutally abused and molested by her perverted cousin until she was 9 and placed into the care of her eldest sister whom had finally turned 18. However her sister was more focused on her own life than raising a child, leaving Rosa to pretty much raise herself. Her sister left her alone for days at a time, with little more than American cheese and baby carrots.

Rosa had enrolled in boarding school from grade 7-12, earning scholarships by her advanced test scores. Rosa inherited the townhouse and a trust fund once she was 18, and barely talks to her own family.
It took six months until they began to call each other boyfriend and girlfriend, they each were terrified if they were to grow old of one another. But they both agreed they had never been so happy with someone before. Rosa had issues with letting people come close, convinced they would leave her, but Julian didn't mind waiting.
After a year of dating they moved in together, and three months ago got engaged. Most of their friends at first questioned the age gap, but upon seeing them together in person they understood how perfect the couple was.

He still visited his mother every Thursday and Sunday, bringing fresh flowers and treats from the bakery. He took Rosa a few times, but Rosa didn't like nursing homes, she claimed they reminded her of the smell of visiting her mother in the hospital during her seven month coma. But his mother still speaks of the murder of her sister. However one day she hands her son a letter, written in the hand of Arabella Ochetto and speaking of her fear that Antonio might have her killed. Julian has slowly been looking into the case, but not anything to draw any attention yet. Currently he is more focused on helping Rosa through the wedding plan.

•Semi-Automatic handgun
•4inch switchblade

So begins...

Julian Ortiz's Story


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#, as written by RPGRosa
Julian Ortiz & Rosalinda Romero

The mellow indie tones were something Rosa had picked for Julian's alarm at two thirty am. Julian, being the light sleeper he is, rolled out of his sleep abruptly, slapping the alarm in an attempt to silence it. Instead the alarm switched to radio, blaring fuzzy rap music that disrupted the mellow mood. Julian remained still in his spot, giving no effort to silence the machine. Beside him, he could feel Rosalinda rousing from her sleep. A grin began to tug at his lips, expecting anytime for Rosa to start complaining.

Rosa was a wonderful girl, but her sleeping habits were abnormal, earning her the nick name 'little bear'. She rolled over to face Julian, eyes still bleary with sleep and her hair a mess. "Shut that shit off." she said, and Julian could recognize she was getting a little cranky. There was something so endearing when the tiny woman got wound up over something so silly as sleep. He ignored her, wrapping one arm around her and pulling her against him. Her head fit perfectly just under his, her hair smelled like candied cherries. Rosalinda always smelled good, her clothes, her sheets, her hair. It was one of the many things Julian loved about her.

However Rosalinda now began to push away from the man, although struggle was futile against his muscled arms. Julian held her close, his smile growing as Rosa grew more irritated. Finally Rosa snapped out of her half asleep mode, able to articulate herself, "Julian, STOP, it's to early for all of this." Rosa complained, pushing him back. Julian only laughed, shifting himself so he had Rosalinda pinned, he held himself over her.

Rosalinda fought against his pull, glaring at him angrily as the blanket was ripped from her, exposing herself to the cold. "Julian!" she yelled threateningly. She locked eyes with him, wishing she could feel angry but all she wanted to do was smile. The look Julian gave her like he was doing now made Rosa feel like she was the only woman for him, ever. His eyes searched her face, lingering on her lips. Rosa smirked mischeviously, and that was all Julian needed.

He bit her lip teasingly, grabbing a grip of her hair and pulling her head back roughly. A groan escaped Rosa's lips, her body melting against Julian's as he let his weight press against her. As Julian began to flutter kisses down her neck, Rosalinda seductively bit his ear, her fingers digging into the small of his back as she thrusted her groin against his.

It was wild to Rosalinda, her and Julian's love. The passion they had for each other was overwhelming sometimes, but Rosa could never imagine herself happy with anyone else. Plus the sex was great.

Around 3:00 they both fell back onto the mattress victoriously, breathing heavily and a sheen of sweat coating their bodies. Rosalinda began to giggle ferociously, "Well I'm up now, stud." she said, rolling over to face Julian. Julian chuckled, "Well maybe if you didn't make me go up, I wouldn't have made you get up." He joked, kissing his lover gently and getting to his feet. He grabbed a towel, watching out of the corner of his eye as Rosalinda got up herself. She slipped on an old baseball tee of his, and the black boy shorts they had torn off of her only moments ago. Everything she did fascinated him, but he did have a shower to get to.

Rosalinda stuffed her feet into a pair of warm tube socks, hearing the bathroom door click behind Julian and the shower begin to run. Rosalinda turned on her stereo as she walked to the kitchen, a song by Matt&Kim playing over the speakers.

Before she began, Rosa pulled her long dark, silky straight hair up into a high pony tail. Even fresh out of bed her hair remained plain and stagnant, bed head was nonexistent to Rosalinda. From the fridge she withdrew chorizo, eggs, tortilla chips, turning on the stove and placing a skillet over it. As the music played, Rosa began to cook the chorizo, dancing a little as she began to scramble the eggs. By the time she finished crushing tortilla chips into the chorizo and cooking the eggs, she could hear the shower turn off. Now she had to wait for him to finish shaving to finally claim the bathroom as hers. She served him a dish of the food she made, heating up tortillas on the plan us and serving a dollop of ice cream with it.

Julian wrapped the towel around his waist, putting away his razor and shaving cream before opening the door and getting a whiff of chorizo. He smiled, "You know exactly how to make my heart yours forever." he said, taking a seat at the bistro table placed in the corner of their kitchen. Rosalinda smiled charmingly, serving the food in front of him and kissing him gently. "Wasn't that hard to figure out, fatty." she teased. Julian laughed, watching Rosa as she walked away and took her turn in the shower.

Breakfast was perfect, Julian chugged down two cups of coffee as he read over the sports article in the newspaper. Strange how he had seen his father, doing the exact same thing he was doing now. Julian shook this thought, washing his dishes and taking refuge in front of the TV to tune in for the news. He rubbed his bare stomach contently. Julian liked to wake up early and watch the news as Rosa got ready. Before they lived together, Julian would normally postpone getting up as long as possible, but something about knowing every day he starts is another day with Rosalinda, makes him want to live every moment he can. He heard the shower stop, but he still had another hour before she was ready. He continues to drink his coffee.

Rosalinda wraps her hair up in the towel, wrapping another one around her chest and walking from her bathroom to her closet. Since the town house is a three bedroom house, two are bedrooms and one was converted into a walk in closet complete with a vanity and a huge mirror. It's where Rosalinda spends most of her time. Rosalinda had a photo shoot today, it was her first time shooting for a magazine. Even if it was just for a pregnancy magazine, it was still a big deal to her. She had to look polished, professional. Rosa was even forcing Julian to go with her, help her keep her cool. As she blow dried her hair straight and did her make up, she could hear the clash of her music and Julian's tv. She never understood how he could sit through listening to both.

Julian heard the blow dryer stop, he realized that he only had thirty more minutes. It made him laugh a little, he knew everything there was to know about Rosa. He went back into their room, making their bed and throwing off the towel. He picked out a black polo and slacks, spraying his cologne and walking into Rosa's Room. The woman was in black lacy underthings, leaning over the vanity applying make up. Julian whistled, admiring the view. "Damn mamí, I think I'll just take you out like that."

Rosalinda smiled charmingly, winking at him. "Yea, you wish." she joked, finishing her make up. Her outfit had been picked out the night before, set out and ironed cautiously. Julian watched as she slipped into her clothes, mussing up her hair in the mirror before looking back at him with a smile.

"Lets go." she said, grabbing her purse and camera bag. Her Nikon she usually carried around was for daily use, Rosa kept her nicer camera and equipment for the real deal. Julian grabbed some of the things that were set by the door, loading his squad SUV with Rosa's equipment as she took a seat in the passenger side. Technically this wasn't permitted, but the tinted windows didn't let anyone else know he was breaking rules.

Now that they were out of their home, Rosalinda's focus was on her iPhone, playing temple run 2 with enthusiasm. Julian kept glancing over. "Don't mess up." he teased, letting his fingers tap repeatedly over the screen. She yanked her phone from his reach, swatting at him and chuckling. "Just pay attention to the road officer." Rosa said returning to her phone and turning on the radio. For a while they drove like that, just listening to the music. Finally they parked, and Rosa grabbed what she could from the automobile, Julian grabbed the rest. He took her hand into his, smiling at her reassuringly, "You're going to be great, just watch." Rosa melted a little, Julian always knew what to say.

ImageRosa approached the team the magazine had sent, they had set up by the pier, the shoot was inside of a boathouse. It was a marinal themed shoot. As Rosa and Julian began to set up the equipment, Rosa could see the toddling babies being primped in cute sailor-esque outfits. A fellow photographer halted the couple.

"Rosa! So wonderful to see you! Is this your fiancé?" He asked, pervertedly checking out Julian.

Rosalinda laughed, amused by the man's interest in Julian, "Yes, Julian this is Felippe, Felippe this is Julian." Rosa said. Julian stood next to her, and she leaned into him subconsciously.

Felippe smiled cheesily, "Precious, get together now. Smile!" He said, aiming his camera to the couple.


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#, as written by RPGRosa
Rosalinda began to set up for the shoot of the giggling baby and the glowing mother. "Can I get a gold reflector over here? Or some bronzer, this glowing momma looks like a limp lump." she said in annoyance, testing the lighting of her camera by taking shot after shot. Julian let the make up girls squeeze past him, the cabin of the boat gradually becoming more and more cramped. Rosalinda began bossing around the others, there was something satisfying in being in charge of people. Julian had recognized the power hungry look Rosa began to develop, and knew it was not going to be pretty soon enough.

He caught Rosa's attention, mouthing the words 'Imma step out' as he pointed to the upper deck. Rosa nodded in understanding and turning back to taking test shots. Julian stepped up onto the deck, inhaling the familiar smell of the lake. Sadly enough it reminded him of sewage. He remembered hearing stories about the pier as a boy. How mobsters used to meet up for business there. In the distance he could see a Ferry approaching the pier.

Julian normally isn't such a nosy person, but it was strange to see a ferry approaching a run down pier. The cop in him wanted to investigate. He hopped back onto he pier, waiting until he rounded the corner to withdraw his weapon. Sneakily he lurked behind abandoned boxcars and storage units en route to where the ferry was headed. The storm drowned out any noise he made, so he didn't think the people he spotted in front of a pair of parked cars. He threw himself behind a pile of crates netting draped over it.

It was difficult to make out any faces, Julian wondered if there were anyone in the cars.


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"Shit is an understatement," Cole joked back to Suri as he searched his pockets for a cigarette. Being that the car itself stunk so sourly of cigarette smoke, he assumed it was alright. "You look nice," he'd add, knowing that he was definitely not her type. He glanced at her quickly then lit up a cigarette, pausing to answer her, "I think that Martin will help things go smoothly so I don't go pissing off a Russian when I tell them to hurry up and tap on my Rolex."

As he was about to continue, there was a faint rapping on the window. When Cole's indigo eyes shifted from the dashboard to the passenger door, he saw Martin's slightly disheveled face. Cole popped open the door for him, allowing him to get in with a mock greeting, "Top of the morning, sunshine." Slamming the door shut, he looked through the windshield again where he watched Maya and Jackson, his head hovered over by an invisible question mark.

"Nothing to worry about, just be on the look out. We've been having a string of bad luck with these --- unexpected visitors lately." He moved the seat forward so that Martin had plenty room to relax his legs. The driver then mentioned Frankie. Shit, Cole thought to himself, another one I let get through my fingers; am I losing my touch? Not wanting to cause concern, his lips jerked into a grin as he exhaled, smoke exiting his perfect white teeth, "Give it a few days. We'll get him, and your money."

Pulling into the harbor, the ferry shut its large search lights off. Cole saw a shadow dodging around the pier, but didn't pay much mind to it figuring his vision wasn't as honed as it should be. It was still so early that his eyes may have been failing due to lack of sleep and processing alcohol. "Time to get this over with," he stated to Suri and Martin, finishing his cigarette. Two large vans and an industrial-sized truck pulled up to the harbor, undoubtedly the ones to collect the commodities. Cole signaled to them as he got out of the car, the rain making his skin shiver vigorously. The drivers pulled up near the docks, opening their doors wide.

