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Owner: Irish Wolf
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For the past century, the waters around the New World have been dyed red with the blood of sailors, as warring colonial powers engaged in naval conflicts and issued licenses to private ship owners, giving them the right to attack and capture enemy vessels, and bring them before admiralty courts for condemnation and sale. Adventurous man and a handful of women, from the Old World and the colonies in the New, signed aboard the small and fast vessels, eager for a share in the plunder. Major players in this state of constant bloodshed have been the Kingdom of Britalon, The Dalyra Republic, The Sparian Empire and the Kingdom of Floror.

However, recently, at the end of one such large conflict, a treaty of peace has been signed and one of the conditions, which all four signers had to agree to, was the immediate withdrawal of all letters of marque. By the time the news arrived in the New World, privateers from all sides had violated the treaty, turning them from lawful patriots, serving their country to simple pirates. The vast navies of the former warring powers turned their attention from protecting ports and threatening each other, to hunting down the outlaws. They have also been hiring pirate hunters.

Betrayed and with nowhere else to go, theses pirates have turned to each other. Using a number of free ports, fortresses protecting harbors on small islands and a number of hidden coves, they had set up a quasi-government, made up of the captains of each ship, each receiving a single vote on matters of state. Calling themselves The Black Fleet, there has yet to be a meeting of the entire assembly but they have declared war upon their former masters.

They stand little chance however. Lacking proper warships, they cannot hope to trade broadsides with all but the smallest of navy ships. They also face a shortage of supplies, as they can no longer go to the governors of the various colonies to get powder, shot or food. For the short term, they can sustain themselves by raiding merchant shipping but that will be much less profitable, until they can find new buyers for captured goods and ships. Salvation lies in convincing the handful of colonies from lesser nations back in the Old World, to buy what they capture and to sell them warships.

Alright folks, Irish Wolf here and before you go about making characters, I have a few little details for you to take note of.

1.For references, the world (called Earth) is much like our own, in teams of landmasses. For the propose of making things a little easier, the Britalons is this world’s version of the English, the Dalyra are the Dutch, the Sparians are the Spanish and the Flororians are the French. The tech level is roughly on par with the early 1700s.

2.At the beginning of the game, every captain should be in command of a small, fast vessel, like sloops, schooners and brigs. They should also have small cannons, guns that would used more like anti-personal weapons, then ship-killers.

3.None of our characters were in fact pirates, so they didn’t and more then like wouldn’t be using the pirate code at the beginning of the game. This is something our characters can hash out. However, privateering articles (which were about the share of the prize money a crew member would received and rules at sea) can be used.

4.We’ll be playing as part of a small “squadron” of ships, so feel free to make captain characters with their own ship or officers aboard those ships.

5.The plot is going to be a little loose for this game. We can go out and do general pirating activity (taking ships) or we could go looking for lost cities or buried treasure. Done be afraid to suggest things for our squadron to go do.


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