A few men jumped from the ferry, shouting and waving towards Cole. Nodding to Martin, he headed for them and threw his lamented cigarette into the thrashing water of the bay. Two broad shouldered men greeted Cole and Martin. The slightly taller one on the left muttered something in Russian, to which the one on the right explained, "I am Alexander and this is Kazimir." The shorter man Alexander had expired, cold looking gray eyes. His smile was friendly, but surely a ploy. "You must be Cole," Alexander continued, his accent thick. Cole curtsied a little with an eyebrow raise, then gestured towards the translator, "This is Martin, our business associate who will be helping with conversations, translating and paperwork."

As they conversed, discussing details, the men on the opposite end of the agreement never seemed to be bothered by the rain. While Cole and Martin worked out the specifics, Cole occasionally shuddered with the cold. He yanked at the sleeves of his jacket, listening as Alexander spoke.
"Let us be… Ah, hm… Vague, right?" Alexander's fangs shone as he asked.
"Sure," Cole nodded.
"We have… Hmm," Alexander appeared to struggle and glanced to the taller man.
"пятьдесят фунтов кокаина," Kazimir grunted, "Ассорти наркотиков."

Cole raised an eyebrow, looking to Martin. Alexander seemed a bit anxious as his crew began wheeling out the receptacles. He raised a hand for them to pause at his command, a short distance behind him. He wanted to be sure there was an understanding of payment and cartel, and by the looks of the Occheto boy, no one was quite sure.
"30,475 rubles," Alexander demanded, rubbing his hands together.
"Fifteen K," Cole said, at least confident in his currency converting skills, "I just need some validation."
"Validation?" Again Alexander looked confused and a bit flustered. Surely English wasn't his specialty.

Perhaps it would have been better if he had asked the girls to come along. More specifically, Aurora. She was of Russian descent and damn fluent in the language. Suddenly Cole felt like kicking himself in the ass for dragging Martin all the way out to deal with such things so early. He could have just asked of the paperwork and allowed the poor guy to get some rest for once in his life. Jackson was notably the only hard hand around, which made Cole nervous as it neared 4:30AM. Twitching, he grabbed for his phone and sent his sister a text. It was a last resort, and a fucking horrible one. But she could at least handle herself and keep her mouth shut. If no one spoke a word of it to Big Daddy, it would all be peachy keen.

Big Daddy would throw a fit like some sort of diva if he knew his son showed up after Suri and Jackson and then fell back on his baby sister for reinforcement. Antonio hated to see Maria get her perfectly dainty hands dirty; but to be fair the man was quite the contradiction. He threw her into a mess of drug dealings and weapon cartel, not to mention the murders, and treated her like an encased china doll.


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#, as written by RPGRosa
Julian Ortiz

His shirt was sticking to his skin when the sun finally decided to give in, shedding light across the pier. Julian pressed up against his hiding spot as the door to the parked car open, waiting a moment before peeking over the crates. If these were criminals, surely they would scan the area as soon as they stepped out the car. Julian squinted to make out the distant figures, but he knew as soon as Cole stepped out of the car that it was his cousin before him.

Julian cursed inwardly, carefully watching these people as they walked to the end of the pier. Julian used this as an opportunity to sprint forward, then taking refuge behind a row of crates. He had to crawl along the pier, peeking over now and then to see how close he was to the others. Once he was within earshot he halted, stilling his breath. His keen hearing could pick up on parts of the conversation, enough to know it was a deal going on. The other people sounded foriegn, possibly Russian. He couldn't place it from this distance.

Now what?
He wouldn't just hop out in front of all these criminals, attempt to make an arrest. That was just asking to get shot. But what was snooping doing for him? He knew deep down he couldn't turn over his family, so what did he think that eavesdropping on their internal affairs would do for him?

Rosalinda Romero

The baby took some great shots, but after about twenty minutes she got fussy and wouldn't even let her own mother change her outfit. They decided to work with the shots they had managed to catch and call it a day. Rosalinda texted Julian, "We're free! Come back my Prince". Julian had a much more sensitive side to himself that others often look over. They see a police officer with a great right hook and impeccable marksmanship and assume he is a tough man, and although this is the image Julian tries to portray, Rosalinda knew better. Julian had been a sucker since day one for the cheesy sweet things Rosalinda would do to keep Julian charmed. With other guys it had been because it was fun to make them her playthings, but with Julian it was because she wanted to make him smile, make him happy.

When he didn't reply at first, Rosalinda gave it some time and loaded all her equipment into the trunk, chatting mildly as the others left. Soon enough she was the only one left on the pier, and she had texted Julian already two more times.

Paranoia began to settle in, Rosa pulled her jacket around herself tighter, walking around the pier. "Julian?" She called out, seeing a ferry pull up to the dock in the distance. Maybe he had gone to look at the ferry? He was prone to random fascinations.

As she walked toward the ferry she withdrew her phone and called Julian's cell.

Julian Ortiz

Julian could recognize the woman with Cole, her picture had floated around the office as a potential drug dealer. Now her Julian wouldn't mind giving a hard time. However now a new figure was walking to the crowd. At first Julian didn't recognize Maria. It had been so long, and now she was a women, it was scary to Julian a little. The poor girl had seen so much by now, he was sure. He wondered if she ever smiled like she used to.

He relaxed against the crates, maybe he would just wait it out until they left. Who knew how long that would be. Rosalinda was going to start bitching at him when he went back. 'Aw shit, Rosa!' he thought, realizing that he had left his fiancé behind. As if his mere thoughts summoned her, the back pocket of his pants projected 'Call me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen' and in the moment he didn't even have time to get mad that Rosalinda had once again personalized her ring tone to an embarrassing song. He fumbled to get his phone out of his pocket, although it would be pure luck if no one had heard it yet. As if matters couldn't get worse, he couldn't get his phone out of his pocket so he had to weirdly press through the fabric to try and press the button to silence the phone. Sighing quietly he leaned back against the crates, readying his gun if needed be.
Calmed, he retried to withdraw his phone, succeeding this time. If this was his last incoming phone call, he damn well was going to answer. "Hey babe, I'll be right there, I love you." He said in a low voice, hanging up quickly. He returned his focus to the issue at hand.


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She settled into the coarseness of her seat. The brick wall was cold against her behind, half making her want to run back to her car and jack the heat up. At least the rain was subsiding a bit. The gunmetal tint to the weather and mist at the pier was sinister and eerie; she hated it. She adjusted some sunglasses on her nose, toning the atmosphere even darker.

Again her eyes ascended and descended, almost taking inventory of the people around. Nobody could be unaccounted for, that's how Cole and Maria kept getting themselves into disasters they had a little bit of trouble repairing. Tugging at her bracelet, she glanced up again just in time to see someone haring towards some crate. It didn't take long for it to click, the build of the man and the hair cut was all to familiar. "Julian," she breathed to herself, sighing uncomfortably. As if things couldn't get more awkward, his phone began to go off, ringing that obnoxious song she hated so much. The song alone literally made her punch her radio in the car. Anxiously Maria looked to the docks. They were too far off to hear the ringtone. The fog had even shrouded the mouth of the docks.

With an exaggerated eye roll, Maria rose to her feet as she crept towards the pyramid of crates her cousin was crouched behind. Though it wasn't easy to be a sleuth in her heels, she made off really well as she slunk behind the crates, just in time to catch him off guard. He was muttering into his phone, surely to Rosa. "This is just an educated guess," Maria started off quietly, not so much as looking into his face as she spoke, "But I'm going to wager that your little Rosa is in one of those anchored yachts doing a simply adorable photoshoot." With a dainty index finger, she pushed her sunglasses up over her eyes to perch them on her head. The shiner on her eye was exposed.

"Considering you know the family so well," Maria tugged at her jeans, fumbling with the waistband, "I have to wonder why you would let the love of your life stumble into a field of operations." Suddenly, the petite Italian woman drew the glock from her pants. She however, did not point it at her cousin. She merely looked down as it as she went on, not giving him the opportunity to speak, "On top of all of this," the gun slinging matron remarked, "I told you I never wanted to see you again." The same index finger that handled the sunglasses went to graze the barrel of the polished gun. Finally, her eyes met his, "So I'll make this as easy and clean for you as possible."

A pair of green eyes emerged from behind the crates, scanning the area and ensuring that when she waved towards the pier, no one waved back. It was a relief; no one could see her through that damn fog. But inevitably, they'd soon start wheeling their product down the planks and towards the vans at the entrance. Sliding back down behind the packing cases, she grinned childishly as she cocked the gun back, "Run along now Julian and either make haste getting the hell out of here in the next five minutes or taking refuge in that yacht like you're fucking Anne Frank and your life depends on it. Because really," she smoothed some hair from her bruised skin, "It does."


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#, as written by RPGRosa
Julian Ortiz

"This is just an educated guess."

He heard a lilting voice start, Julian instinctually aimed his gun at Maria, but slackened his grip on the weapon once his eyes met hers. The skin was bruised by her eye, but what really scared him was that her eyes had hardened over the years, surely because of the horrors other had exposed her too. Julian could here his mother scolding him in Italian, 'She is your baby cousin, save her!', he would have to pay her a visit soon.

As Maria mentioned Rosa's name and her photo shoot only yards away, Julian hardened his jaw. Rosa wasn't family to the Ochetto's, Julian feared this left her vulnerable to their wrath. Rosa had worked at the bistro for a year before Julian met her, but once Julian found out she made her quit immediately and take up another job. She never talked about it much, but Rosalinda kept a lot of things to herself. "You can believe I want to keep Rosa as far away from the Ochetto clan as possible." Julian said, watching as she withdrew her own Glock.

Julian stared at Maria with slight disbelief, in a way he wanted to cry. This was exactly Arabella feared, what she cried into the phone to her sister. Antonio had taken this beautiful, pure thing and twisted it into what stood before him. Julian heard her threats, and he couldn't believe his ears. As a Chicago cop for five years, Julian had witnessed some crazy things, but he had never been shocked by people's actions. However Maria stunned the man into speechlessness.

The stood in silence for a moment, guns faced at each other waiting for the other to move. Finally Julian spoke up. "I'll have you know Maria, I don't need to say anything. There are enough people talking already, it's only a matter of time your dad gets what coming to him, Maria. When are you going to realize your mother wanted more for you than this?"

Rosalinda Romero

Hey babe, I'll be right there, I love you. his words were short and low, and he snapped his phone quickly, before she had a chance to speak.

Rosa stood where she was for a moment, looking around. She remembered last time she was here, about two years ago. It was while she was working at Buca, with the Ochetto's. Although Julian would never know, Rosalinda had suffered the same fate as most Buca hires, an act to dirty their hands and seal their lips. A couple of times during a cocaine trade with Mexico, Rosalinda had been brought to the pier as a translator when Martin was off on other business.

Her eyes snapped to the ferry, tilting her head as her memory cleared. If she wasn't mistaken, the ferry was in the same dock Rosa had negotiated with the Mexicans at. "Oh, Dios mio! Jortiz!" she mumbled under breath, speed walking to the pier the ferry was parked. Before she got close enough, she ran into something else.

Rosalinda recognized Jackson immediately. He looked at her as if he was trying to place a face to the name, introducing himself as Chris. It was all she could do to not roll her eyes. The way she looked at it she could either fess up who she was, or play the same game. Rosa smiled sweetly, "I'm Lana, I'm a photographer for the Chicago Tribune. We're doing an article on the pier's history with original gangsters like Al Capone or Larry Hoover. You know, the real deal unlike all the wannabes out there now and days." She said with a light tone, laughing melodically. She lifted her camera from her hip, adjusting the strap across her body as she snapped a photo of Jackson. Looking back down to the camera Rosa smiled, "Wow, what a great shot! Maybe we'll put this on the front page. You wouldn't want that though would you, people recognizing your face from the piers?" Lana said knowingly, dropping her camera back down and continuing to walk in search of Julian as Jackson stayed in step with her.


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Jackson Hughes
It didn't take a brain surgeon, especially working with the Occheto's, for one to recognize the look of hesitance in another's eyes. Jackson nodded as Rosa went on, a faint memory of someone talking about a girl who helped translate for Mexican shipments flickering in his mind. He patted the pocket of his shirt, still damp from the weather and then riposted unexpectedly, "You'll have to send me a copy of that article." Her quips were appreciated and by no means over Jackson's head.

As she let the camera fall again and began in the direction of the ferry, Jackson stayed quickly in step. A few paces behind her, he reached over her head and snatched the camera and held it in the air, waving it far above her reach, "What makes you think the people who inhabit this pier are wannabes?" He teased her, proud of his height and arm's reach at that moment. Had it been a few months or even a year ago, he probably would have shot her in the face without thinking twice about it. His eager impulses had a tendency to get himself into trouble, and it looked like the Occheto family needed no more of that.

He began walking backwards, fiddling with the camera and popping the memory card out. Then, he raised the camera above his head again and brandished it in the bay's mist. It was better to kill time toying with the petite woman rather than kick her corpse into the bay and have to explain it later.

Maria Occheto
Julian had always been rather quick, diligent and a big softy underneath it all. Maria could only imagine the pangs of heartache he was feeling as he bumped heads with his baby cousin for the first time in years. Unknown to anyone, she was feeling the same amount of wrenching in her soul. "Yeah, yeah," Maria riposted to Julian's remark about Big Daddy more or less having it coming, "Tell me something I don't know, Jules." A smirk tugged at her lips and her eyes lowered to her gun once more.

A couple hundred feet away from the crates the two cousins were camouflaging themselves behind, the sound of boots on planks could be heard. It must have been Jackson. Or worse: one of the Russians. Maria bit at her lip and said steadily, "I hope Rosa didn't leave the boat. You'll both be killed." For a moment, her head tilted towards Julian, her neck resting against a crate. Her olive eyes cradled retracting pupils, a sign of her anxiety and worry for her own flesh and blood. But she'd never speak on it. Uneasily, she brought her quivery hand that held the gun to her face, as if to wipe away nervous sweat. Again she'd have to clean up a shit mess. "You better find her and drag her on home." Then, she rolled her shoulders and stormed away from her cousin without so much as a goodbye handshake.

Julian would be spared by Cole, but not the Russians. Especially if they found his badge. It seemed like the family couldn't catch a break lately. These little bumps in the road were turning into full fledged turnpike constructions and it was giving Maria a headache. As she hastened she was nearly sent sailing off of the marina and into the bay, catching herself on a post. She whipped around only to see Rosa herself, and Jackson walking away from her in all-too-familiar fashion. Above him, he wielded a large, exorbitant camera that undoubtedly belonged to her cousin's fiancé. Jackson stopped as Maria paced to where he stood, then handed her a small SD card. "Hm," Maria grunted a little as she looked at Rosa.

"Couldn't stay away, huh girl?" Maria laughed as she dropped the SD card onto a moldy plank and brought her five inch heel down on it. It burst, some shards of it descending between the timber and sinking into the bay. "I regret to inform you that we're not dealing with any cheap Mexican cartel today. So --- maybe next time?" Maria shoved past the woman with a sneer. She hurried in the direction of her brother, leaving the situation for Jackson to deal with. As she neared, she could make out Martin's voice speaking in different dialect.

[I should probably make an actual character profile for Jackson Hughes so it gets less confusing and we don't mistake him for the other Jackson from this RP.]


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#, as written by RPGRosa
Julian Ortiz

Maria blew him off, like he expected her to. Why wouldn't he just let him help her? It angered him a little, she was so Goddamn stubborn! Julian opened his mouth to speak, but the sound of footsteps nearby silenced him.

Maria craned her neck, as if to make out whose footsteps they were. "I hope Rosa didn't leave the boat, you'll both be killed." she said, her arm quivering as she lowered her gun, wiping her forehead. Julian couldn't tell if her arm had tired from holding the gun up for so long, or if she was conflicted with the same emotions as herself. Something about the way she threatened him with death made it seem like it wasn't a threat at all, like it would be out of her control.

Before he could ask she turned on her heels, walking away without so much as a "Nice seeing you, cuz!" Leaving Julian with his gun still in his hand and caught in between a rock and a hard place.

Rosalinda Romero

Jackson seemed to catch on fast, but Rosa had expected so much. What she had not expected was him snatching her camera, holding it way over her head. "Damnit, Jackson!" She said with annoyance, even with her heels Rosa's reach was pointless. She should've expected as much, she should've been less than a smart ass and not taken a picture, now her camera was on the line.

He began fiddling with it, asking her about her previous comment. As he walked backwards she followed, watching her camera carefully. "Mostly because I hear they make these kids they hire in their shops to do their dirty work." She quipped, seeing him successfully find her memory card. "Come on, I have pictures for my job on there." She began to plead, changing her tone, not that it'd be any help because at that moment Maria rounded the corner.

Maria and Rosa had gotten along well enough while Rosa worked at Buca, but hadn't talked since Rosa quit about two years ago. However Maria's look she gave Rosa showed that had a low level of tolerance, silencing the young lady.

Rosa watched as her memory chip was crushed under Maria's heel, and with it the pay check she expected to pay her phone bill that month. Maria made a smart comment and then marched off, probably to handle some deal. But there was still an issue at hand, "Whatever, can I just get my camera?" Rosalinda said, pouting a little at the situation. "And don't get all big headed thinking I'm snooping on all of you. I had a job on the boats, and Julian disappeared. I'm just looking for him." Rosa said, second guessing if she would even mention Julian.

Julian, only feet away, heard Rosa's voice, and just like that he was alert once again. Following the same path he saw Maria take, he rounded on Rosa facing someone Julian hadn't seen since high school. Julian lowered his gun, but still held it in his hand. "Hey Jax, long time no see." Julian said, walking to the other side of Rosa and shifting her so she was hidden behind him. She was so slight, she had to peek past his shoulder to still get a look on the situation.

Julian looked at the camera, "I see you have my fiancé's camera." he said, pushing Rosa back and gesturing for her to run. Rosa swatted away his hand in annoyance, "I'm not leaving you, Jortiz.", she said coldly, pressing herself against his back and burying her nose into the damp fabric of his shirt. It smelled like his cologne. Rosa let one of her arms wrap around his torso, pulling him close and letting her hand rest over his heart, as if that could protect him.

'Im getting sick of all these stubborn women.' Julian thought to himself, locking eyes with Jackson, "Look, Maria know's we were here, it was all a big misunderstanding. Rosa had a photo shoot here today, can you just make this easy for both of us, give us the camera and call it a day?" Julian would have just ran and forget about the camera, however it was a $1000 camera, an expense they didn't want to have to repeat. Julian felt Rosa's arm around him, anchoring him. "You know we won't say anything." Julian said, looking into Jackson's eyes with intensity.


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Suri Desmond

Suri stayed a bit back from Cole, Martin, and the Russians. She wanted to have her eyes everywhere and she couldn't do that if she was up there with them. She looked around the foggy air ans cracked her kneck, her hands were kept down at her side. She walked a bit back walking to make sure no one who shouldn't be here wasn't.

She watched as Maria walked by and ahe gave the woman a nod in respect then kept looking around. She really was hoping this would go smoothly she was definately not in the mood to be firing any guns this early in the morning. She then noticed Jackson standing with a couple, he was holding a camera and there was a guy that looked vaguely familiar. She walked a bit closer and saw the woman behind the guy and she let out a small chuckle.

"You have got to be shittin me! That couldn't be Rosalind Romero, its been awhile since I have seen your pretty face" her sunglasses concealed her eyes and she walked in confidence as she got closer. She remembered Rosalind from two years ago at Buca and also helping out with the deals. She looked to Jackson and gave him a sly grin then looked to the couple "you too good enough for us now Rosa, I thought we were friends?" she always got along with Rosa when she worked at Buca, the woman sure knew how to make her drinks. She cracked her neck once more before looking back at Jackson "having a little fun are you?" She asked as she motioned to the camera "a lovely camera that is, I bet its expensive isn't it?" She gave Rosa and the guy a look waiting to see what they had to say. Meanwhile her eyes drifted along the pier, still keeping her eyes open for any trouble.


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"So you dabble in gossip now?" Jackson mused, still swishing the expensive piece of technology in the air even as Maria smashed the memory card and carried on her merry way. "Gee, Rosa, I'm sure no one from Buca took you for that type of… Well… What would Maria call it?" He laughed a little, embarrassed to say it, "A basic bitch." He was joking, he had no true intentions of really hurting Rosa's feelings. In fact he was more or less poking fun at Maria.

Pressing the power button, he flicked through the images that were hosted on the camera itself. After reviewing them, he rolled his eyes with disappointed taste, "Damn, where's all the playboy stuff at?" As he lowered the camera from eye-level, he was met with the gaze of Julian Ortiz. It was funny to see him in the state of things as they were, knowing that they grew up together and ended up on completely different sides. Jackson had to burst into fits of laughter as Julian stepped in front of Rosa in such a cliche, valiant manner. He sure was a cop.

Then Rosa wrapped her arm around him as Julian made an obvious verbal observation. Suri also joined in on the little shindig, announcing her presence and basically checking out Rosa. Jackson shrugged his shoulders at Suri when she asked if he was having fun, which in all honesty he was.

For a moment, Jackson even contemplated keeping the camera just to screw with them and have Maria up in tumults. He'd been with Maria long enough in the past to know how she felt about Julian sticking his nose in her business. It would be one hell of a vengeance he came back with had he conspired a little longer. But, there was no time. And unless he wanted to end up dead, it probably wasn't a good idea.

"Think fast," Jackson said gruffly as he tossed the camera into the air in the direction of Julian. Then, without looking much at it, he continued past them towards the ferry, hoping Suri would follow and the heroic duo would mind their own business and go home. Men began rolling commodities down the harbor, shuffling quickly as the daylight came into play.


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#, as written by RPGRosa
Rosalinda Romero

As Julian negotiated for her camera, Rosalinda kept her eye on the camera. If Jackson were to drop the camera, Rosa would dive for the light box. He had already broke her memory card, what more would he want? Jackson wasn't always the most reasonable sort, sometimes he just did things like this for fun, Rosa remembered.

Then she heard yet another familiar voice, "You've got to be shitting me, that couldnt be Rosalinda Romero? It's been a while since I've seen your pretty face" she heard, snapping her attention down the dock. Julian remained still, hardened and gaze on Jackson. He had the barrel of his gun facing the wooden pier, it didn't feel right to point it to the people of his past. He glanced at Suri as she yelled out the name of his love, catching Rosa's attention.

As Rosa meant to step from behind Julian and towards Suri, she felt Julian's arm grip her arm forcefully. She looked at him with confusion, but his eyes never left Jackson. From where she stood she looked at Suri, "Yea, it has been a while." she offered weakly, earning a glare from Julian. He could be so protective sometimes.

"You too good for us, Rosa? I thought we were friends?" Suri joked, and Rosa could feel Julian tense next to her. When he forced Rosa to quit Buca, he also forbade her to associate with any of them, but Suri was someone she would've liked to keep in touch with. The woman was always so charming and sweet, and she had beautiful tattoos and a bad ass attitude. She remembered when Suri would sit at the bar and the two would joke and flirt, talk about tattoos and people. Suri never asked invasive questions, like others, and Rosa had always appreciated that in her. At the time, she had considered Suri her friend, but what would Julian think of that.

Now Suri noticed Rosa's camera, complimenting it in what Rosa was sure was genuine but just irritated her a little. Suri asked about the price, Rosa shrugged instinctually. "It wasn't cheap if that's what you mean. Paid a pretty penny or two." she said, trying to appear nonchalant.

Then, suddenly, Jackson said "Think fast" throwing the camera at Julian's chest. He fumbled to holster his weapon in time to catch the camera, but as it hit his chest he was t prepared, letting it fall. Then reaching around, Rosa managed to catch ahold of the shoulder strap of the camera. She watched as the contraption halted just inches above the pier, she breathed with relief. When she looked up, Jackson was walking away and Julian had withdrawn his weapon once more. He immediately began moving. "Lets go." he said, clearing around the corner to make sure they were clear to run.

Rosalinda looked to Suri, wishing she could come up with something to say. Julian would pull her away soon, she was sure. Wordlessly Rosa handed Suri her cars, it only had her name and number on it, with a Polaroid icon in the bottom left corner of it. "We should hit the bars together text-" she stopped talking once Julian returned. He glared at Suri, then Rosa, strong arming her so she was to the right of him. Rosa looked to Suri as if to say 'sorry', letting Julian drag her away.

He made her run, which he knew she hated, but he left her no option. They ran all the way back to his squad SUV, he didn't hesitate to turn the car on and gun off. Rosa shut off the radio, silence was her best bet right now. The tension was so thick in the car, she felt like she could cut through it. Julian was a ticking time bomb, and Rosa had to diffuse him.


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Upon her arrival at the ferry, Cole turned to her with a hand already extended. The gun wedged in the back of her pants was grinding her skin in all the wrong ways. It was really hard not to walk funny because of it, but she still managed some eloquence as she made fluent, long hip-swinging strides. She stopped short, ready to grab her brother's hand.

Maria fought the urge to throw up in her mouth as the Russian with icy eyes addressed her, holding her hand in his. In return, she did not grasp his hand for a shake, only let it seize her pint-sized fingers. Helplessly, they twitched in the stranger's palm as she fronted a genial yet sultry smile, "Who's magnificent? You, right?" Alexander held onto her hand, as if savoring the moment. From the corner of her eye, she could see her brother growing antsy and irate beside Martin.

Her thoughts were in shambles, scattered all over the place like lost puzzle pieces. In spite of knowing why Julian was at the pier, she still felt like he was snooping. Her mind couldn't quite clutch the fact that she had actually seen him after all those years. Probably mentally wandering too far off, she was surprised when Alexander attempted to draw her in. The bewildered Italian girl looked at her brother with confusion, hoping he'd say something. He stood uncomfortably still and silent, undoubtedly not wanting to cause some sort of violent misunderstanding. Maria nearly choked on her own bile as Alexander embraced her, muttering something in Russian. Over his shoulder, she crossed her eyes and mimicked vomiting to Martin and Cole.

For what seemed like years, the perverted old freak held onto her. When he finally let her go, she was sure she stunk of Russian cigars and Dovgan. "Magnificent," Alexander repeated, as if inhaling the scent of Maria. She laughed, trying to be as charming as possible while veiling her true thoughts about the situation. Endeavoring to side step the entire awkward encounter, she was caught again by Alexander's hand which looped around her waist. Tugged towards him, she exhaled unhappily but still wore her white grin. From the awkward forced motions, her sunglasses again fell onto her face and shielded her eyes.

"We should all celebrate," Alexander announced, but moreso into Maria's ear. It chilled her spine. She would have wriggled, flailing her arms and squealing had she been alone. She anticipated taking dozens of showers before she would consider herself freed of the grime she was being coated in. Cole shook his head, politely saying something about being short on time. Kazimir looked down at Alexander, winking a little. There was an intolerable silence lingering between both sides; Maria stood with the Russians while Cole and Martin stood a few feet away. Faintly in the distance, vans shutting their doors could be heard. Alexander and Kazimir's men loaded back up onto the ferry.

With a great yank, Alexander unexpectedly began to drag Maria towards the boat. At first, she laughed. She squirmed a bit and replied to his brute action, "Afraid I'm not part of this trade, dear." Thrashing more as she became uncomfortable, she kicked her legs and looked up at the man restraining her, her jade eyes overwrought. "Мы берем то, что мы хотим," Alexander said as Kazimir paused, grabbing Maria's chin and forcing her to look at him.

If her jaw wasn't restricted in such a way, she would have spat in his face. Cole's hands fumbled, unsure if he should just shoot the men. She knew his hands were tied especially in the state of recent events, but she wanted to scream at him. She hoped it was all some stupid joke. Breathing like a cornered animal as she looked up to meet Kazimir's eyes, she struggled against Alexander's grip. He released her jaw, pulling out a gun with such precision she couldn't administer any thought process. He pointed it in the direction of Cole and Martin while his free hand tugged at the button clasps on Maria's shirt.

Suddenly, Maria released this ungodly, guttural scream as one of her elbows caught Alexander in the face. Being humiliated in front of family and fellow employees was one thing. Hell, even dealing with the death of someone she endeared was. But paying a price of sexual assault for being born into a crime family wasn't going to happen. If it was, she'd be dead long before it occurred. Alexander stumbled for a moment and reached a hand for her throat, beginning to strangle her and yell disjointed english words mixed with spatters of Russian explicatives. Blood flew from his injured lip, mottling Maria's throttled neck.

Oxygen stopped flowing to her brain, and even with her natural instinct being to grab her gun, her muscles were without notice entirely exhausted. Sputters and noises escaped her throat as her face turned a hue of purple, her hands grasping at empty air. Half of her shirt relented, her tan, heaving torso partially exposed.


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Suri Desmond

Suri looked over to Rosa as the woman responded, she notice the guy tense and she had to laugh "you got an uptight boytoy there Rosa" she pulled a smoke from her pocket and lit it up "way too long there Ro, way too long". Suri wasn't one that just forgive a person if they walked out on her life, if they didn't want to be friends she would have liked them to tell it to her face then just leave without saying anything. For her she was upset with Rosa but no one would know because they wouldn't be able to see her eyes.

She watched as Jackson threw the camera and it hit the guy right in the chest, she laughed and was about to turn around to follow Jackson but she met Rosa's eyes. She watched as the guy walked away but Rosa stood there looking at her then handing her a card, Suri took it and looked at it. She then met the womans eyes once more as she said they should hit the bars but the guy came back over amd Rosa coulsn't finish. She made sure the two left before she turned to follow the way Jackson went.

As she walked back towards the deal she saw the vans being brought back onto ferry, the deal must of went well. As she got closer though something seemed off, then she heard a scream, a familiar one. "Maria". She wanted to run but she knew that might not be the best idea until she knew what she was running into. She walked onto the side of the pier and got close enough as she ducked behind a couple of boxes. She saw Maria being man handled by one of the russians and this made Suri pissed. She looked around trying to find a way in unseen. She saw a way but knew it could put her in a bad predicament but she didn't care at the moment, all she cared about was saving Maria.

There was the last van being drove to the ferry she ran beside it until she was behind the Russians. She looked to Cole, her jaw was tensed. She took the gun from her jacket and ran up behind the Russian that was holding Maria. She put one of her arms quickly around the Russians kneck and held the gun to his head, squeezing her arm tight around the mans kneck. She was glad she was tall. "Look you got two options here asshole, you let her go and I let you go or you don't let her go and I shoot your dumb ass brains out. What will it be?" She whispered in the mans ear giving a tighter squeeze around the mans kneck.

She could hear commotion behind her from the ferry and she knew she didn't have much time.


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#, as written by RPGRosa
Julian Ortiz & Rosalinda Romero

He was speeding through the pier, making sharp turns and hitting the pavement at 80mph, bouncing at the transition of the road. Rosalinda had already put on her seatbelt, one hand gripping the door and the other over her heart. "Damnit, Julian, they let us go. What are you speeding from?" she snipped, trying to not let the anxiety that was building in her chest reflect in her voice.

Julian snapped his neck to look at her, looking back and forth from the road before shouting. "Oh I don't know, maybe the cold blooded killers who had the opportunity to end both our lives." He said, voice dripping with sarcasm. Rosa rolled her eyes, he could be such a child sometimes.

"I'm not trying to start an argument, I'm just saying slow down."

"Then why don't you just say slow down, why do you pretend like your stupid and ask what am I running from?"

"I didn't ask who you were running from, I asked what you were speeding from, there's a diff-" Julian didn't let Rosa finish her thought.

"Damnit Rosa don't get technical with me!" He was shouting now, thundering his palm down on the steering wheel of the car in anger, "You want me to slow down?" he continued, pushing on the accelerator. He looked over to Rosa. She had been rendered into silence, hands folded in her lap and looking down. She ignored his question, angering him further. Julian continued to speed up, looking back and forth from Rosalinda to the road.
"Just say the word and I'll slow down, Rosa. Just tell me to slow down, the right way."

Rosa kept her eyes trained down, there was no talking to Julian when he got like this. He had always been the one people depend on, Julian never had someone who he could trust to see his dark side until Rosa. Luckily it had been back roads so far, but soon they would be among others, would he still need to prove his point then? The whole time he was yelling, she had stopped listening, tuning him out. As if sensing this, Julian roughly grabbed her chin, turning her face so she would look at him. She kept her eyes low, "Mira me, Rosalinda!" he demanded, she struggled to pull away, but he didn't let her, stretching his fingers so they cradled her jaw. "DAMNIT ROSA LOOK AT ME!" he yelled, slamming on his brakes at close to 100mph.

Rosalinda felt her seatbelt lock as inertia jolted her forward, seeing Julian's chest hit the steering wheel, sounding off the horn. He still held her face, placing the car in park with his free hand. She knew this wasn't about what she said, this was about seeing his cousin and realizing who she had become. This was about Rosa looking around for him and getting them into a horrible situation with Jackson. This was about talking to that woman Suri like she was a friend to her.

But for now, it was about her looking at him.

She weakly brought her eyes to his, controlling her hands from trembling. He stared into her eyes angrily, silent for a few moments. What was he looking for? Her eyes weren't what he was expecting, where he expected adoration, he saw fear and submission. He released her, widening his eyes. "Fuck, no, Rosa I'm so sorry." he finally spit out, burying his face in his hands.

Rosa waited a moment before rubbing his back in a soothing manner. "It's okay Jortiz, at least now you know when it happens." she said, biting back the tears.

He sat up, looking to the pier. "I was just so overwhelmed...seeing Maria- it was freaky." he explained. Rosa nodded, understanding what he meant by it being freaky. The Maria he had described knowing was freaky to Rosa.

Her fingertips brushed through his hair, "It is family, I know you miss them." he nodded in agreement, leaning into her hand. It was strange how it was like nothing even happened between them. "You can't always be the hero." she added, tracing a finger along his jawline and down his neck. Then holding his hand, Rosa leaned over to kiss Julian gently, just shy of his lips.

Rosa knew exactly how to sooth him, he was like putty in his hands. As she leaned over to kiss him, she smelled like cherries and something floral. He looked over to her, "I just feel so worthless. I'm supposed to be a police officer, but I just walked away from it and let it happen? I shouldn't even have this badge." he withdrew his badge from his pocket, throwing it onto the dashboard.

Tentatively, Rosa grabbed his badge, fingers running over the molding and etching. It gave her an idea, making her excitedly look at Julian. "Lets do it, then!" Julian looked at her with confusion. She continued, "Lets go do what the police does, and bust those suckas!" she said, thrusting the badge in his face.

Julian took the badge into his hands, a slight smile tugging at the corner of his lips as he looked down to it. He seemed to consider the option, much to Rosa's disbelief. It seemed like a few minutes passed before he looked over at Rosa, smiling broadly. "You're right, lets do this!" he enthused, switching on his lights and sirens, turning the car around.

Rosa hadn't expected so much, but she was just going to go with it. He sped down the pier once more, but this time it was less terrifying and more exciting. She blasted the radio, the two of them looking at each other with cheesy smiles and a twinkle in their eyes. They pulled onto the scene, expecting to see a scatter of criminals, but what they saw instead was much more interesting.

It seemed like there had been a brawl, everyone was scattered across the end of the pier with guns out and Cole was bashing a mans head into the pier. Julian could hear Rosa curse beside him.

He withdrew the receiver for the intercom system, taking a deep breath before saying calmly, "This is the police, you are surrounded." he paused, handing Rosa a gun he had wordlessly as she asked for one in persistent whispers. He continued to speak, "Seperate from the American's and return to the ferry, leave your weapons." he added, Rosa nodding in approval giving him a thumbs up. He smiled at her, amused, and she smiled back, patting his knee reassuringly.


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Skye Keaton

Skye looked to Kat as she explained that she was an exotic dancer, this made her give a once over look of the woman in front of her "your very pretty..I bet you have tons of people watching you" she doesn't know where that came from but she blushed and looked down at the table. "They aren't exactly my friends...they are just the people I work for...I don't know how I got into the mess..." she quickly put her hand over mouth and cursed softly as she looked away. Please don't question that...please don't she thought to herself. She suddenly felt a burst of tiredness and her faced showed it, under her eyes were dark and a bit droopy.

As Kat looked at her sketchbook she fiddled with the bottom of her shirt, her right leg bouncing just a little. It took everything in her from grabbing her sketchpad and running out of the place. The woman doesn't even know she is talking to a killer...a murderer. Her eyes blurred with tears and she took a deep breath in then let it out.

As Kat commented on her work a pink tint shaded onto her cheeks and she mumbled a thankyou in a soft voice, her hand running through the ends of her hair nervously. What Kat said next caught her off guard and she became speechless, she eyed the crumpled ball of paper and opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. Her heart started to beat faster then normal, looking at Kat her eyes held a scared look to them. She started to panic, her body started to shake, she didn't know what to do. She was starting to have a break down.

Her eyes went to her only escape, the doorway, which a few people just walked in. She felt like she couldn't breathe, everything was finally catching up with her. She needed air. She looked at Kat once more then bolted out of her seat and out the door, she turned right and then ran into an alleyway which was empty. She crumpled down to her knees as she took short rapid breaths in, she still felt like she was suffocating. She even forgot her sketchpad, bag, and that crumpled piece of paper inside the cafe.

Suri Desmond

As Suri kept the russian dude in a choke hold and her gun to his head she felt something familiar be pushed against her head "ah you got to be fucking kidding me" she muttered out loud. "Okay boys I guess you want to do this the hard way". She moved her gun hand down and was about to reach for the knife in her sleeve when she felt the air get kicked out of her. Her head slammed down against the wood and she took a sharp intake of air.

Once she could think clearly she stood up, her legs a bit wobbily, what she saw made her laugh. Cole was just slamming his fists into the russian dude that was holding Maria. She then looked for the guy that held a gun to her head. This dude was in for it, she didn't give a fuck if she got in trouble. No one holds a gun aginst Suri Desmond's head and gets away with it.

She saw the man laying on the ground, his gun a few feet away from him. She walked over to him and then stood over his body " 'ello handsome" she said sarcastically not giving a damn if he understood or not. She leaned down and gripped the guys shirt and grabbed her extra gun from the back of her pants and held it to his head "so how do you fucking like it? huh? having a gun pushed against your head. I could blow your brains out right here..but..." she brought the gun back and looked at the guy with her different colored eyes, her sunglasses fallen off somewhere when she fell. "I think I would love to have you suffer just a bit.." she heard a car but paid no attention to it. Her mood has went dark and she had some matters to take care of.

She held the gun to the guys right forearm "I got shot in the same place last night, let me tell you...it hurts like a bitch!" She then pulled the trigger of the gun and blasted a hole throught the guys arm point blank. She then did the same thing to his thigh. "That will teach you not to fuck with me". She then got up and walked over to where Maria was, she kneeled down by the woman and checked for a pulse. "Maria..Maria can you hear me sugar?" She pulled off her jacket and put it over Maria's tophalf.

She then heard the words of a cop and she muttered a few swears under her breath "Maria we need to get out of here". Her arm and head was aching but she didn't care, she just knew that they had to leave...soon.


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Maria's lime, nearly lifeless eyes wheeled around in her skull as she recognized Suri's voice. Her senses were dulled and blurry, her muscles ceasing to react to any violent attack made on her as she went slightly limp. The sky overhead once again turned inky as her mind fell under the power of hallucination induced by lack of air circulation. Her torso quaked with uneasiness, her abdomen buckling all at once as it was bare and exposed.

She blacked out when she hit the planks, only coming to when her eyes rapidly blinked at the sound of her brother screaming something. The noises and words were fuzzy as she rolled on the docks, her hands rubbing at the tender flesh of her neck. The mystified young lady looked around, scraping her body against the rough timber. A short distance away was Kazimir, the man who had attempted to strip her publicly. He was fumbling and grasping for his gun. On the other side of her, she heard Suri scrambling.

"Oooh," Maria groaned, the reanimated brain cells in her head throbbing from sudden flux of oxygen and pressure. Her eyes batted vigorously as she continued to teeter around on the boards, nearing the edge without knowing it. Her back hit a post just as her eyes were forced to face cudgeling water below. "Oh." She remarked almost sleepily, her palms grasping the very last margin of wood before the water. "Shit." Her voice was plain and unenthused as she realized she was just inches from tumbling into the bay in her half-conscious state.

She was sure she heard her cousin's voice blaring a warning. Her tired face cracked a smile beneath the sunglasses that still lingered on her face. You could always count on family. Hazily, she could make out the voice of Suri threatening one of the Russians indubitably. The small Italian ingenue lay there, dangling over the water laughing out loud. "Oh Suri," she said to herself, not aware no one was listening, "You're such a trouble maker." Her eyes closed again as she tried to regain a sense of focus. She had even fallen into a brief sleep, but was awoken by Suri hovering over her. "Hey," she crooned to her friend, "Hmmm."

Again she started to chuckle a little as she sat up, rubbing her head. Her throat felt coarse internally, her vocal chords strained whenever she spoke. Lying on the ground squalling was Kazimir, to which Maria grunted, "Huh. Ain't that a bitch." The man clambered to his feet, looking around with uncertainty.

Jackson Hughes
He hadn't realized he lingered there after Suri, Rosa and Julian left. Idly, his hand searched his pocket again for a cigarette but came up empty. It wasn't until he heard Maria's screaming that he booked it towards where the ferry was anchored. When he reached the quarrel, he slid to a halt, nearly falling right on top of Cole and Alexander. The Russian's face was almost an unrecognizable bloody pulp. "Man," Jackson intervened once, putting a hand on his friend's shoulder.

"Come on man, ease the fuck up!" Jackson tore Cole from the blubbering, whining man. Upon the announcement of the police being present, Alexander attempted to stand but fell hopelessly on his ass, his eyes too swollen to see. Cole tried to kick at the man's ribs, to which Jackson held him back. "This fucking scumbag tried to take Maria hostage or some shit," Cole yelled, kicking at the air as Jackson pulled him away. Heeding to that comment, Jackson's eyes trailed in another direction where Maria lay, topless.

Then he looked at Martin, a little angry that he just stood there the entire time. Well, in retrospect, Jackson was angry at himself for not being there. It wasn't Martin's job to enforce or handle. He was more of a bystander than anything. Sighing, Jackson dragged Cole past Martin and set him few feet away from the translator, "Just relax." Kazimir finally scrobbled to his partner, dusting him off and hastily getting them onto the ferry. Remarkably, none of their henchmen had come to betide.

Grimacing, he looked over his shoulder at Maria. His face crumpled as he looked at her bruised throat and the way she was draped in Suri's coat. He knelt beside her and snatched up her shirt, putting a hand to her face, "Hey," he said smiling, "You okay kid?" She simpered a little, nodding up at him. He nodded to Suri, trusting she had it under control. He handed the shirt over to Suri. As much as he wanted to scoop Maria up and take her home, he had other things to tend to. When the ferry was a safe distance away, a bullet struck the post beside Cole.

The wood splintered violently, causing the Occheto boy to shield his face with his forearm and yell, "Fucking pansies!" Faint laughter could be heard from the boat, as if the Russians thought it was all some sort of game. The mist finally broke away, the bay eating it up hungrily. The pier could clearly be seen from leagues away now. Jackson grinned, rolling his eyes as he strode past his friend and back to his truck. When he opened the door, he found Maya bare and scrunched up in his seat. He raised a brow, figuring his morning didn't end half bad on reexamination. Quietly he crawled into the driver seat and towards a hotel.

With a screeching halt, the truck pulled up in front of a Sheraton. It was Maria's place of choice, which somehow rubbed off on Jackson. Pulling a spare coat from behind his seat, he cloaked Maya in it as he tried to wake her, "Hey." His large hand grasped her shoulder, shaking her softly.


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#, as written by RPGRosa
Rosalinda Romero & Julian Ortiz

The fog cleared, and on the pier was all familiar faces that only moments ago had been binded up with some sleazy Russians. Rosa looked over at Julian, he stared out to his cousins, a look of confusion and restraint on his face. She leaned across the space between them, resting her weight on his shoulder. Her fingers played with his hair once more, tickling over the tips of his ears and running them down his neck. This was too much for him all in one day, although Rosa knew he was contemplating walking out onto that pier, no good would come of it. They were pumped with adrenaline and not of right mind, delicate matters like the Ochetto-Ortíz conflict was to be handled lightly.

She made a trail of kisses along his jaw line, stopping by his ear lobe. "I want to tear all your clothes off right now, in front of all these people." She whispered, biting his ear lobe gently. Her approach wasn't intended to be shy, it was meant as a distraction, redirect him to home sweet home.

Julian looked at Rosa with mild surprise, although he wasn't sure why. Rosa always had this spontaneous way about her, in every aspect of her life. He glanced once more to his cousins, although he wanted to say something, maybe 'are you okay' or 'everything cool', but it was clear he wasn't wanted. Why waste time on people who didn't need his type of help? There was a beautiful woman next to him who had everything he ever needed in life.

Julian smiled at Rosa wholly, kissing her gently. "Behave little bear." he said affectionately, she pouted slightly, returning to her own space and to her phone. Julian shook his head, the girl was still young in so many ways, sometimes he felt like he was out of place for expecting her to make mature decisions. He reached over to her thigh, massaging it sensually, winking at her playfully. "Don't be such a baby." he joked.

Julian looked back to the crowd, he couldn't let them off that easy, he decided. Once again he grabbed the receiver, lowly speaking into it. "These piers will be listed as a high risk area, increasing the amount of patrols. I suggest you take your business elsewhere." There was a disciplinarian tone to his voice, like a father scolding his children. His window was rolled down, giving him a clear view to them as he turned the car around. As if to say good bye he gestured sharply into the air in a half wave half salute hybrid, bleeping his siren once more as he drove off.

He didn't speed on their way back, instead the couple held hands the whole time back to the house, not even saying a word. They didn't have to. Julian and Rosalinda long ago had found comfort in the silence they shared, cherished them as much as their conversation. There was something extremely satisfying in being so content just by being next to someone. Once they got to the house, Julian refused to let Rosa open her own door. Instead he came around to the other side, opening the door for her.

Rosa smiled coyly, "Ever the gentleman," she said airily as she stepped from the car, gently resting her hand on his chest, "Were you going to practice carrying me bridal style?" she hinted, winking. Julian contemplated this, rubbing his biceps in thought as if they were sore. Finally he shook his head seriously, folding his arms.

Rosa gave him a dead pan expression, then rolling her eyes and walking away in a huff toward the front of the house. Julian always had a way to ruin the picture perfect moments. She only made it three feet before Julian swept in from behind, tackling her around her hips and throwing her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Immediately Rosa began to struggle, "Damnit Julian, you know I hate this shit! I swear it's like you like to get me Mad! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!...." and so began her chant.

Julian chuckled, she wasn't wrong exactly. He didn't exactly like to get her mad, but he did love pushing her buttons. She was so cute when she got all wound up, he just wanted to smother her with his lips until she shut up. He fiddled with the keys at the door, trying to restrain her with just one arm. As he struggled to turn the lock, Rosalinda tugged from his hold, feeling herself start to fall flat on her side. Julian released the keys, using both his arms to regain a hold on her again, spanking her butt playfully. "Next time you do that, I'm going to let you fall." he warned.

After that Rosa went limp, he had a point, she should know by now that she just wasn't going to win this battle. He smirked, shaking his head as he opened the door into their home.

Their alarm went off, and carrying Rosa the whole time, Julian disalarms the system. He moves to the kitchen, throwing his keys into the key drawer and hits the answering machine to play the messages. He pours himself a glass of juice as be listens to them.

"Uhm.....hello?" Rosalinda spoke out, trying to hoist her upper body up into the air. As she did so, Julian slackened his grip around her, letting her think she was falling until he wrapped his arms around her once more. He held her close to his torso, crushing her under his arms. Sloppily he kissed her, making her cringe away. "Oh now you're just being a pest."

Julian smiled again, finally letting Rosalinda stand on her own two feet. The petite girl raked her claws across the back of Julian's neck, biting her lip suggestively. "I'm really in the need of an hour in the jacuzzi." she said, stripping as she walked toward the door to the back deck.

Julian didn't hesitate to follow.


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Character Portrait: Julian Ortiz Character Portrait: Rosalinda Romero

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#, as written by RPGRosa
Julian Ortíz & Rosalinda Romero

As the world moved around them, Julian and Rosa found themselves in their own little world, making their home their playground. They played in the hot tub, in the kitchen, on the stairs and finally in the bedroom. Once they finally collapsed next to each other, it had seemed like they could've shot a whole movie. Julian closed his eyes, his breathing shallow and stretching his arms over his head, yawning. Rosa couldn't help but to laugh to herself, of course Julian was about to fall asleep. Rolling over so she was on her side, facing Julian, teasing him, "Did I wear you out, hot shot?"

He peeked an eye open, looking at Rosalinda as if she had just told a dumb joke. She stared back, as if challenging him. Finally he closed his eye again, and Rosa rested her head on his chest, sighing in comfort. Julian reached his arm around her, pulling her naked body closer to his. Affectionately he kissed the top of her head, "I really am sorry for how I yelled at you earlier, Little Bear." he sounded genuine, but Rosa couldn't help but to want to brush him off. He had said sorry more than enough times, but it was the change that Rosa was looking for. His anger was something he only let Rosa see, before that he would keep his dark side locked away and let it spoil him from within.

Rosa had once read a quote saying that love was knowing someone's demons and still wanting to be with them. With Julian it was so much more than that, his demons were what drew her in. Everyone looked at him and saw a man who was put together, level headed, reliable, honest. Rosa saw him for who he was; hurt, possessive, short tempered, angry. When his father left all those years ago, he left Julian to be the man of the house wondering what he did wrong to chase his father away. Rosa wanted to mend Julian's wounds, fill the hole his father left behind. To fix him.

She settled her head against his chest, comforted by the rise and fall of his rib cage and he breathed. Eventually she could feel him drift off into sleep, wishing she could lay there with him forever. He had been able to call the day off, Rosalinda had errands to run before her shift at the Kinetic Playground, a bar just across from a concert hall. Her boss was Jimmy, a man who did some business with the Ochetto's. People often meandered into the bar, pawning off jewelry they stole from some local.

He had known Rosalinda from his visits to the Buca restaurant, or at Windy City where she'd pick up shifts as needed. When he ran into her at a different bar, he offered her better pay and other benefits if she worked at his own bar. It was hard to say no, so when she took his offer she omitted his ties to the Ochetto's to Julian.

Carefully she detached herself from him, but it was no use, he was such a light sleeper. Rousing from his nap he looked over to Rosalinda as she swung her legs over the side of the bed, sitting up. The blanket fell from around her as she got up, walking out the room and into the bathroom. Julian stared at her naked glory, grinning victoriously. Rubbing his belly with contentment, he settled back into the bed and drifted off.

Rosa let the water run cold in the shower, stepping in only to rinse herself, hopping out as her body began to shiver. The cold water felt refreshing, tightening her body so she didn't feel as worn out. She wrapped a fresh towel around herself, walking into her closet. Setting her iPhone on the iHome system, Ellie Gouldings voice singing over the speakers.

Because Rosa didn't intend on returning home before she went to her job, she had to dress to be behind the bar. She took her time doing her hair and make up, changing into a slouchy knit sweater and jean shorts. Once she was done she walked back into their bedroom, at this point Julian was snoring on the bed. She grabbed long black stockings from her drawer, silent as a mouse as she slipped out of the room.

She was sneaking around the apartment, constantly checking over her shoulder as she went back into her closet. Locking the door behind her, Rosalinda felt like a kid hiding from their parent. She went to her vanity, grabbing a painted glass jar, opening it cautiously. A skunky scent drifted from the jar, revealing a stash of marijuana. Quickly, Rosa rolled a joint, sticking it in her back pocket and hiding her supplies once more.

Before going to the back porch, she double checked that Julian was fast asleep, grabbing her lighter on her way out back. She had a feeling that Julian knew that she still smoked, on occasion. But she preferred to keep it hidden from him. It wasn't worth the lecture to let him know.


She got comfortable on the ledge, folding her legs and cracking the window. As she sparked the joint, she inhaled the smoke, careful not to cough. Sitting there, Rosa let her worries melt away. No one ever cared before about what she did with her life, it was hard to adjust to Julian having such a strong opinion in hers. Casually resting against the wall she ran a hand through her dark tresses.

As she finished the joint, neatly she unfolded her legs, standing on her own two feet. She looked at the time, she wasn't running too late. Grabbing her bag and Nikon 300, Rosalinda put on her loosely tied combat boots and grabbed her house keys, walking out the door. She headed toward the nearest Elevated Train stop, scanning her Chicago card and breezing through the entrance.

The train took several minutes to pull into the station, and when Rosa got onto the train she chose to stand to avoid sharing a seat with a stranger. The rocky train zoomed through the city, rushing Chicagoans to their destination.


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Katherine Valle

After breakfast was done and over with, Kat hung out with Skye for the rest of the day, watching TV and just relaxing. With a look at the time she jumped up. "Crap, forgot I got work!" She wasn't going to be late, just not as early as she would have liked to be, its easier for her to do herself up in the changing room and she liked to give herself plenty of time for it. Today she had no choice because she had yet to grab her things from that room she was renting. "Hey Skye, do ya mind if I grab a shower?" After she got permission she took a moment to understand the hot and cold functions, and hopped in for a quick wash.

After she got out she dried off, she would style her hair at Windy City so she just did a quick blow dry. After she redressed Kat emerged and returned to the living room. "I'm gonna leave my laptop here, feel free to play on it, just don't go through my pictures. If ya get bored why don't ya swing by? I'll make sure ya get treated real nice." Kat winked at her new roomie and ran out the door. Jumping in her little blue car she drove off.

Arriving at Windy City she parked in her usual spot. Entering the building she was met by loud music and the smell of booze. Kat quietly made her way to the back but her body recognized where she was, her hips swayed to the pounding bass and her strut did not go unrecognized. Kat was letting Kitten take over, and Kitten was well liked by the patrons of Windy City.

In he dressing room she found her stripping outfit, a sexy little leather number equipped with kitty ears, a collar, fingerless gloves and thigh-high stiletto boots


Both men and women alike went crazy when she put this on, and she found herself wondering what Skye would think of it. A part of her wanted her to show up tonight, watch her show. After stripping down and redressing in her leathers she sat down to do her hair and make up. After she looked purrfectly sinful she decided to wander around for a bit, see who else would be dancing tonight.

Makenzie Williams

Afte a while of watching TV, Kenzie's phone went off, and moments later, so did Maxxie's. She walked to the counter and sighed "If your not gonna wake me up, at least take your phone you silly girl.......god forbid something happen and you be without it." Kenzie checked hers first, seeing a message from Julian, the only person wh{i]"o knew who they really were, seems they would be having dinner this evening at a discreet restaurant called La puerta. Checking Maxxie's phone she found the same message.

After Kenzie made her way back to the couch her little sister returned with a small bag. "Welcome back." The welcome held a tone of hostility to it, Maxxie knew that she should have been more careful, and the fact that she didn't specify location or take her phone had really gotten under Kenzie's skin. "Where ya been? And how come you didn't take your phone? You know this town is dangerous and your in no condition to be venturing off alone without the ability to contact authorities, help, or me if anything had happened to you." She softened her tone a bit when she spoke the real reason behind her anger "I don't know what I woulda done if you didn't come home....I can't lose you too.....and I never want to see you layin in another hospital bed again unless your gonna make me an aunt....I don't mean to sound like some wet blanket mother hen, I'm just worried about ya sis."

After having breakfast Kenzie informed Maxxie about their dinner date with the cop. [i]"Its gonna happen at 4 at a place called La puerta. Not many people go there so we can talk about the Occheto's recent activities and what we need to do to infiltrate them, hopefully I can get into Buca's but if not, we'll need a backup plan."
Kenzie and Maxxie wasted the time away just hanging around the apartment, playing around with Bindi and getting ready. When the time came, the girls grabbed their cell phone and headed to the car.

Demitria Lawrence

After Suri gave Demitria the drug she slowly began to come around. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm thanks Pulse......fucking rehab again, dumb-asses." Sitting up she felt the crank take full effect and smiled before looking down at the plain clothing and making a face. "Look at this shit they give me to wear......and they got my fucking hoodie and my spikes. What the hell are my parents thinking?" After a moment she realized Suri's hand was over hers, this made her smile even more. Demi always had a spot for Pulse, she had a high school crush on her but never said anything, Suri was the kind of girl who could have had anyone she wanted, so Demi doubted she'd ever have a chance with the dealer.

"Your a life saver, ya know that?" She smiled [i]"I owe ya huge.......oh shit!!" at the word "owe" she remembered she had another debt to pay, and it was almost as big. Before she was forced into rehab she went on a drug binge, spent all of her money and then some. Raking her fingers through her vibrant red hair she cursed herself over and over again before explaining. "I screwed up again Pulse, big this time. Before those fuckers put me in rehab I borrowed money for some drugs. I got a big debt with a real bad guy.....what am I gonna do......my luck they gonna kill me Pulse.......I borrowed money from Big Daddy.....you got anything else on ya?" Panic was starting to show in her eyes. After Suri gave her another hit of the crank she was calming down again.

After a moment Demi heard a bell, judging by Suri's reaction she guessed she had a customer, Demi followed Suri out of the bathroom and watched as she did her work, contemplating getting one of her own done, but she was in debt enough as it was.


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#, as written by RPGRosa
Julian Ortiz

The good thing about being able to keep his squad car as his own when he went home, Julian was able to park wherever without consequences. However he was able to find a legal nearby parking spot to the Mexican seafood restaurant, La Puerta, where he intended to meet with with the Williams's sisters. The dynamic pair were introduced to him as undercover agents, and initially they had questioned Julian because of his family ties to the family. Now all Julian wanted was to take down Antonio.

Although Julian would fib slightly about who was at the pier, he had to tell the agents about finding out the use of the pier to the mobsters. He knew that most FBI agents were after the whole Ochetto family, in some way Julian percieved that if he interfered he'd might be able to save his cousins. If only things were that easy.

As he faced the hostess, he told her about his reservation and she escorted him to his table. Already Mackenzie and Maxxie were there, waiting for him. "Sorry for being a bit behind, the traffic was horrible." Julian took a seat, unfolding the cloth napkin into his lap. A waitress attended to their table, "Can I get a Merlot?" he immediately asked. His drink of choice was normally beer, something he watched his father drink with every dinner and a case every night as he watched his shows. However Rosalinda wasn't much of a drinker, save her taste for wine. Often she drank the sweeter, fruitier types, but with dinner she always said to drink red.

"How's the adjustment been?" he asked, eyeing the women cautiously. Both the sisters were very head strong, intelligent woman. It was easy for some men to be intimidated by these women, but Julian felt comfortable in their presence. Growing up he was mostly surrounded by women at home, and in school had many gal pals. He felt at ease around women, and had respect for the Williams's sisters.

Julian decided to wait until the right moment them to debrief them on the situation. He had rehearsed it in the mirror several times, making sure to sound believable and not say any contradictory details that might incriminate Maria or Cole. He looked over the menu, chuckling to himself as he remembered something Rosalinda had once said- "I prefer menus with pictures, makes the options more lifelike.". Unfortunately this menu had no pictures, but brief descriptions instead.

The restaurant was owned by a friend of Julian, and Julian honestly knew what he was going to order. His wine was set in front of him, and Julian smiled warmly at the waitress, mumbling a thank you as he turned back to Mackenzie. "I recommend the Camarones Picante, it's grilled shrimp in a six pepper blend and with fresh squeezed lime juice. Or if you prefer a sweeter type, coconut shrimp with the mango habanero chile. My fiancé gets it all the time when we come here, she loves it." Julian closed his menu and sipped his wine.

Tesla Marie Basov

The day at the museum had been enlightening, but unfortunately the time came to go into work. She popped a few pain killers, dulling the ache on her stitched up foot. However her casual dosage left her with a bit of a high. A slight smile permeated across her face, it didn't even falter as she walked toward Windy City for her first official day as a stripper.

She laughed to herself as this thought occurred to her. In a way she kind of wished she had told her father about where she was working. However she wanted to be able to see his reaction when she told him. She walked into the Gentleman's club with her head held high. Some men looked at her with a hunger as she walked past, one commented, "Can't wait to see you on the stage, blondie." if she hadn't been high, she wouldn't have giggled like she did, approaching a bouncer on the edges of the wall.

"Hey, I'm Tesla, the new girl. Where can I go to get ready?" she asked sweetly, resting her hand on her hip and crossing the other across her torso. He directed her to the back dressing room, wishing her good luck on her first day before returning to his posts. The dressing room was sizely, with mirrors all over and a line of stations for girls to do their hair and make up at. A strangely familiar woman wearing a corset approached her with a dark hair and dramatic red lips approached her. "Yes! Trés perfection!" she said, grabbing Tesla's hand and making her spin.

Confused, Tesla did so, dropping her bag and turning back to face the woman, who continued. "I am Madame, I make the outfits and costumes you girls wear. You are Tesla, we met on the yacht. Antonio told me he had hired you, I told him he should've hired you that first night he met you. You my dear are a money maker." Holding Tesla's hand she pulled her toward a rack of clothes. The other strippers got ready around her, Tesla couldn't help but to admire some of them. They truly all were very attractive woman, in various costumes. One of Tesla's favorites was the leather kitten blondie who had been getting ready as Tesla walked in. Madame shoving a hanger at Tesla redirected her attention to the woman as she spoke. "It's your first day so your set won't be long, your outfits will remain simple until you have longer stage time. You will be the Angel of Lust tonight, I will give you your wings before you go on stage." Madame walked away, tending to some other stripper.

Tesla eyed her "outfit", if you could even call it that. It was bra and panties and a few added things includin. It looked rather nice she thought, and it seemed the right side. At first she looked around, looking for a place to change, but it seemed like everyone was just changing where they stood. Shrugging, Tesla did the same, neatly folding her own clothes and shimming into the clothes Madame had given her.


Tesla picked up her clothes, walking to her bag and picking it up, shoving her clothes into it and walking by the stations where straightners and curling irons were plugged up at. Withdrawing her make up bag from her purse, Tesla set up near the blonde. Applying foundation, she looked over to the cat, "Hey, I love your outfit." she complimented. Before she began to apply eye liner, Tesla looked to the blonde, "I'm Tesla, it's my first day. I thought I'd be nervous but it hasn't hit me yet." 'Maybe that's because of the drugs' she thought to herself as she returned to the mirror.

Rosalinda Romero

3pm came around, making Rosalinda rush to work. Between traffic and running the rest of the way, she managed to make it into the Kinectic Playground around 3:30, out of breath and holding her bag close to her body. It was extremely more difficult to run in combat boots than she had expected. Her boss tutted her from behind the bar, "Youre lucky I like you, Rosa, otherwise you always being late would really get on my nerves." he said, shaking his head.

Rosa smiled charmingly, "Please Jimmy, you know no one makes drinks like me. You'll lose half your clientele, and the rest will form a drunken rage on the dance floor." she teased, hiding her purse and immediately prepping the bar. They opened the doors at 4pm, but some regulars were let in early by Jimmy earlier. Like now, Raphee, a Puerto Rican who worked as a line cook and had his first kid at 15 now sat at the bar, beer in hand. He nodded in agreement, winking at Rosa with a sense of camaraderie.


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Skye Keaton

For most of the day Skye just hung out with Kat, getting to know the girl that she will be rooming with. When Kat mentioned she had to work and asked to use the shower she nodded "go ahead, upstairs second door to the right". Once Kat went upstairs she thought about Bucas, she looked at the time, it was already past four and she was due at three-thirty for work. She took out her phone and saw no messages and decided to message Frank again.

Hey Frank. I am not going to work tonight so if you want to meet up somewhere just let me know the place

After she sent the text she sat there on the couch trying to decide what to do. Kat came down telling her she could use the laptop and also if she got bored to come down to Windy City. "Have a goodnight at work and I might stop by not sure". After she bid Kat goodbye she got off the couch and grabbed her jacket and purse deciding she couldn't stay inside the whole night, she would probably drive herself crazy. She got into her small extra car and drove off unsure of where she was going.

As she drove her mind went over the last three days and wondered how the hell she got herself in such a crazy mess, all because of a dare from her friend. She shook her head and sighed "now I have blood on my hands and I just don't know how I can get out of this mess" she muttered to herself. She drove to a nearby park and decided to spend some time at the riverbank and do some drawing, hoping she would hear from Frank at some point.

Getting out of the small car she took a look around noticing the park was pretty empty, she grabbed her drawing stuff and walked through the park and then down near the river where she sat down and got a pencil and her drawing pad out. She started drawing, wasn't sure of what she was drawing at first but as she stared at it she noticed she was drawing Kat.

Maxxie Williams

Maxxie took the bag from the women that introduced herself as Maria and said her father owned the place. She introduced herself as Grace Parker and said she would come back at some point to have dinner. She left the Bistro and headed home, once she got inside Kenzie went off on her and all she could do was let out a sigh. "I was just getting breakfast, I went to Bucas...I met one of the Occhetos, Maria, shes a pretty thing" she grinned and handed Kenzie the bag of food "and I didn't mean to leave my phone I forgot it, okay? You don't have to worry so much sis, I do know how to take care of myself. I have been through the same training as you." Though in the back of her head she knew that she wasn't as strong as she used to be. As she sat down on the couch Kenzie mentioned meeting with Julian at four tonight "Okay so lets just chill for the rest of the day".

That is exactly what they did, around one she fell asleep on the couch with Bindi laying on her feet. Ever since the accident she has been actually sleeping more. When it was around three she was woken up by Kenzie and she went to get ready, she took a shower and then got dressed in an orange dress with black leggings and a black coat to go over it. She put on a pair of black heels then took a look in the mirror, she knew she looked skinny but she was unsure of what to do except to eat, and she has been doing that.


Once they were both ready they headed to the cars and the resteraunt Julian told them where to meet him. Once they got there they told the waitress of the reservation and they were seated at a table and given menus. She was looking over the drinks when Julian showed up mentioning the traffic was bad and thats why he was running late. "Its okay" she said in a soft spoken voice, Kenzie was the one that did most of the talking while she was the listener, taking in everything that she was told. When the waitress came to take their drink ordered she looked over the menu then looked up to the waitress "i'll just take an iced tea", she was unable to drink anything with alcohol because of the medication she took.

When Julian asked how the adjustment was going she eyed Kenzie, she didn't feel like answering the question so she would let Kenzie answer that one. The adjustment has been pretty hard on her from the surgerys to physical therapy to having been laid up in bed for way too long. She was just starting to get around more in the past month and finally be able to get back to work even though she can't be the one going truly undercover.

When Julian mentioned food she looked over the menu, biting her lip "Im not much of a seafood fan, I think ill go with one of their pastas" she said softly looking over the menu. When she finally decided on something she put down the menu and looked to Julian "what do you know of Maria? I met her today at Bucas. They have very good pastries." She was one that liked to get down to business and not dilly dally.

Suri Desmond

As Demi started going off about whats been happening with her Suri just sat and listened to her, kepping her hand on the other girl's hand. "Look Sugar, breathe, i'll be able to help you out honey. You can help me deal and just half of what you make will go to Big Daddy, alright? You can stay with me also if you have no where to stay" she thought about Lexi having the spare room "I have my king bed you can sleep in with me or the couch, whichever you prefer. Lexi is staying in the spare room". She has had Demi stay at her place in the past and she usually stayed in the spare room, thats why she had clothes in there.

She heard the sounds of a customer come in and she patted Demi's hand "got a customer to deal with, if yiu want to stick around we can catch up after". She then went out the front and greeted her customer and took them to her tattoo room. The guy wanted a tribal tattoo, so she got her supplies ready and went to work. The tattoo took about three and a half hours to complete, she was happy with it though. She took a picture of it and went out front with the guy, he paid and thank her then left the shop.


She looked over to Lexi "I have got to go take care of some other business for a bit, your welcome to stay here and work or go back to the house" she put a ten doller bill on the desk "thats for a cab if you need it, make sure to lock the doors up if you leave. My house key is under the first step of the porch". She then looked to Demi "I got to go see a pal of mine, he wanted me to bring him some stuff. Want to join me?" she asked as she grabbed her keys and bag.


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Katherine Valle

As Kat got herself ready, she heard Madam's voice ring through the dressing room. Figuring it was another newbie, she thought nothing of it. When she heard Madam tell the new girl that she would be the Angel of Lust, she smiled, Madam had yet to find the girl for that outfit, and so it was what most of the girls started out in. It wasn't a bad little outfit, many of the patrons enjoyed it so she knew the new girl would have a successful first dance.

When the new girl sat in the booth next to hers, Kat looked over at her, she was a beautiful girl and the outfit really did fit her well, maybe she would find her character within it. Hearing her compliment her outfit, Kat smiled. "After you been here for a while, Madam will make you your own outfit. Your outfit reflects your stripping name and your character, most of the girls separate themselves from their stripping personality. Mine, obviously is a cat, my stripper name is Kitten." When Tesla introduced herself and told Kat it was her first day, she decided to help the girl out. Se had to learn everything the hard way and it was not a walk in the park.

"I'm Katherine, but most people call me Kat. And don't worry..." she smiled, a bit teasing this time "Your nerves will punch you in the gut before you go on. Most people are willing to just let you get up on stage and humiliate yourself as a sort of initiation process, but I think thats cruel and unusual punishment. Its not a fun process. I've learned a couple tips and tricks that will save your ass in a pinch. The first thing I'm gonna say sounds silly but will save your legs. Put deodorant on your thighs before you go on. The pole can cause nasty chafing, so if you like wearing more than just panties outside of the club, use the deodorant." Kat gave Tesla a half smile as she turned back to her station. She really hoped she could help her get the ropes of stripping. The crowd could be a horrible teacher.

Makenzie Williams

After arriving and being seated, Makenzie followed suit with her sister in scanning the menu. When Julian showed up, Maxxie surprised her by being the first to speak up, the girl was always more the listener while she was the one to get the information out, but her accident had caused her to become even quieter. Even at the hospital, Kenzie was the one to give Maxxie's doctors the information that was needed for them to help. When the waitress came to take their drink orders, Kenzie went with a strawberry lemonade, she didn't think it fair to have alcohol in front of her sister considering the medication that made her sister so skinny kept her from enjoying the relaxing effects of the drinks.

After Julian asked the girls how they were adjusting, Kenzie pondered how talkative her little sister would be this evening, she had a feeling the question made Maxxie a little uncomfortable, when she found Maxxie's eyes on her, she knew she was right. "We've gotten along quite well, granted Maxxie's accident. She's healing well though and thats all we can ask for. We have a nice little apartment close to Bucas, nothing fancy but its perfect for what we need. With any luck I'll be able to get a job there soon and start my undercover work. Hopefully it wont be much longer before Maxxie can join in." Kenzie smiled at her sister when the waitress returned with their drinks.

When Julian recommended the Camarones Picante, Kenzie smiled. Maxxie turned down his suggestion for pasta, but Kenzie knew who the sea food lover in the family was, and it was not her little sister. Taking up Julian's taste, Kenzie ordered the shrimp. She placed the menu on the table and listened as her sister asked about the Occheto daughter. One thing Maxxie could find quickly was a point, and once settled she was a bloodhound, weather Julian was ready or not, it was time for some information.

Demitria Lawrence

Demi smiled when Suri offered to help her repay her debt, Pulse was one of the biggest dealers in Chicago, under her she would get the debt payed off in no time. Having a place where she could lay low also helped her relax a little, having the option of sharing a bed with such a beautiful girl was just a bonus. "Pulse, your an angel."

Watching Pulse work again left her in amazement once again, the intricate designs that she produced out of thin air were always stunning, and always just what her customers wanted. Demi remembered the times when Pulse held the needle to her skin, giving her just what she wanted even when she had no clue, people always thought of tattoo's as a bad thing, as something you'd be ashamed of when you grew older, but the art that Pulse put on peoples skin could never be regretted.

Demi eyed the petite doll like girl who Suri had working with her. She reminded Demi of a bunny, so timid and nervous with her almost unreal looking eyes, she was a pretty girl regardless. Demi wondered how Pulse found her. Just as she was about to say something to her, Pulse said she had some business to take care of and asked her if she wanted to tag along, with a wicked smile, Demi took the offer.


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#, as written by RPGRosa
Julian Ortiz

Mackenzie answered Julian about their adjustment, and Julian nodded accordingly. When she mentioned a job, an idea popped into his mind. "Have you tried at the Windy City, I hear they're always looking for bartenders." something Rosa had told him before. Rosa never worked at the Windy City officially, instead preferring to work behind the bar at Buca, but with the other bartenders constantly rotating sometimes there were extra shifts open.

Julian was thrown off by Maxxie's blunt question about Maria, a vision of her from earlier that morning popping into mind. "I haven't seen her since her mother died, she works at Buca's now I've heard. There's been rumors but I think she stays out of the dirty business. Antonio babies her too much." he lied without hesitation, smoothing over the question. He drank some of his wine as the waitress returned to the table, going around and taking orders. Julian ordered the Camarones Picante meal, handing the woman his menu and turning back to the woman. Once the waitress left, he continued, "I've known her all her life, she's not the one you're after." he clarified, setting down his drink.

A colorful, chunk salsa was set in front of the table, along with tortilla chips. Julian dipped a tortilla chip into the salsa, munching on it with satisfaction. He hadn't eaten since Rosa cooked breakfast that morning. He crossed his arms across his chest. "What do you guys have on the Piers just west of Wacker?" Julian had never heard even a rumor about the happening on the pier, but perhaps the FBI had other intel.

Tesla Marie Basov

Tesla listened to Katherine cautiously, taking in her advice. When the girl wasn't looking Tesla eyes the slender woman's body with slight envy. Tesla had never been skinny, she felt like. Thin, yes, but she had more curves than anything. She didn't enjoy excercise so she had a tendency to juggle between an extra 5-7 pounds. Katherine looked so long and slender, like a model or the other ballerina's in Tesla's classes growing up. In he advanced class there had only been seven other girls, all flat chested.

However to Tesla ballet had always been something she did to try an impress her mother, who had taken ballet as a child. Once her mother lost interest in Tesla's activities, Tesla explored all sorts of dancing. She had taken every dance class the studio she went to provided. They saw her so much they ended up hiring her, and Tesla taught her own classes. When she first moved to the city she snagged a job as a Gogo dancer, but the advertisement job offered much better pay so she retired the Gogo boots. Stripping couldn't be much harder.

Tesla applied bright red lipstick, puckering her own lips into the mirror. Once Katherine mentioned the deodorant bit if advice, Tesla giggled girlishly, turning to Kitten. "That sounds really helpful!" she said honestly, digging through her purse for deodorant. Her shoulders slumped once she saw she must've left it at home. Meekly she looked back to Kitten, "I must've left mine at home, would it be too weird if I asked to use yours tonight?" Tesla didn't have any shame asking for the favor, already she sort of felt a camaraderie between herself and Kitten.

A man in the distance yelled about some schedule of stage times being pinned on a bulletin board, some girls meandered over to check their time. She heard one mention she was going to try and make a few hundred in lap dances before going on stage. Tesla eyed Kittens ears for a moment before speaking, recollecting her mention a stage persona. "How do we get our stage name?Do we get to pick it or is it assigned to us?" Tesla asked.

Rosalinda Romero

Jimmy stared at Rosa with amusement, watching her as she poured herself the ritualistic one shot of honey whiskey before she began to work. A habit learned while at Buca. After that Rosalinda ran through the prep work. She polished the bar until it shined and wiped down all the surfaces. Checking the supplies, she refilled lemon slices and cherries, and brought a bucket of ice from the ice machine in the back to the cooler in the front.

By the time people began filing in, Rosalinda was all caught up, delivering the drinks to the regulars first, since she knew they're order. A few new faces trickled in, college aged kids mostly, her age group. She carded them when the men ordered a draft and the one girl ordered one BlueMotherfucker, but they were each of age so she served them their drinks. Jimmy came up from behind her, resting a hand on her arm and leaning forward to speak in her ear. "I'm going to be in my office, if anyone ask for me call me first." Rosa nodded in acknowledgment, counting up the change for the group. Most of them walked off, toward the low red couches against the far wall, but one boy lingered behind, smiling at Rosa. Sam, a regular, looked over to the boy, chuckling. Rosa made eye contact with Sam, "Be nice." she said simply.

Most of the regulars at the bar had a fondness for Rosa, they knew of her situation of being parentless, and being that they mostly had estranged daughters her age, they often scared off any men who tried to flirt with her. Although she thought it was very sweet of them, but Rosa preferred to take care of herself. Rosa looked to the young man, who looked somewhat like a younger Julian. "Did you need something, boo?" she asked sweetly, smiling back at him.

He shook his head, stuttering before he spoke. "J-Just your number." He took a swing of his beer smoothly. Rosa heard Raphee swear under his breath as he handed Sam money, Sam laughing as he clapped his hands. She ignored them momentarily, focusing on the Julian-look a like. "You know, I would but I don't think my fiancé, who's a cop, would like that." she said, flashing her ring.

The young man's mouth opened in an 'oh' and he nodded in understanding. "Hey, it was worth a try, he's a very lucky man." He said, walking away. Once he was out of earshot to turned to the men who had meddled in her business. "Shame on you two! Making bets about people asking for my number." she scolded, then sticking her hand out. "Now you know the drill, you have to split the profit." Raphee had almost looked humbled for a moment, but began to cackle as he patted Sam on the back as Sam placed a $10 into Rosa's hand.

Smirking impishly, she tucked the bill into her pocket. "Thank you gentlemen." she said, returning to work.


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Maxxie Williams

Maxxie sat there quietly as Kenzie went on about how they have been getting along, she just listened and making mental notes about a few things. When the waitress came around she ordered the cheese raviolis, salad, and breadsticks. As the waitress left Julian went on to answer her question, there was something off about his answer though. Before her accident she was working on the case and she did remember Maria's name come up a few times. "Hmm...interesting" she said her eyes staying on Julians, either the cop was lying or he really did not know. "That is not what I have heard but please...carry on" she was not going to share the information she has gained with the cop, especially because she wasn't sure if he was being totally truthful with them and he also said he was close with the young Occheto.

As the waitress came and dropped off salsa and chips she also brought Maxxie her salad, she thanked the waitress then took her fork and started taking small bites of her salad. She looked over to Kenzie and gave her aomewhat of a knowing look hoping her older sister wouldn't share too much information with the cop. She stayed quiet for a few minutes as she continued to eat, anyone that knew Maxxie knew that she was caught up in her mind thinking about the case and how she could get involved without her sister catching on of what she was doing.

As Julian mentioned the pier she looked up, her eyes meeting Julians' "ah yes the pier, I have notes about some possibilities of whats going on there" again she was being vague. She wasn't going to share information that ahe has been working on piling up with someone that was close with the Occhetos. "How do we know we can trust you Julian? If your close with the Occhetos how do we know that you are not goingnto go have a little talk with them after we are done?" she bluntly asked, leave it to Maxxie for just cutting to the chase.

She took out her phone and sent Kenzie a message Don't share too much. The message was short but to the point. She looked back up just as the waitress came by and brought out their main dishes. Her plate was put in front of her and her salad dish was taken away. She thanked the waitress and then started to eat, becoming quiet once more.

Suri Desmond

Suri was glad Demi decided to join her, she liked to have company. She walked with Demi to her corvette and got inside, once they were both settled she put a cigarette between her lips and lit it up while also putting on her sunglasses. She put the radio on just in time to hear the warning about the storm. "Go damn this fucking weather, it never gives us a break. Hopefully we will get business done and I can meet up with Maria before we head home. I need her to fix up my arm" she said without going into details about whats wrong with her arm.

She pulled out onto the streets and drove down the street, it took about ten minutes for her to get to her destination. She parked across from Kinetic playground, grabbing her pack of cigarettes and black bag, she looked to Demi "okay Sugar lets get this over with". She got out of her car and shut the door then headed across the street with Demi. She went inside and was greeted with a few whistles from men and women which she just ignored. She was hwre for business, though she might get a drink before leaving. She looked to the bar, then stopped in her tracks as she saw Rosalind behind the bar. Two times in one day after not seeing the girl in years, what a coincidence.

She pulled herself together and walked to the bard with confidence in her step "well lookie here...twice in one day, how lucky I am to run into you again Rosalind" her voice held a deep undertone, it held a bit of anger to it. The girl that stood before her used to be one of Suri's friends, one that she flirted with and actually developed feelings for. But the girl up and disappeared and Suri vowed to never think of Rosa again, but the girl just waltzed back into her life bringing up old feelings, some she wished to just bury again and just feel the anger that was fueled towards Rosa for her deciding to just up and leave.

She composed herself "Im here to see Jimmy, let him know Heartless is here" she said in a low voice then looked to Demi "after business you want to get a drink doll? This girl here sure knows how to make my drinks...maybe its time to play a little catch up with her" she said with a sarcastic tone. Taking out a cigarette she lit it up and waited for Jimmy to come out.


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Katherine Valle

Kitten smiled and tossed Tesla her a new stick of deodorant when she said she didn't have any. The fact that the girl was listening to her made her happy. Most girls would have thought that tidbit was silly or gross, leaving them to regret it later. "Its a good idea to stock up when you have the chance and keep them here, that way your always covered, and even if you decide to leave, you wont have to buy any for awhile. Another thing you'll wanna do is stay more than arms length away from the edge of the stage, people get grabby and will yank whatever they can get their greasy hands on. Unless its part of your act, you don't want to get into the crowd. Don't strip first thing either, play around, dance a little, let them imagine before you reveal. Doing everything naked can be unattractive sometimes, and it gives them what they want way too early, their desire and your tips will be minimal at the end."

When Kat heard that the times had been posted she almost got up to check, but they usually announced the girls as they went and there was already a flock of scantily clad females hovering around the board. She would check momentarily, but a quick scan of her face told her she was missing something. While she rummaged through her make up bag she heard Tesla ask her about stage names she found what she'd been missing, eyeliner. She chose to apply liquid eyeliner for the sharp clean designs she could quickly create. Answering her, she gave herself cat eyes.

"After a while you'll get the feel for how you dance, and once you think of a name for yourself, you talk to Madam. She will either accept it and take your measurements for your own personal costume, or she will send you away. It may take a few trys for her to accept it, but once she does that will be all the people here know you by, and all you will need to be known by."

With that she finished applying her eyeliner and made her way to the scheduled times. She would go on two shows after Tesla, the patrons would be well liquored by then and be throwing out their bills. Making her way back to her station she looked to her new friend. "Your fourth on tonight sweets, and I'm two after you. The times are never exact so just listen for the names. When ya go on dont just focus on the biggest tipper, work the whole crowd, and if you ever have to do a lap dance, if you get a bad feeling about someone, odds are, your right, just walk away from them." With a wink the first name was called.

Makenzie Williams

When Julian offered she try Windy City for a job, Kenzie shook her head. There was one major problem with Windy City, it was too far away, from Maxxie firstly, and the Occheto's as well. "I thought about that place as well, its just to far away for me to be comfortable. If something happens to Maxxie while I'm at Windy City, it would take far longer than if I was right down the road at Bucas, and even though Antonio owns Wndy City, he keeps office at Bucas. This way I will also be able to be around Maria as well."

Kenzie sipped her lemonade as the conversation moved forward. She wasn't entirely surprised when her sister pointed out that they had heard different. There were the subtle indicators that something was off, the way he had taken a drink from his glass just as he had finished speaking was one of them. He was good at thinking through his actions, but only a trained eye could see through, and weather he knew it or not, four were trained on him, assessing his every action to see the truth.

When Maxxie had answered the question about the pier so vaguely, she knew to sit back and keep her mouth shut, Maxxie had a bad feeling, and a bit of something was nibbling in Kenzie's gut as well. The FBI had told them they could trust the cop, but they needed truth to be able to trust. The girls would give as little information as he would give, and if he wanted to know what they did, he would have to spill first. Maxxie hit the nail right on the head when she questioned his motives, and while she was waiting for his answer, her phone vibrated. She checked it to see her sister giving her the warning she had already taken to heart

Don't share too much.

Demitria Lawrence

Demi followed Pulse to her corvette, the car referenced its owner in many ways, classy, sexy and powerful. When she got in she smelled the cigarette Suri had lit. Sometimes her addiction to drugs could be a pain, she was feeling great due to the stuff she had gotten earlier but the tobacco stick made her hunger for more. Although she tried not to, she found herself staring at it, sometimes wishing she had it on her lips, others wishing she was on Suri's.

Hardly ten minutes later the car was parked across from a place called Kinetic Playground. She smiled at Suri before exiting her car and followed her into the bar. Instantly eyes were on the two of them as they made their way towards the bar, oblivious to the wolf whistles that were being called in her direction, Suri stopped walking for a moment. Demi saw a flash of feelings dance over her face before the cool mask replaced them and she continued toward the bar, when they reached the counter, Demi heard what she had seen moments before in Suri's voice. There was something that happened between the two, she was just clueless as to what.

The next time she spoke, she gave a name that Demi assumed was their client of the evening, she also called herself Heartless, Pulse had an array of nicknames that were used in different circles, Demi just preferred calling her Pulse because it gave the feel of the woman she knew, and she prayed there was a heart to capture hidden in her tough exterior. When she asked her for a drink after business she couldn't help but smile, Alcohol was one of her favorite poisons. Listening to the woman behind the counter her smile shrunk. "Looks like things are headed that way anyway.....God its good to be out." Demitria took a bar stool for herself as she saw the anger grow on Suri's face.....she couldnt help but wonder how fun this bar was about to become.